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  1. Bread has Yeast and starts as a Dough. When baked, the crumb kind of holds together and it's a bit chewy. Cake does not have Yeast and starts as a Batter. When baked, the crumb is fairly loose and doesn't hold together like Bread does and isn't chewy at all.

    Cake is not Bread. It's Cake. We call it Cake because it's Cake. Pastry is also not Bread. Bread-like and Bread are not the same thing, despite similarities. Gorillas are not Humans, but both are apes. These are all just Baked Goods as far as I'm concerned.

  2. Sometimes I love the German language. Where I come from we have a word for this. We call it a Hefezopf. So not bread and not cake. But then there is this German thing about bread…

  3. No, barry's right. Not all cakes are made from batter. The difference between the two is culinary semantics, not technical. Beside, cake IS a kind of bread. So this is either both a bread AND a cake or it's a cake.

  4. The way that Ben held up the bread roll and said 'it's firmed up' made me truly believe that he is the king of innuendos😂.

  5. It's not a cake because it's made with a dough, not a batter
    Edit: I literally paused the video, wrote this comment, and then unpaused the video to hear Ben say the exact same thing

  6. Actually Barry could also be correct. There is also a cake called Babka that is marbled made with and without yeast. Babka is of eastern European tradition historically meaning grandmother

  7. My dad makes a mean cinnamon sugar babka. For the dough it's important to make a basic challah dough that is slightly sweeter than normal. I would actually suggest not using butter or dairy as this is normally a pareve (neutral) dish served after a meat meal. Oil works just as well and is more traditional

  8. babka dough benefits from prooving overnight, then its chilled enough to spread the filling and shape it. You dont have to cut the dough all the way through, just cut almost through and leave couple of centimeters intact the point remains the same

  9. Actually, "pain au chocolat" is more like a rectangular chocolate pastry, not to say croissant. "Chocolatine" or "petit pain au chocolat" are the exact names for this not so exact bread 🙂

  10. I am sorry i have been thinking about this for a while. i know it is none of my business but is mike gay? i mean it's okay i just, you know.. wondering. I love you guys.

  11. I'm not sure whether this is right…!! From what I have observed you call it a bread it you are proving the dough.. and I have never seen a cake being proofed

  12. In Germany, the home of breads, we call this kind of sweet yeasty bread "Stuten". Delicious! Thanks for the chocolaty variant 🙂

  13. This is just an educated guess… but maybe a cake is made from a batter and a bread is made from a dough?

  14. Ohhhhh….Mike is being a human boom pole with the mic. Lol.
    Mike is a mic. Hahaha.

    I love how James starts stroking his back and Mike pecks him on the head. They are so freaking adorable! OMG!

    Mike's smile gives me life!

  15. I'm originally from Ukraine, and Babka is our Easter bread 🙂 so thanks for this episode….
    PS: and, so, for me it's not a "Pain au chocolat" :p it's "Chocolatine", because I'm from south of France now ^^

  16. Welp I'm from the land where this pastry originated (ish) and we most definitely do not call it a bread :p
    My language does not have slavic roots though

  17. I thought at first that Ben Said ”What noise does Ebbers make”, speaking of himself, and I thought ”does he? I want to hear it”.

  18. idk if it’s specifically a jewish thing but i always associated it with the jewish holidays and family, also fun fact: trader joe’s makes a damn good babka

  19. This seems to be exactly like the Greek bread/cake called tsoureki (τσουρέκι), which can be plain or with chocolate or cinnamon stripes. It’s also made by putting the dough into plaits.

  20. As a person living in South Africa, I can confirm, that unfortunately, that was not a zebra sound. Good effort though

  21. No sense of personal space, likes his back stroked, very obvious when he pouts, constantly chatty and melodic.
    Mike is a cat. He is a very tall cat.

  22. Weird…listen to this, before i heard the bread/cake argument in the video, when i first clicked on the video i thought it said chocolate zebra cake. Then i went back and read it to find out it says bread. So weird

  23. What is strong flour? We have nothing in such a name.
    In Finnish the dough (no cinnamon, but almost always cardamon) is called 'pulla' dough and we make tons of different things with it. At it's plainest you just bake the dough rolled in buns. Then of course cinnamon rolls and all other yummies. This zebra without chocolate is 'Boston cake' for us. Or bake with a good dollop of butter in a small indentetation on top of a 'pulla' roll. Or make a blueberry pie, or rhubarber pie.

  24. Mike : what's better than Salade?
    Me: fruit salad
    Mike :what's better than kale
    Me: ice cream
    Mike: what's better than hours
    Me: Pegasus

    Fruit salad ice cream Pegasus

  25. This is a great recipe and nearly all the comments are about James and Mike? Come on…

    I wonder if this is possible to make well by hand without a mixer? It does look very wet so I suspect it would be very difficult and pretty much require a mixer.

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