Carrot Cake Pancakes with Cream Cheese Frosting – Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Ep 117

Carrot Cake Pancakes with Cream Cheese Frosting – Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Ep  117

Hi Bold Bakers! We are mixing things up this
Easter and having our cake for breakfast. I’m going to show you an insane recipe for
carrot cake pancakes with cream cheese frosting. They are everything we love about cake but
we’re going to have them for breakfast. So let’s get baking. Some of you may not
know but I used to have a catering business in San Francisco where I used to make these
insane, over the top breakfasts. I put together a playlist of some of those recipes that you
can watch after this video. Also, let me know in the comments below what are some of your
favorite over the top pancakes and if I like the idea, I’ll do an episode of them. To
make our carrot cake pancakes, we’re going to bring together our wet ingredients first.
So I’m going to start out in my food processor. Rather than grate the carrots, I have some
chopped and peeled carrots here and I’m going to add them in. All you want to do is
just blitz them until they’re fine for just a few seconds. There you go, and after a few
seconds, this is what you end up with. Now the reason that I don’t grate them is because
I find that they stay too chunky. I like to get them into nice little small bits. But
if you don’t have a food processor, feel free to grate your carrots. So now into our
carrots, we’re going to add in the rest of our wet ingredients. Add in your milk,
an egg, some vanilla extract. I love vanilla in carrot cake probably more than I like the
spices like nutmeg and cinnamon or ginger. I prefer it to be kind of vanilla-y. And then
I’m going to add in some golden raisins. Now usually when I add in dried fruit into
recipes, people ask can you leave it out, and you can. Feel free to. However, I think
that you should throw them in there because this is what makes the pancakes really extra
moist and they plump up with all of the liquid while cooking. They’re a really good addition.
On with our lid and then we’re just going to pulse it until it just comes together.
That’s it, a few seconds. And there you have it, that’s it. All of our carrots are
blended up, everything is mixed together and as you can see, you milk turns an orange color
which is exactly what you want because this will just make your pancakes extra orange
and make them look even more carrot-y. Now that this is done, we’re going to set this
aside and get started on our dry ingredients. You always want a large bowl for mixing pancakes
because they always come out a lot better. We’re going to add in our flour, brown sugar,
salt, baking powder, and cinnamon. And then we’re going to mix them all together really
well. So when you’re using brown sugar in baking, people always ask what can you replace
it for. And you can just go ahead and replace it for white sugar. That’s not a problem.
However if you can find brown sugar, I really recommend that you use it because it has a
lovely caramel flavor. Ok lovely, everything is mixed together. Now we’re going to go
and add in our carrot wet mix. This is so beautiful and it’s going to make gorgeous
looking pancakes. And as you can see, it’s lovely and thick which makes thick pancakes.
Following the carrots, we’re going to add in some flavorless oil, like you can use vegetable,
canola, sunflower, coconut. This helps the pancakes fry and gives them a lovely golden
color. With our spatula, we’re going to go ahead and gently fold the wet ingredients
to the dry. Now if you’ve watched my other pancake videos, you know how super important
it is not to over mix pancakes. Because the more that you mix them, the tougher they get.
So we’re just going to do a few mixes, lumps are totally fine, they’ll make their way
out. And there you have it. A beautiful carrot cake pancake batter, ready to be fried off.
You can see it’s lovely and thick. There’s a few little lumpy bits of flour in there,
totally grand. They’re going to work themselves out. Right now, we’re going to go light
our griddle and fry these guys off. If you want successful pancakes, when it comes to
cooking, there’s two very important things to remember. What kind of pan you use. I’m
using nonstick but you can use cast iron. And the other thing is heat. You want a nice
even, medium heat. You don’t want the heat going up and down, high and low. You want
to have it at a medium heat before you put on your pancakes. That will give you beautiful,
thick pancakes. When the heat in your pan is ready, I take my trusty butter paper, you
know I like to hang onto these guys. And I just run it in the pan. Just a nice light
bit of butter, you don’t need too much butter. And then scoop on your pancake mix. Once you’ve
put your pancake batter on there, do not touch your batter. Just leave it be, let it find
its own way. It’ll spread out a little bit. You don’t need to spread it out because
the more you spread it out, the thinner your pancake will be in the end so just let it
hang out and do its thing. A great tool I always have in my kitchen is super thin spatula.
This is fantastic for making pancakes because it slides right underneath and you can flip
it over. It doesn’t dent your pancakes. After a few minutes on the pan, you’ll see
all these bubbles forming on top of your pancake. These bubbles are super important because
I call them pancake pillars. They hold up your pancake. And if you see around the edge,
it starts to turn a different color, so now we know it’s ready to flip. Look at that
beautiful color. Check that out. I love flipping over pancakes, it’s the best part. It’s
really lovely. Now on this side, it only takes about two minutes to cook. Way less time than
the other side. So we’re just going to let it sit here and hang out. Before you take
your pancake off the pan, if you want to double check if it’s cooked, give it a little press
in the middle and if it’s firm, it’s done. Now continue cooking the rest of your batter
and if you want to keep them warm while you’re cooking off the rest of your pancakes, just
cover them in some tin foil and pop them in a low oven. Check it out, a stack of warm
carrot cake pancakes. It does not get much better than this. And they smell just like
cakes it’s absolutely fantastic. And for something really special, we’re going to
top our carrot cake pancakes with what else but a beautiful cream cheese frosting. It
has vanilla, it’s sugary, it has a little bit of a tangy flavor to it. It just works
so well with the pancakes. I made this in a previous video for red velvet pancakes so
the recipe can be found in the video or on my website, Now just
put a big dollop of your cream cheese frosting on top of your warm pancakes. Pour over some
maple syrup, and then I like to scatter some toasted walnuts on top. And here’s all your
hard work paying off. Look at those pancakes, aren’t they incredible? Now I want to cut
inside because I want you to see how fantastic these pancakes are. I can already feel how
soft and fluffy they are. These look incredible, you can see the lovely orange color, the carrot
everywhere, even the raisins. They are incredible. The pancakes, they’re sweet but not too
sweet. They’ve got lovely carrot flavor, they’re a beautiful color, they’re incredibly
moist because of the raisins and the pureed carrots. With the cream cheese frosting on
top, it really brings together the carrot cake experience for you. These are awesome
and definitely big and bold. Make sure you let me know in the comments below what are
your favorite over the top pancakes and might just make them in a show. Don’t forget to
subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you back here next Thursday for more Bigger Bolder

100 thoughts on “Carrot Cake Pancakes with Cream Cheese Frosting – Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Ep 117

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