Chocolate Coated Oreos Recipe by Ann Reardon How to Cook That

Chocolate Coated Oreos Recipe by Ann Reardon How to Cook That

99 thoughts on “Chocolate Coated Oreos Recipe by Ann Reardon How to Cook That

  1. Hi Ann, please let us know how to make more oreo recipes. Please tell some more type of recipes made of Oreo Love ur all recipes..

  2. Hello Ann,
    I am a big fan of yours and we are in australia from last 13 days and can u tell me that from where i can get chocolate transfer sheets in sydney ?
    We have already asked from a few shops like spotlight and others but they said that they dont have that😔

  3. Hello Ann,
    I am big fan of yours and we are here in Australia (Sydney) from last 13 days and we have asked from a few stores that do they have Chocolate Transfer Sheets but they were not having that we are here only for 2 more days, Can you tell me that from where I can get chocolate transfer sheets in Sydney?

  4. Hi Ann I have a question the silicone chocolate mold you use here is it a mini or regular size muffin mold also I don't know why when I melt the chocolate in the microwave it comes out lumpy and my cookies come out looking all smoochies. Thanks a lot and thank you for all your inspiration videos.

  5. I like the stuff that you make but you should make something for mother's day and a car or something from fast and furious please

  6. I made this for my A Capella Picnic and it was a BIG HIT! Everyone loved it!! They were impressed I used your microwave tempering method! Thank you for posting this video!!

  7. Omg, I got so excited when I saw this video because I really, really LOVE oreos! (And chocolate! :3) That really looked soooooooo tasty! <3 😀

  8. Hi ann I love your videos! You make such pretty delicious looking goodies! I have a request too can you make a truffles part 4

  9. Hi Ann I love your channel! I have watched most of your videos however I haven't made anything yet as I don't have an electric mixer and I have a very small kitchen! I am so glad I found this video as this is easy to make and doesn't take up much room. Thank you for being such a great youtuber!!

  10. I'm so amaze 🙂 wat thing do u use for these design . I've never seen like that before we're can I buy those design and what do u call that . thanks a lot for sharing 🙂 more share :* I'm from Philippines .

  11. Ann … Super cool recepies . plzz explain us how to measure flour,and other ingredients in making cookies. Thanks… Your are not only making delicious recepies but they are also looking very beautiful

  12. ***ann ***please help***I followed your intstructions but my oreos started to float towards the top of the mold causing an unsightly lump instead of the cookie being totally submerged in the chocolated…any suggestions on how to make the cookies stay on the bottom of the molds…how long would you suggest to let the cookies set on the sheet was dipped in method 2

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