Cow print cake decorating | Cadbury

You like them? Yeah! They’re gonna be all chocolatey aren’t
they? [Music] Hiya, we’re teaming up with Cadbury to show
you a great way to make a really cool cow cake design inspired by the Adopt a Cow campaign First you’ll need your sponge cake So we’ve got a big one and a small one and it’s okay to buy them from a shop but we’ll put the instructions on how to make
it down below They’ve got really lovely patches to give our cow a wonderful look I’ve got a cool hack to stop the crumbs from getting into your icing and also save you time [Music] Roll out the icing on a surface dusted with
cornflour Carefully lift the icing and put it into the
middle so that it completely covers both cakes [Music] Its going to look like the Cadbury cow isn’t
it? And we’ve got the chance to go and see a real
cow with the Adopt a Cow campaign The campaign gives families the opportunity
to adopt a cow and then the chance to win a visit to see their cow at the farm It’s completely free all you have to do is follow the instructions on the special
packs The next step is to roll out the excess icing and cut out petal shapes for our cow’s ears You can help me do this bit Shape some pink icing for the cow’s nose [Music] Place two white chocolate buttons in the nostrils and then lightly mark a semi-circle where
the mouth will be [Music] Use two giant buttons as the eyes using a little bit of water to stick everything
on to the cake And finally to finish off our cow we’re adding chocolate buttons to look like
the cow’s patches [Music] And there you have it If you’d like to find out more about Cadbury’s
Adopt a Cow campaign then follow the links in the description box
below Thank you for watching Don’t forget to like and share this video and we will see you again soon, bye [Music]

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