Cheese Spätzle & Pancake Soup: Chef’s Night Out with Daniel Meteo Peters of Zum Mond

Cheese Spätzle & Pancake Soup: Chef’s Night Out with Daniel Meteo Peters of  Zum Mond

Disastrous! You could say this
about German history, Italian history,
Austrian history, or our bar adventure. It all went
disastrously wrong. [SOUND]. [MUSIC] Hi, I’m Daniel. We’re in the restaurant
Zum Mond, where we serve
regional food. I run this place with
three of my friends, who you’ll meet today. We try to use a lot of
good regional products: game, vegetables,
potatoes, and so on. And so on. Welcome. I’ll introduce
you to the team. This is Eva. A master behind the bar. [MUSIC] And here we have Borg,
co-owner and head chef. The restaurant’s
heart and soul. [MUSIC]>>One minute. [MUSIC] I’ll start with
the roasted suckling kid, which Daniel managed to
obtain from a friend in the Uckermark. Alright, this is
kid goat saddle. Marinated in mustard. Very tasty, very tender. We care a lot about
the ingredients. We use local meat, local
fish, local vegetables. This is our approach. Sascha and I. I mean Apparat and I. We’ve been working
together for a while now and
we started thinking about doing something
in Berlin. Then, we grabbed Börg and
told him about our idea. To make regional
food with regional ingredients. And Börg thought
that was good. I got my friend
Matthias on board as a our manager. And here we are,
half a year later, and it’s going well. [MUSIC] [SOUND].>>Great. Thanks.>>Bon appetit.>>Awesome.>>Good?>>Yeah.>>Dead Grandma is a recipe from
the region near Berlin. It’s blackpudding,
coated in an apple crust. The blackpudding is from
a butcher in Neukolln, who specializes in
this kind of stuff. The potatoes are from
the Uckermark. The whole thing is served with caramelized
apple slices. Apparently, this was
a post-war meal. How the name came to be,
I do not know. It’s a bit macabre,
if you think about it. [MUSIC]>>This establishment
has been around a while. It used to be called
Zur Haltestelle, because of the bus
stop outside. Then, the name
changed to IKOS, Im Kreuzberger Osten. We took over in March and
turned it into Zum Mond. We tried to preserve
the old bar. We painted the wood
paneling in a darker color. Added the green paint. Our chef painted
this picture.>>Now, we’re cooking
something really great. These mushrooms are from
the mushroom garden Zepernick, where rare
mushroom types are grown. Hericium coralloides. Lion’s mane mushroom. Shitake, which normally
doesn’t grow here. It’s nice to get to work with these mushrooms
when they’re fresh. We’re going to use these
to make a risotto. Let’s do it. [MUSIC] Apart from
regional cuisine, we also value vegan food. We like the idea of
getting people to sit down at a table together,
meat-eaters and vegans, who can both enjoy
our regional cuisine. This risotto is vegan. [MUSIC]>>We’re heading off. Borg has to stay here. He has to cook. Today is a regular
day for us. However my friend and co-owner Matthias
is free to join us. Also, our mutual
friend Jens. He is our graphic
designer. From our logo
to the menus, he designed it all. And then we’ll
also take with us our friend Trester. A German schnapps. A grappa. Distilled from grapes. This is our favourite
spirit at the moment. [SOUND] [MUSIC] We’re going to
Hartweizen, where Sascha is waiting. The fourth owner
of Zum Mond. Sascha, like
everyone else here, is a longtime
friend of mine. He’s also known
as Apparat. He’s hopefully
already waiting for us, angry that we’re
taking this long. [MUSIC]>>Sascha’s girlfriend,
Elisa, is Italian and this is their local
Italian restaurant. [MUSIC]>>We’ve already
done a lot of stuff. This is Sascha.>>You’ve had
a lot to eat?>>No, just to drink. [MUSIC]>>They are very
well acquainted with Michele and Luca,
the head chefs. They don’t even
order from the menu, the chefs make something
new for them each time. That’s what happened
yesterday as well.>>I don’t think I’ve
ever had a look at the menu here. I just ask you to
bring me something.>>Right, first I’ll recommend
some entrées first. [MUSIC]>>What did we
have again? We just had some sort
of mixed platter. I don’t know. 6 or 7 plates.>>This is
the Tafelspitz salad. With puntarella
alla romana. In German we
say Lowenzahn. And carmelized cheese. [MUSIC]>>I ate some delicious
squid with lentils. That’s the one dish
that’s stayed with me. Squid, lentils,
great pairing. [MUSIC] Lovely people,
the place is run well. Your typical
Berlin Mitte, Torstraße. It’s a big place,
not like ours. [MUSIC]>>Me personally, I feel
like I travel a lot and that I rarely do
anything in Berlin. It’s a nice feeling to
stay in one place and to create something
which lasts. That’s why the four of
us got together and decided to open
a restaurant. [MUSIC]>>Sascha is
staying behind. He has to work at
an ungodly hour tomorrow. Then we drove
to the Austria. We thought about what
kind of restaurants have been open in Berlin for
a long time. Where we went to
eat 15 years ago, not just recently. This was the idea.>>I will now tell you in
front of the camera my top 5 ideas of
how to get rich. One idea would be
gay cigarettes. Ci-gay-rettes.>>Sweet.>>Idea number 2,
a Bob Marley musical. The internet for
old people. Just think ahead in
time 10 or 20 years. You could make a lot of money with the internet
for old people. Half a cigarette. I can’t even finish
a whole smoke anymore. I get too nervous. Half a cigarette. I’m really convinced
by the fifth idea. Or rather, I’ve already been working
on it a long time. So I can’t really
share it with the nice people of Vice. [MUSIC] We’ve arrived
in Kreuzberg, in the Bergmannkiez. More or less.>>Yeah, at the Austria.>>Yes, we’re going
to the Austria.>>Because we want
some goddamn Schnitzel. Schnitzel! Schnitzel!>>Some friends of ours are already
waiting inside. [MUSIC]>>Dude, this Schnitzel
is supposedly the best in the world. Well, in Berlin. [MUSIC] Then, I met Bodo,
the head chef, for the first time. He’s been running
the Austria for 47 years.>>Are you guys
still smoking? Because the camera
is here now. People smoke in
well-run kitchens. [MUSIC] Well, this is our
Viennese Schnitzel. Unchanged for 21 years. And, well,
how can I put this? This is what
we grew up on. I don’t know how
many calves had to give their lives. But I bet it’s a lot. [MUSIC]>>That was a massive
sheet of a Shnitzel. I don’t think you could
make a better Schnitzel.>>Jens, are you happy?>>Im incredibly happy. Excellent. [MUSIC]>>Ok, we just met Maike
and Sophie [COUGH] for a Schnitzel. And now we’re
going to BKK. [MUSIC]>>The boss of bosses
is Borg, our chef. He frequents
a place near here, run by an old friend
of ours, Dragan. He helped us get the
lovely Wolters beer for our restaurant. We went to visit him
at his place, the BKK.>>It’s this good old
Berlin-Kreuzberg, football, beverage store,
I’d say.>>BKK is a really
honest Kreuzberg.>>To tell you the truth,
we don’t know. It’s just the place
our chef goes to. He goes there
every night. Dragan is a great guy,
we do know him. And we’re looking forward
to seeing the place for the first time. Right, Matthias
chose not to come to the BKK with us. Because somebody had to look after
the restaurant. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Dragan is a very
sweet guy. A good friend, who has
helped us many times. He’s always there
if you need advice. It was nice to
drop by his place. [MUSIC]>>I’ve just come
from Zum Mond. And this is where I often
end up after hours.>>Once,
we roasted some chickens. Very bad. Very bad.>>It was him. Not me.>>What did we use? Diesel?>>No, it was gasoline.>>Gasoline.>>But it worked.>>It worked, I saved it.>>That’s how we
met each other. I’ll have a Wolters now. [MUSIC]>>The rest of the group
has gone ahead to Zum Mond. Or rather,
they had to go, because we’ve got
guests there. Also, we’ve got
new guests. So we’re going to join
everyone at Zum Mond. We’re going to Zum Mond
to join our friends.>>We’ll have
a lamb ragout.>>I would like a trout,
I’ll get you a trout.>>Please. [MUSIC]>>Everything’s ok.>>And then, Borg and I
crawled back to Zum Mond, where we rejoined
Matthias. I think that, maybe, he is still lying
around here somewhere. Maybe in the basement. We can only have
what we have. And all we have is
this Cameroon lamb.>>The Cameroon lamb is
a mix between a wild lamb and a domesticated lamb. It’s got an exquisite
meat texature or texture. Textature.>>Ok,
I’ll put it like this. We’ve got a lamb,
from around here, from the region. The Cameroon isn’t
referring to the country, but to the reverse
breeding. This is a new trend.>>Right so the Cameroon
lamb is like Daniel said, a reverse breed
of mouflon, which is a wild sheep,
and a…>>Lamb from Cameroon.>>We should just
start cooking. This lamb is from
the Uckermark. [MUSIC] We invited a few
people over. And we made a bowl
of lamb with pasta. Or, well, Borg made it. Smells good. Smell it. Mm. [MUSIC] We had quite a few
more drinks. I’m the only one who
is up right now. From Vice’s
point of view, this was probably
a good night. From mine, I can probably
only do about 14 more nights like these
in my life. And then that’s it. [MUSIC]>>So, I’ve got a roasted
pike perch here. On leaf spinach,
with potatoes and some lemon juice. For our special guest
of the evening. It’s his birthday. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>Happy birthday.

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