Cooking Tips : How to Make Flower Icing on Cakes

Cooking Tips : How to Make Flower Icing on Cakes

To make an icing flower, take your piping
bag with a straightedge tip. Next take your surface, and this can be on the cake as well,
and start in the very center. With your icing bag, make a little U, so that you get little
petals. And we’ll do this five times so that we get a five tip flower. And that is how you make an icing flower.

100 thoughts on “Cooking Tips : How to Make Flower Icing on Cakes

  1. just one question i have why do cakeseΒ΄s always hav 5 petal or 10 petal flowers while in nature flowers always have 3,6,9,12 or any other number that kan be devided by 3 petals

  2. @PinkSportOvertim3 well she forgot a step. before you make the flower put a dot of frosting on the flower nail, then put a piece of pastry paper ( I forgot what it was called) on top of the frosting spot you made and THEN make the flower, that way you can take the flower off the nail without damaging it, then put it in the fridge to let it harden a bit so you can handle it and put it on the cake, cup cakes etc.

  3. Amazing! U may be the answer 2 all my cooking prayers:)
    I have recently learnt 2 make bread, curries, chillies & many other lovely tasty treats 2 put on 4 a party. Guests have 2 eat! My problem is ~ I tried 2 make chocolate cake ~ but when I mix the chocolate in with the (Cream sugar, butter & eggs) it always turns in2 a stoge! I make lovely cakes ~ fluffy current cakes, but my chocolate sponge SUCKS! Please help! πŸ™

  4. @Redogsnet the temprature is too high thats why. then the room u are trying to ice in is too hot, the icing wood dry faster and would crack. and air bubbles would form.

  5. @missbethanybaby use kitchen shears. open the cutting edge slightly and slot it under the flower. makes sure you only slot it at the tip of the shears if not it would be difficult to put the flowers on cupcakes etc

  6. @xXNajayXx you wouldn't normally do it on the flower pin…that was just her showing you how to do it… those kinds of flowers you would ice directly onto the cake.

  7. wow i'm no chef but that icing looks way too thin. like if you put anything to it to transfer it, it would be sticky as hell. :/

  8. @Jetmorrison It dries faster that way, thus being able to remove it from the stand and place on a cake. It's stupposed to harden.

  9. @madandlu Your comment, where to start. Its bitchy and pointless, and I'm 16 and i know manners better then you ever will. BTW where are all the videos of you making flowers? πŸ˜›

  10. @darkbreeze9009
    Yes, but your supposed to do that onto the cake, not onto a metal thing like that…. I think, cuz it wont work any other way…

  11. @japaneseeraserfan18 Your first problem is that you tried something from "cookingguide". Never do something from "cookingguide".

  12. @luvakatsuki3
    Hmm, though, just saying, if the icing is stiff enough you can make a flower on a nail like that and then slice it off (carefully!) with a knife or a pair of scissors… I've seen it done. But otherwise, a flower like that is virtually impossible to get off a nail.

  13. @seddiefan4ever your supposed to do it on the cake itself she's just using that so she wouldn't have to make a whole cake to show us one little flower:)

  14. …..The title says "How to Make Flower Icing ON CAKES". Which is, I'm assuming, implying that you do this directly on the cake (with a turntable) so you don't need to take it off the rose nail.

  15. @madandlu … so you dont like pink? XD
    yes the icing is a little thin but honestly you dont have to be rude.
    and age doesn't have anything to do with talent hun

  16. Madandlu is rude! She can have her opinion but if u don't have anything nice to say don't say anything. Think,the girl making this video is doing it for u and all the other youtubers. you should be thankful.

  17. @Isabellesbananas , sry abt the past empty comment( it was a mistake)…..btw, she said she don't waste her time on FLOWERS, instead she waste her tine on puppets!!!!!go check her channel ppl……ohh, wat a sweet, nice WELL- BEHAVED kid u r!!

  18. Your videos are good; short and to the point. Sorry there are so many trolls spreading negativity. Keep up the good work!

  19. well, i think she is older than you and knows what's better. and what's your problem with her icing? and do you expect her to be wearing lots and lots of make up in the kitchen to hide her red face?

  20. Thank you for making this video, i love baking, and have been trying to learn how to make flowers. i never understood when people said make a U because i always made a big one, but now i understand! lol Thanks again.

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