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What’s up guys, welcome to Man About Cake. I’m your host Joshua John Russell and this month every Tuesday we’re making a Halloween cake because it’s my favorite holiday. Today we’re starting with a spider cake I’m gonna build a three-tiered spice cake filled with pumpkin spice buttercream. Let’s do it. All right so the first thing we have to do is make our spider because it needs to dry overnight I made you guys a template you can get this in the description box below or by clicking the I. if you have arachnophobia I’m sorry, but it’s a must. it’s gonna be a beautiful spider. It won’t be scary and it won’t bite you. So we’re gonna make this out of gum paste. I’m actually to put a little bit of high ratio shortening on my hands because the gum paste tends to get a little bit sticky We’re gonna make the body first in the head and all the legs it looks pretty cool, though, right? -Super creepy. -Take it you’re not scared of spiders? -I’m scared spiders if it lands on my face. I’m scared of anything that lands on my face. How about that? All right? So I make the head first, and then we’ll make the body Now we’re gonna work on our legs. First time I made this cake I made it for a UK publication, and they wanted to do wedding cakes based on holidays So I turned in, “Hey, I want to do Halloween” and they’re like, “We’re not doing Halloween” like, “Well then I’m not doing it!” So I explained what I was gonna do, and they said, “Well, just, let’s make the cake and shoot it and send it to us.” It got a two-page spread. [Air horn] I told them, like, “Martha Stewart meets Halloween.” Like, not scary, you know, like, “What do you call it?” “Hauntingly Beautiful by JJR” So here’s our first little guy here. That looks pretty good now. We’ll make the bottom side of that leg That feels long enough so what I’m gonna do is actually open this up like a little joint with a ball tool So then when they’re dry they actually will connect I’ll go a little deeper a little bit deeper and then I’ll flatten this end a little bit. That sticks to the body. Put that guy on there Okay now my spider is done. We’re gonna let this dry overnight. So it gets rock-hard. Let’s go, buddy. I’ve made four 8-inch square spice cakes here And we’re just gonna break these guys down this cake is so delicious by the way. Perfect for the Fall! -This one’s Ginger Spice. -It does have ginger in it! Were you making like a Spice Girls reference right there? -There’s four of them -I’m so scared of Brandon right now Look how beautiful that is inside. Delicious! Let me just see if it tastes good. Mmm Get some there, it tastes like Fall. It really does. -This one seems Sporty. -Everybody can stop with the Spice Girl stuff. -When you get a client do you say, “just tell me what you want, what you really really want?” -You’re so fired. You’re fired yesterday. -Do you ever tell clients that if they want a cake of yours they gotta get with your friends? -Is that a song? [Singing:] -“If you wanna be my lover!” Oh my god. You’re singing it! Hey, this is my show okay, we only sing the songs I approve of! -“Now we know how it is.” That one seems Scary. -All right, now It’s time to fill this with pumpkin buttercream and stop singing the Spice Girls. All righty, let’s build a cake. New filling, new recipe! This is pumpkin… I’m almost scared to say spice, but I’m gonna say it. Pumpkin spice. No one sang! Pumpkin spice buttercream. [Singing] -“If you wanna be my lover!” -No! -“You gotta get with my friends!” [Contnue singing Wannabe] My face is literally red right now. I’m embarrassed for all of you. If you want this recipe and for them to stop singing, it’s right down there in the description box. Subscribe while you’re down there! Alright get this guy in the cooler, then we’ll come back, cut it, crumb coat it, final coat it. Let’s go, man. So for the middle tier of this cake we’re actually gonna panel it, but I’m gonna do this really cool coil technique, But I need to extrude gum paste to do it. I normally would use this guy, but I was at a cake show recently and I found this guy So this is an extruder that you hook to your power drill, and I’ve never used it before so we’re gonna try it the first time on camera -Oh yeah! Let’s try it on camera! If it’s a hot mess I got my backup, so I’ve got it loaded with gum paste. I’m so nervous. Whoa! Let me know if it does anything Is it coming? Ah! it’s working! Oh. Look at all that hair. This is the coolest thing that’s ever happened to me. This is crazy! Okay, I think we’re at the end Look at that So I have all these strings now except. I’m ripping them apart. Hold on let’s start that over This is fondant, and these are the gum paste Wrong material Okay, I’m back It’s winning now. It’s driving me crazy. Right I think I got it now. I feel pressure. Oh Hold on one second. What if I just hold this? -Oh god. Someone’s gonna get hurt. -Brennan. You said you fixed this! Okay this time for real. For real. -You’re out of battery. Nothing beats hand turned extruding Maybe it’s the gum paste. I have so much shortening on my hands. Now this has shortening all over it, but whatever. This is what I need What’s with this struggle today? Where those channel locks? Alright. Finally we’ve got some spaghetti. All right now we’re gonna coil the pieces up I’m gonna start with the middle one just gonna roll it all right, so we’re gonna glue this with a little bit of water to my panel This is the panel that will go on the side of the cake Now we’ll just keep spiraling around Now that I have everything extruded and covered I’m going to cut my square back out. All right, now I just got to do three more panels for the sides, one more for the top, then we can glue them on the cake So I’ve added all of my panels to the coil tier except for this last one, so I’m going to show you how I glue it on. I’m using it just a little bit of piping gel So my three tiers are done And now I’m gonna stack them with bubble tea straws! By the way the bottom tier and a top tier are covered in like a glittery sugar, if you want to see how I did this, I have a video called ‘metallic accent cake’ and it’ll be in the description box below. It’s a pretty cool cake too. The diamonds! So I’m piping a fringe effect with string work between the bottom and the second tier with royal icing but before I do this I’m actually going to massage a lot of the air out of the royal icing… onto… my slab here, so I’m just trying to push as much air out. Since with piping strings, I don’t want them to break Looks a little crazy when you first start but once you build them up a lot it actually looks really good and we’re gonna paint them all gold and they’ll look really awesome. -Of course we are. -Hey! Did you just gold shame me? I love gold, I can’t help it! All right, now It’s time to glue our spider on. I’m gonna do this with a little bit of white chocolate and then a little freeze spray to help us set it really quickly I put a little skewer in here because this is really big it dried for 24 hours so the outside is dry the inside is still soft, so I can squeeze it onto the skewer So like I said, all month we’re doing Halloween themed cakes. I wanna see what you guys come up with, so create something, take a picture, post it on Instagram or Facebook with The hashtag#CakeSlayer or #ManAboutCake Now it’s time to paint gold! My favorite! So I’m gonna paint the spider actually with confectioners glaze and gold because it has chocolate on it. And then the rest of it, the strings and the middle tier, I’m just gonna paint with gold hydrated with a little bit of vodka For the final touches I’m going to use black royal icing to put polka dots on the spider And then I’m going to use some black draw J’s to add to the fringe Our spider cake is all done. I think she turned out so rad! Now you guys show me what you’re working on. Post your Halloween cakes on Instagram and Facebook With the hashtag #CakeSlayer or#ManAboutCake and because I love Halloween so much tell me, What was your best Halloween costume in the comments below? -Hey, you wanna know what my best Halloween costume was? -Sure Brandon, and what was it? -I was 11 from Stranger Things I worked a dress. -Oh, that’s a good one. That’s awesome! So next week, we’re gonna make another awesome Halloween cake. Let’s cut her! Mmm, you can really taste the pumpkin spice. [Singing:] -“If you wanna be my lover!” What’s up guys welcome to Man About Cake– [Laughing] I got it. I got it. Okay, so next week. We’re gonna make a really awesome– another. So next week, We’re gonna make our– I– Didn’t stretch my mouth. -Oh yeah! Mouth stretch, mouth stretch!

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