#CakeSlayer Halloween: GOTHIC WEDDING CAKE | Man About Cake with Joshua John Russell

#CakeSlayer Halloween: GOTHIC WEDDING CAKE | Man About Cake with Joshua John Russell

What’s up guys welcome to man about cake I’m your host Joshua John Russell and this week the Halloween episodes continue I’m gonna build a five-tiered black cake with black buttercream finished with black crackle fondant and some gold accents Oh a ghost you guys are gonna. Put a ghost there right? yeah. Let’s do it. Okay to get started wait Brennan you don’t have anything else superimposed on me. uh no no way. ok awesome so I’m gonna break down this petal pan I actually baked this with black cocoa powder So it’s gonna be really dark and I made the buttercream with it so the entire cake will be black and then we’ll finish it with black fondant this gives a Sort of like that Oreo kind of taste you can mix it with regular cocoa powder just to get a darker powder Or a darker color. I actually just used full black cocoa powder. It’s going to be super dark. new shade. What would you call that shape? It’s a petal pan. See it’s like a flower which seems like a happy pan, but I baked black cake in it Well the rest of the tiers are going to be round. It’ll make super-dramatic on the bottom Joshua you are really Goth. I’m the opposite of Goth actually, I’m like the white boy next door. That’s what I am. Who sometimes wears mascara. I’m just kidding. I don’t I don’t know only on Tuesdays Look how dark that is. We’re gonna cut this guy in half all right leave those guys together This one because it’s so big I have on the final presentation board we’ll just build it on top of here No one’s gonna try this new garbage cake We did black cake on a cosmic love that was quite the MIT fool Nate Meant like a taste not a palm full. Tastes so Gothic. All of a sudden, I just want to listen to the cure. Yeah I love the cure. See you, it’s so Gothic . its not Gothic. Is it? Josh is God, cant they just be a good band. I’m gonna clean up my crumbs I’m gonna fill this with black buttercream all right. We’re gonna fill our cake but because it’s a weird shape I’m actually not gonna trim this so we’re gonna fill it in crumb coat it at the same time with black buttercream by the way if you want to see how I made the black buttercream it’s in the description box below or up there in the i and while you are down there hit subscribe. I can really see the difference the way when you bake this stuff It gets super super black, and then when it’s just incorporated into something. It’s like more of a really dark brown This is cocoa so it’s a real thing It’s not like food coloring so your guests will eat this and their mouths won’t turn black because it’s the real thing And actually tastes really good it kind of tastes like Oreo. If everybody’s mouth turned black. They’d be like so goth. Joshua you’d love that your goth Oh my I’m not goth at all Can I make something gothic without being gothic you know that means that defeatist attitude is pretty gothic. oh shut up. you guys are all fired leave the camera. You’re not leaving. so we are going to slid next layer on and line them up So to get the definition in the crease here, I’m gonna just take my spatula This is not a spatula it’s a scraper put it up in there and then just pull away in opposite directions Keeps that crease Alright, I’m gonna get in into the cooler, and then we’ll do the final cut Now we’re going to cover our petal pan with black fondant, and I’m actually going to do a crackle technique with this But I have to roll it out a little bit first cornstarch We do not go – no I’m out of snow Fresh snow yeah By the way you guys been posting some really awesome Halloween cakes keep them coming Show me what you got for Halloween take a picture and post it on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag cake Slayer or #manaboutcake I love looking at cake pictures Alright that feels about good so roll it out to this point and then we’re gonna take sugar sheets This is the sheet that you put through your edible printer, and I just airbrushed it like this charcoal gray color But I’m actually gonna cut off this outside edge, so we don’t have a seam All right, so we’re tearing all of our little sheets into pieces, and we’re gonna just decoupage this thing together Did you just say a bad word? Decoupage isn’t a bad word okay All right, so we’re gonna moisten the fondant where we’re gonna place our pieces so lets do one like here I think I’m gonna overlap it a little bit. Okay now we’re gonna roll this out Alright, let’s put it over our cake it’s kind of cool, huh? The cake is covered now. I’m going to airbrush it black so the whole thing is super dark Okay, now my cake is airbrushed, and now we’re going to stack them all together with bubble tea straws Now I’m going to use some edible lacquer to make her super shiny I’m going to pipe a dramatic collar around two of the tears the two solid black tears I’m doing this with royal icing that is dying a gold color and the reason why is because normally I would paint My white royal gold, but because it’s against a black cake if I miss a spot the white is gonna really really show up Hey if you guys like gothic cakes I have a friend named Sonya McLean who has a Tutorial on how to make black lace. She has a great gothic sort of style We’ll put an excerpt from her tutorial in the i or in the description box below Now we’re going to make some molded Decorations for the teirs that I didn’t pipe on I’m gonna do this with a little bit of gum paste It’s in the same color that gold color so when we go to paint them if we miss a spot It’s not as easily visible so this is the mold here It’s a silicone mold so we’re basically going to roll this out and press it in and then we’re gonna use this and A little sharp edge here to cut the rest of it away, and then we’ll pull it out of the mold This model is actually clear so you could turn around the other side and make sure you don’t have any bubbles or make sure you’ve gotten every little bit of It a little bit, okay I feel like that’s pretty good, and now we’re gonna roll across and the sharp little edges are gonna. Cut it away So you can already see it here come on guy you’re on camera. Let’s do it. It freaks me out Are you freaked out? Why?
Brennan: That’s disgusting Brennan’s totally freaked out by it sometimes art is gross and it’s beautiful. I don’t think this is gross I don’t know. We’re getting gross problem. Cuz it looks like skin color? No look up triptophobia. Yeah Oh, is that the fear of like lots of little holes? Yeah? Oh, yeah, people had that reaction during the octopus cake I apologize but sometimes Art is weird All right, so we’ll take our pieces out in the middle here save those for another molds I’m just taking my fingers and pushing in on the paste to make sure we don’t have any little hairy pieces all right And they’ll pull it out you know upside down and you want to pull it very Very tight this way all the way back. You can use a little paintbrush to make sure areas are sticking see Brandon Freaked out still you should see his face It that’s pretty wait till I paint it gold. It’s just in a weird color And then we’re gonna make a second decoration which is like this one swag pattern But we’re gonna use the largest one here, and this one’s similar But we’re actually gonna just push it down into the mold and then we’ll cut the excess away All right, so we’re all pushed in I’m just gonna take my knife here. I cut away the excess. Can you use your big knife next time Been hanging out with ijustine have you? Hey, yeah, I justine uses a giant knife for everything I got this tip from her she got it from Crocodile Dundee I’ll do the same thing take my paste and pull it away from the edge, and I’ll pop this guy out. Oh there it is So now I’m gonna make a ton of these and we’ll glue them to our cake and we’ll finish everything with gold All right all my molds are cut out and now we’re gonna glue them on with piping gel What’s this music? Can you see her? For the final touch we’re gonna add some gold to our mold and piping my favorite part gold uh Josh this cake isn’t actually looking very goth it all it’s not Goth it’s gothic like a Cathedral like design like an era gothic Brandon you knew that right? What you didn’t know You thought it was like the pop culture thing I know it’s the old Marilyn Manson Brandon Okay, I’m not just the only dummy here Did you all think that yeah? No, it’s for like a like a beautiful gothic like think about a Cathedral yeah I get it now gargoyle and stuff Sorry for making fun of you the whole episode. I know right I was wondering I didn’t understand that part at all Our gothic wedding cake is complete, and I think she turned out super duper majestic hey I want to get to know you guys so in the description box below I put together this little question and answer thingy so I get to know who you are keep posting your Halloween pictures with hashtag man about cake or Hashtag cake Slayer because I love looking make cake pictures next week the Halloween shenanigans continue. We’re making creepy eyeball flowers. It’s gonna be awesome Alright Joshua well in ten nine that’s a lot Okay tough here right hmm Before you go too much further. Can you take the bag off? Oh? Yeah, let’s tuck that away for later when I’m sad

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  2. Hi Joshua.
    I’m Jade.
    I’m from Australia and I have an auto-immune disease called Coeliac.
    Was just wondering if you could maybe create a Gluten free cake for all the coeliac’s out there.
    American and Australian Coeliac standards are different. Here in Australia we are not able to eat Wheat, Barley, Rye as well as oats. But in America you can eat oats.
    Would love to have/try a Gluten free Coeliac Australia approved recipe!!
    Also do your recipes have measurements for the metric system for Australia, because I’m not sure about those measurements in Australia? 😂
    Lots of love, Jade xx ☺️
    Ps. This was the first vid I watch and I love it!! xx ☺️

  3. That is neiter goth nor gothic . It looks more baroque in color and ornament. Gothic was colorful everything was painted colorful in those days. But its beautiful no matter what

  4. This cake looks beautiful! Why didn't you just airbrush the decorations with gold powder instead of painting them all by hand? That looks like a lot of work.

  5. i had a gothic wedding cake. i was told the day before my wedding that i should change the colors of my cake because it would look tacky if they messed up. i flipped out but thankfully my cake turned out gorgeous. that was 7 years ago. this is lovely and makes me want to redo my whole wedding for our vow renewal next year.

  6. I have two theree questions , 1. U piped orange color paterns on cake ,is it Royal icing or butter icing ?? 2. Other paterns u colored by gold color. Is thst liquid or what??? Thank u. Hope your response

  7. Dont recon why this video about cake has a dislike button! Cause obviously 610 have issues with cake xD..lol
    Not much of Gothic person but this one looks pretty awesome and i bet delicious too !

  8. I like how in the beginning he said he wasn’t goth but in the end he said he was goth

  9. This one is my favorite! The cake and interaction are fantastic. Especially the realization that Gothic and goth were not the same thing.

  10. Hey Joshua,
    I really like your videos and I try and do what you do at home, but my mum is there, to make sure I don't make a mess!
    I have a question for you that I was just wondering about
    When you cut a layer of cake in half. How do you make sure it is straight?
    Thanks Maya

  11. I love how you are making a gofic cake and you are wearing a t-shirt with a smiling donut with a party hat and cake like lol for days😋🤣🤩🍰🎂🍩

  12. Hi there! I have been following you since you were on FoodNetwork with your friend Jason i was wondering how Jason is nowadays and are u still in touch with him? I rarely watch Food network so I'm not sure if they still have cake shows.

  13. "I don't wear mascara at all… only on Tuesdays…"
    Joshua is literally the male manifestation of me XD

  14. I'm binging from season 1 upwards. In the beginning, you seemed to favour powdered sugar for rolling fondant, but lately, you use corn starch in all your videos. What changed your mind?

  15. black cake, black buttercream, black cocoa, black fondant with black paper airbrushed black…. BUBBLE TEA STRAWS! :'D

  16. Gorgeousness!!! I recall watching you on the food channel cake challenges!!! You were awesome then and twice as good 10 + years later!!! Glad I found you!!! Love watching!!! Lisa

  17. I thought he meant that too (Goth-Gothic) as it was black … and Halloween … nice cake tho very baroque!

  18. You are so freaking talented, I’m absolutely mind-blown! I’ve always been really interested in the art of caking, never really been round to it, this is my latest obsession! Thank you!💖💖

  19. It does not look like a Ghotic Wedding cake…..it needs more Adams Family features on it …..this cake looks royal 🙂

  20. When I watch these videos so I can all I can think about is being there eating all the cake🍰🍰😄😄

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