Chocolate Fudge Bar Cake (Decorating)

Hey everybody! Thanks for tuning in to another episode of
This Dude Bakes! What I’ve got today is a chocolate fudge cake
that I actually made in another video. What I’m going to do today with that is decorate
it for you. So here we go. I’ve got this cake here and what I’m going
to do is go around and level it off. So now what I’m going to do is turn it this
way, actually I’ll turn it back this way first. I want to take off the ends to shorten the
length of the bar cake I’m going to make. Set that aside. Now I’ll turn it this way. I’m going to cut this into approximately a
third….each piece. Set my bars right on this display tray. I’m going to take a little simple syrup, put
some in there. I’m going to fill it with this chocolate buttercream
that I have. Chocolate Swiss Meringue Buttercream. This cake is so soft that I couldn’t quite
get it as level as I wanted to, but that’s okay, it’s going to be covered up and somebody
will love this cake! Because the taste is really good! Now I’m going to go ahead and put this next
layer on. A
little more simple syrup. Some more chocolate buttercream. Layer on top. Put a little simple syrup on that as well. Another layer of Chocolate Swiss Meringue
Buttercream. Now for most cakes what I would normally do
is crumb coat the sides before I actually put the final layer of icing on the outside,
but this one is going to be a little bit different. I’ll show you in a minute here. So this normally would be just considered
a crumb coat on the sides and I’m not even smoothing that out for the most part because
I’m getting ready to cover it up with something else. But before I do that, I’m going to take the
top, smooth that out some. Now what I have is some meringue based crumbs
with some bits of semisweet chocolate in them that actually came from the Chocolate Orange
Dacquoise dessert that I made. And I’m going to take these crumbs and put
them around the outside. Alright so, I’ve got my crumbs on and you
can see what that looks like there… and normally when you put cakes on a cake board,
normally clean up all the sides so you won’t see any crumbs, you know, or the customer
won’t see any crumbs or anything like that. But for the purposes of this video right now
I’m just going to keep moving on to finish decorating this cake at the moment. So what I’ve got here is a number 20 star
tip and I’m just going to put on the border. And what I’m going to do on top is put a few
roses on it. So I’ve got my roses on and what I have here
is a paper bag that I made cut in the shape of a “v” and put some juniper green(color)
in it so I can make the leaves for the roses. And that’s it so…there you have it. This is a Chocolate Fudge 3 layer bar cake
with a Chocolate Swiss Meringue Buttercream and a few pink roses on top and like I said
with the exception of you know, what you see here in this video all these crumbs on the
side, once I shut this video down, I’ll clean up all the crumbs, make the tray look real
nice and it’ll be ready to go. Somebody’s going to be HAPPY! Thanks again for watching This Dude Bakes,
I appreciate it. Take care and hopefully see you next time.

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