Cake Trend How to Make A Rustic Wedding Cake

hi today i’m going to show you how I
make my rustic wedding cake I have a 14 inch base and i’m going to
take my spatula and I’m going to make a pattern in the buttercream so what I did was I frosted the cake with a thick layer of
buttercream and now i’m going to run the spatula and press gently as i turn the
cake and then you move up a little into the
next layer yeah the beauty of these cakes is that you
don’t want to make it look perfect you actually are trying to make it look im
perfect which as you know is a lot easier than making it perfect and also you can go over it if you don’t
like it you can try again careful not to press too hard like I
just did because it you don’t want the cake to show the cake underneath I’m liking that that’s very very simple
got from texture and then what I’m going to do is go across and just take the
excess off and also the top of the cake does not
have to be perfect either so in terms of an easy decoration this one is in my opinion the easiest i’m going to go ahead and do the next
tier which is a 10 inch so remember you start with a good thick
coat of buttercream now i’m using my old fashioned
buttercream with confectionery sugar because i find that is the most reliable
for an outdoor wedding in Connecticut and 80 degree weather and I can always rely on
this recipe just is so easy everything about this cake is easy this
would be a great DIY cake also if you’re interested in making a
wedding cake either your own wedding cake or you want to start making wedding
cakes for fun or for a business you can go to my website and you will see
that i have ebooks and i have a video coming soon of the entire process of the
wedding cake from start to finish and I have tons of recipes at the website as
well as a recipe book and an extra bonus book about starting a business so if you’re interested either DIY or
maybe starting a business someday go ahead to the website and check it out There is a BRAND NEW package now which includes a video $34.99 you also get to join the facebook group
which is really amazing, the group is a small private group of cake
decorators and we all help each other out so go check it out oh also there’s a free book there if you
want you can get the free buttercream book it’s got five of my top recipes and
another sixth bonus recipe so what I’m going to do the next thing
you’re going to do is take your spatula and run it along the side of the cake is press gently
while you turn and this creates a texture and it doesn’t have to be a perfect line
you can wiggle it a little bit up and down you can stop and start you’re basically just scraping off a
little bit of butter cream as you go and like i said earlier this is the
ultimate easy cake to make and it’s so pretty with fresh flowers and it really comes together when you
have all three tiers and you have the cake set up with the flowers or
maybe some burlap ribbon and then also what I did what with the other cake
which I didn’t show was I added some more buttercream on top and then i
create the same effect on there so first spread it around and in this case I’m going to use the
smaller spatula bring this closer as you can see and you might want to scrape off some of
that buttercream if it’s too much just running around and create the same effect now the other cake is going to be
sitting right here so you don’t have to go any further ok so I’m going to work on the six inch
cake next so you can see that ok I’m back and I have the 6 inch cake
frosted and I’m just going to go ahead i’m going to use this small spatula for
this I hope you enjoyed the video and i will
see you soon

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