Cupcakes, Confections, & Cakes, Oh My! | Sugar Rush | Netflix

Cupcakes, Confections, & Cakes, Oh My! | Sugar Rush | Netflix

Three,two, one…This isSugar Rush.Four teams of brilliant bakerscompete against each otherand the clockover three rounds of competition.Why do I feel like time speeds up in here? Whatever speed you’re at, double it.Round one, cupcakes.That is quite a presentation. Don’t have too much fun ’cause
you need to win $10,000. Okay.And round two, confections.Oh, that was off the chain. I think they just hit the nail
on the head with this theme. This is, like, an Instagrammers dream.Third and final round, cakes.It’s cake time.We have no time.This is a horse race.I have never made a wedding cakein three hours. Oh, this part makes me so nervous.My hands are shaking trying
to put these decorations on the cake.
What happened? Uh… -We’re not bothering–
-Stop bothering him! Feeling the pressure, feeling the heat? Aren’t you guys done yet over there? Now it’s a competition for real. Are you okay? You’re a mess. I’m feeling very judged. The team going home today is going to be… This is nerve-racking. With the long pause. Come on!

72 thoughts on “Cupcakes, Confections, & Cakes, Oh My! | Sugar Rush | Netflix

  1. Please release zim soon, tired of waiting for a finished movie
    Zim is confirmed for august! And I cant fucking wait!

  2. Free Tommy Robinson. Watch Tommy Robinsons Oxford speech/full address and then his banned speech on the police state

  3. Netflix dont work by me can someone help me i dont have a Pypal acc and Credit card for. a year i payed with Itunes credit but its dont work more can someone helpf me??

  4. When is Sex education s2 coming out it's been five months and haven't had a upload date it makes me think that the show is cancelled please give us an update soon!

  5. Netflix we pay you we love Netflix from Pakistan 🇵🇰 please add more series in our Netflix like USA there are tons of things there not here

  6. like I re-watched season 1 three times and waiting for an announcement for season 2, I really this was done already, but yehey….

  7. I'm sorry but I'm not loving the beard I like just a little scruffle. P.S no hate just a friendly suggestions

  8. No me gustó las voces que utilizaron para el doblaje de la temporada 2, no muestran ningún tipo de emoción en el doblaje, de verdad lo odié

  9. I wish season 3 would go international, literally fly people in from around the world, no need for prize money, just pay for plane tickets 😀

  10. Might be late but the episode seemed rigged because the white gay guys kept winning but the black girls legit didn’t make first at all that’s why I never liked it 🥳

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