Chinese Sweet Potato Pancakes 红薯饼

hi everyone today I’m going to make
sweet potato pancakes the ingredients are very simple have a one sweet potato
about a pound and one cup of glutinous rice flour also known as a sticky rice
flour alternatively you can use all-purpose flour and the texture
just a little bit different not as soft we also need the sugar canola oil or
vegetable oil first we are going to steam the sweet potato now the water is
boiling let’s put in the sweet potato turn the heat to high we are going to
steam about 15 minutes after 15 minutes sweet potatoes are done we are ready to make
the dough so I have transferred the sweet potato to a mixing bowl we just
mash the potato okay the potato is all mashed now add
1 tsp sugar I mean it’s up to you you don’t have to add sugar mix up now we add
1 cup of sticky rice flour as I said you can also use all-purpose flour mix it okay it’s time to get the hand dirty to
make the dough we knead the dough till all is smooth we’re ready to make pancakes
take some flour in your hands so it won’t be sticky now just break one piece make into a
ball and press down break one piece roll into a ball press
down okay we’ll continue finishing this is the
last one now we are ready to pan-fry them first what turn the heat to medium-high add about 1 tablespoon oil so make sure we
coat the pan evenly now let’s put in the pancakes I will coat the both sides with oil then let’s cook two minutes each side
it’s about two minutes we’re ready to flip and we’ll cook about another two minutes okay about two minutes now let’s
check looks good now we’re ready to take out and onto a plate with paper towel and I’m going to make the another batch
to add a little bit oil okay this takes another few minutes
after a few minutes the second batch is done and we’re ready to serve the
pancakes sweet potato pancakes you can have as breakfast, snack, or appetizer hope
you enjoy it thank you for watching

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