Chocolate Cake Recipe in Hindi | Easy Moist Chocolate Cake at Home

whatever celebration it might be, would be incomplete without dessert! I’m ashu and in today’s episode I’m making chocolate cake A few days ago we crossed 1,50,000 subscribers! so new members, welcome to the anyone can cook with me family! so chocolate cake is justified today! its a very simple, easy and super delicious cake, trust me! there’s only one secret to making a moist chocolate cake- hot water if you use hot water, your cake will definitely be moist If you haven’t subscribed yet, then please do! It means a lot to me So beginning with the recipe, lets get started! We’ll make chocolate cake step by step spread some oil on the baking pan place parchment or butter paper a little bit of cocoa powder to dust spread evenly remove the excess meanwhile i’ve preheated the oven at 180° celsius for about 15 minutes add all purpose flour to a bowl(i’ve sifted it already) cocoa powder instant coffee powder(optional) baking powder baking soda salt, and mix well add milk to a separate jar oil eggs, break them separately to avoid shells vanilla extract and mix well now mix dry ingredients with wet ingredients scrape the sides with a spatula pour hot water simultaneously it’ll make the cake super moist make sure its hot, but not boiling hot I just realised I forgot to add sugar with the dry ingredients But I know you won’t forget, so excuse me while I add sugar at the wrong stage add the rest of the hot water till its really smooth and lump-less now pour the smooth, liquid-y, silky batter equally into both our pans to divide them equally, I have used cups I’ve poured 3 cups of batter into each pan in that preheated oven at 180° celsius, we’ll bake our cake for 35 minutes and after 35 minutes check with a toothpick and we’ll let it cool down for 15-20 minutes so they come out easy unmold the cake now and remove the parchment paper for the frosting i’m making an easy chocolate nutella ganache I’m taking semi sweet chocolate chips pour hot cream mix till the chocolate is smooth now pour the nutella and mix let this silky ganache refrigerate for 15-20 minutes since the cake is ready, and so is the ganache time to assemble beat the ganache with a beater till it lightens and develops and almost chocolate mousse consistency cut the cake from the top and make it smooth and even place the cake on a plate, my daughter has already placed butter paper on it so guys since its the holidays, involve your kids in the baking process! spread our ganache frosting on the cake spread evenly now place the second layer and cover with frosting cover the sides as well now remove the butter paper from the sides voila, now the moist chocolate cake is ready refrigerate for 1-2 hours so the ganache sets easily, and the cake is tastier! if you want, you can serve the cake like this, its very tasty! so the chocolate cake is ready to serve but you know me, i’m gonna pour some chocolate mirror glaze frosting which will make this cake tastier, and a lot more beautiful to pour to mirror glaze, i’ve placed the cake on a glass, and the glass is on a round baking dish or any plate so that you can reuse the excess that falls don’t worry, just stay tuned for the next recipe to learn how to make this mirror glaze frosting if you make this cake, please share those photos with me! on my social media, and if you haven’t subscribed yet subscribe to my channel, its free, thank you for watching!

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