DANK MEMES *Try Not To Laugh Edition – YLYL #0043

sskkKRaA sKrAaA skurt SKarRArRAR I’m 29 years old, everybody. Welcome to You Laugh You Lose. Let’s frICKIN’ DO T H I S , guys Accept this challenge by SMASHING LIKE On… *stroke* Smashing like on this video right FRICKIN’ now if you’re up for it. Unless you’re a C o w a r d. I’m not afraid! Give me my life points. Look at that. Let the games begin. Hey, look at that, a Tik Tok video. GIRL: Don’t…don’t scroll on me okay??? Like, just listen. I wanna let you know that…If you don’t think you’re beautiful… Fine, I don’t even care. That was amazing. Very creative, but it will not happen again. Mark my words. GIRL: Yeah you! Don’t…don’t scroll on me, okay? Like, just listen. I wanna let you know… that if you don’t think you’re beautif… (Felix laughs like an elephant) FELIX: Wait, wait, wait, what is this thing? This is like a breakup? “And you were just… “someone to make bets about. Didn’t care. I wanted you to talk to me the next day.” Okay, um… “Awful to hear that a girl is interested in you.” (people in video laugh) (Felix laughs) Ugh. I’m not off for a good start, am I? It’s okay. I got a few sleeves up my… n e c k…(?) This is the second most savage thing you can send to a breakup text, just… “N O T E D. ” Moving on! BOY: …Crackhead has been outside my door for like 10 minutes, already called the cops, and he’s still f***** here. (knocking from outside) Open the door! What do you want? I’m already Tracer! (XDDDDDD) (what about widowmaker) (rawr XD) My man knows some fire music, man. “Even crackhead know that the dankest memes.” MAN: Have you seen Armand Christophe? Don’t worry, we’ll get him. (sure) (s p l o n c h ) FELIX: (Elephant laugh) *quieter splonch uwu* MAN: Can I help you? (s p l o n c h 3 ) FELIX: We’ll get ’em! One day. After we enjoy this wonderful bath. I freakin’ love Oblivion, guys. If you guys…if you guys have not subscribed to Bacon_ , I don’t know what to tell you, man. (boy coughing and spitting) BOY: Hey, can someone throw me another Capri-Sun? Y E E T oh, oh, oh, f*** (dies a slow painful death) Careful what you wish for, *mmm*. This is a meme that is a lesson to learn for everyone. You may think you wanna Capri-Sun, but do you really? Goddamn. That was, that was hard. I’m not gonna lie, that was so freakin hard, but I pulled through and I made it. Are you still in the game? SKIPPER: Well boys, we did it. Racism is no more. OBAMA: Hello, Skipper. SKIPPER: Mr. Obama, what are you doing here? OBAMA: I came here to thank you for your great service to this country. SKIPPER: No thanks necessary, Mr. Obama. OBAMA: As a token of my gratitude. I’d like to give you the n-word pass. SKIPPER: Mr. Obama, it is an honor to call you my… FELIX: No, no, no, no. Moving on, everybody. This is going great. I’m still alive, still kicking it. It’s incredible, how I never lost one of these. I never lost a You Laugh You Lose. You keep losing them all the time! (rock music) Okay, moving on! BONGO CAT: We’ll each need to take down about ten! THANOS: Still your fear! It’s now or never! OBUNGA: We’ll win this. I know we will! FELIX: Obunga! I haven’t seen him in years. The hand that smash! (electric charging and zapping noises) FELIX IN VIDEO: Meme review! (explosion) (Felix laughs) FELIX: Oh yeah! Screw you, Markiplier! Is anyone gonna make it? Come on, T-Series. DAMN! Damn it! Damn it! How could I miss one?! ddddttdt!! It doesn’t work! It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s okay. All right. Everyone’s gonna die, it doesn’t matter. T-Series will die too. Oh no, T-Series isn’t a physical being, it’s a corporate entity that could technically live on forever. Oh, God. Oh, God! Damn it! (players laugh) FELIX: Oh, God. Kill it! He becomes a stripper, very nice! Good meme! Good old classic… man, I need to do more videos with VR, they’re so funny. (unintelligible old man laughs and noises) Come on. He has such a beautiful laugh. There’s no way you can’t. Come on. MAN: You there! Stop where you are. Stay on the rocks! Don’t step on the sand, it makes the ant lions crazy! FELIX: I don’t think you can save… oh. (laughs) MAN: Stop it, Freeman! FELIX: Freeman, please. MAN: No! Please… no. No! Noo! Nooooo! FELIX: Naw, that’s what I’m saying, he dies anyway. It doesn’t matter. Stop crying, it’s okay, it’s a video game. it’s a video game! God, ants aren’t real! Jesus Christ… MAN: Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! …and it’s strong enough to pick up pancake! FELIX: Oh my God. (laughs) Goddammit! What? My lettuce! MAN: …wet food, pet hair, or Thai sticky rice. It even sweeps slippery ice. FELIX: Ice?! MAN: It’s so light, I can pick up a mess using my pinky! FELIX: Wow, with your pinky! MAN: The Hurricane Spin Room is whisper quiet, and… FELIX: Can I pick up my dog? MAN: …swivels around furniture quick and easy, with no cords and no batteries. FELIX: BATTERIES!! MAN: The secret is triple-brush technology that uses centrifugal… FELIX: Watch, it can pick up everything! MAN: …force, combined with a rotating action to sweep up everything in its path. FELIX: Holy frick, dude! MAN: Just push to empty in the trash… FELIX: I’m freaking out over here! MAN: …your hands never touch the mess. And the Spin Broom has a mega-mouth, that’s big enough… FELIX: MEGA MOUTH!! MAN: …to pick up a ham sandwich! Look at that! FELIX: HAM SANDWICH!! (laughs) MAN: The giant corner brushes clean along baseboards and toe kicks with… MAN: Even vinyl! It gets into the grout lines, leaving nothing behind. And the fold-flat handle… FELIX: What about the pancakes? MAN: …lets you easily reach… FELIX: What about the pancakes?! MAN: …between and under furniture. And it’s strong enough to pick up pancake! FELIX: (laughing uncontrollably) “Honey, I dropped a couple of large batteries, get the spin broom!” I think it’s safe to say I lost, I definitely lost. Please, Brad ~sama. Please. Can I get another life? Oh, thank you, kind sir. Looks like I’m still in the game! Ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (old man laugh) MAN: 7 + 6 is 12, or 7 + 6 are 12? 7 + 6 is 12. Well, it all depends on how you look at it, because from another perspective, it’s 12, and from another perspective are 12. Do you understand? It’s like the criteria and the fundamentals you have as a person determine if it “is” or “are”. FELIX: The criteria or the fundamentals as a person will affect the answer of this mathematical question. Absolute mad lad. (Italian speech) FELIX: “I am the shape of Dark Souls…2?” (starts off in Italian but then crazy yelling) (chuckling and possible dying inside) Who is this Italian animator that do… always do these amazing ones? I want to know the source for this. Those are always great. (crazy yelling) Okay, let’s look at the result. Wow, it looks like I beat you again. How about that? Now you have to smash like, subscribe, and hit the bell button. That was it for me for now, hope you guys enjoyed this video of SKRATTAR DU!! Leave a comment if you skratta, leave a comment if you förlora, and I will see you guys next week. Goodbye!

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