Cake Stripes | 4 Secrets For Perfect Stripes On Cakes

Cake Stripes | 4 Secrets For Perfect Stripes On Cakes

Hi! I’m Emily and welcome to British Girl
Bakes! I’m going to show you four secrets to get perfect stripes in your
buttercream frosting and then I’m going to show you a few variations to get
different styles of stripes. I’m also going to do some troubleshooting to
answer questions about why your stripes aren’t turning out exactly the way you
want them to. Of course, we’re going to have to start by building our cake.
Make sure your layers are lined up evenly on top of each other to give your
cake straight even sides. Don’t apply too much filling between the layers or it
will bulge out when the cake gets to room temperature. You’ll need to crumb
coat your cake, which is a thin layer of frosting to trap any crumbs that come
off the cake so your final layer of frosting will be crumb free. To get up to
this step watch my tutorial on how to build a cake. Now that your cake is ready,
let’s explore the striping technique. A striped cake comb looks like this. There
are lots of different types: plastic, metal, acrylic… whatever you choose, just
make sure the comb is at least as tall as your cake. Here’s a quick diagram for
how the striped cake comb works. Here’s a cross section of the cake with a crumb
coat and then a final coat of frosting. You use your cake comb to make these
nice deep grooves in the frosting and then you chill it. You apply another
colour of frosting to fill in the grooves and then you use a frosting scraper to
scrape off the extra frosting, a few layers of it, leaving these beautifully
neat stripes. Now let’s see it in real life. When your crumb coat has set, apply
the first colour of frosting to your cake. I’m using my 4-minute buttercream
frosting which is American buttercream made with butter and powdered sugar. If
it’s too thick to be able to spread it easily over your cake, add some cream or
milk to thin it out a bit. The first secret to perfect stripes is to make
sure the frosting is at least as thick as your cake comb grooves all around the
cake. This might seem like a lot of frosting but you’re going to scrape a
lot of it off by the time the cake is finished and having this much frosting
ensures solid neat stripes. Get your top and sides smooth – they don’t have to be
perfect because you’re going to use your cake comb
and then the frosting scraper again. The second secret to perfect stripes is to
make sure the sides of the cake are straight and even. When you look at the
cake from every angle you want the sides to be straight, not slanting diagonally
up or down because when you use the cake comb your grooves will end up being
different thicknesses and the stripes in the shallower grooves will get swallowed
as you smooth out your cake. I’ll show you an example of this with some
troubleshooting later. Don’t worry about this frosting sticking up over the sides
of the cake yet. Now take your frosting comb and place it
against the side of the cake. Line it up so the base is flat on the cake board
and make sure you are holding it straight up vertically against the side
of the cake. Spin your turntable and scrape a section of the cake at a time,
indenting the grooves of the striped pattern. The parts sticking out are going
to be the white stripes on the cake and the indents are going to be filled with
the next colour. After passing the frosting comb around a few times you’ll
probably have air pockets in the part sticking out which will be the white
stripes. If your frosting comb grooves are deep enough you’ll be scraping off so
much frosting that the air pockets won’t matter but if you have shallow grooves,
the next colour of frosting is going to get into the air pockets and leave marks
on the white stripes so you can either go deep with your frosting comb grooves
or you can fill in the air pockets with some extra frosting, spreading it on with
an offset spatula and then passing the frosting comb over it again. Remember, the
frosting doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth because you’re going to use your
frosting scraper to smooth it all out in the next step. Smooth the top of the cake
by pulling any frosting sticking up over the top of the sides of the cake over
into the middle of the top of the cake. You can see here that the top of my cake
has the first parts of a groove which would make a teeny tiny skinny part of a
stripe. Because I have a thick coating of frosting on my cake I can just smooth
this groove out onto the top of my cake, taking that stripe away completely so
that the top stripe of my cake is a complete stripe. Here comes the third
secret to perfect stripes. When you’re happy with the stripe grooves and the
top frosting, chill your cake in the fridge while you prepare your next colour.
30 minutes in the fridge is ideal or 15 minutes in the freezer lets
the first colour stripe set and hold its shape around the grooves
before you apply the next colour. It’s also important for the top of the cake,
you’ll see why in a minute. Now if you want all of your stripes to be the same
colour, use an offset spatula to spread on that second color onto your chilled cake.
Make sure you get into all of the stripe grooves and work quickly so the first
color of frosting stays cold and holds its shape. This will give you the most
precise stripes. The final secret for perfect stripes is to be really patient
with your frosting scraper. The first few times you go around the cake you’ll want
to panic because the cake will be a messy disaster with smeared frosting and
smudged blurry stripes with absolutely no resemblance to stripes but don’t
worry, just keep going. You’re wiping off the extra frosting of the second color. A
few more scrapes around the cake and you’ll expose the first color of stripes
and a few more scrapes and you’ll start seeing neater stripes. Keep going and the
stripes will get more and more precise. Then just tidy up the top of the cake,
scraping the sticking up frosting onto the top of the cake. Because you’ve chilled
your cake it’s easy to wipe the second colour of frosting off with an offset
spatula or your frosting scraper without blending it into the first color because
the surface of the first color is firm so you can just scrape the second color
right off. These stripes look beautiful just as they are or you can jazz the
cake up with some sprinkles and frosting rosettes on top or whatever decorations
you like. Now I’m going to show you a few variations to liven up your stripes.
I have tutorials for each of these cakes and the links are in the description box
below. A fun way to make your stripes even more beautiful is to use an ombre
design. I’ve crumb coated my cake and now I’m applying all of my colours to the
side of the cake with my offset spatula. you could also use piping bags to pipe
on the rows of frosting instead then this cake I want the top to be right I
can apply white frosting to the top of the cake now at the same time as the
rainbow frosting before using the striped cake clip or I can do it
afterwards but this cake I’ll show you how to do it afterwards so I’m leaving
the top of my cake with just the crumb coat for now I’ve
selling my cake I’m applying white frosting to the sides of the cake to
fill in the Striped grooves and I’m also using white frosting for the top of the
cake and then using my frosting scraper on the sides and the top the result is
this pretty rainbow effect with impossibly neat stripes if you’re
enjoying this tutorial please click the thumbs up button if you want the top
surface of your cake to be a different color to the stripes apply that first so
here when I crumb coat my cake I’m also giving the top of the cake its final
coat of frosting which is white then after chilling it I’m applying yellow
frosting smoothing it and scraping it off the top to leave the top completely
white with just a ring of yellow around it where it covers the sides of the cake
now I’m using my cake comb chilling the cake again and then filling the stripes
in with red frosting scraping scraping scraping to smooth out the frosting and
make my perfect stripes and you can see that I’m leaving the overhanging
frosting around the tops of the sides of the cake and telling the cake for about
30 minutes in the fridge until the frosting is firm now I’m using a sharp
knife to trim around the cake taking off the excess frosting sticking up over the
sides this leaves a neat top edge to the cake with the red and yellow frosting
outlining the white center if you get any smudges of the side rusting onto the
top resting just use your knife to scrape it off it’s very important the
cake is cold so your knife leaves the frosting smooth you can alternate the
colors of your stripes by piping the frosting into the grooves made by the
cake comb i frosted this cake with pale blue frosting used my cake comb and now
I’m piping on white and blue stripes you can use almost any frosting tip for this
or even a piping bag with a hole cut in the end without a tip I’m using a round
tip and a petal tip for this cake because it’s what I had on hand you
scrape off quite a lot of frosting with this method but don’t waste it you can
mix the colors together and use the new color to decorate another cake or you
can put the blended colors into a piping bag with a star tip and pipe on these
pretty frosting rosettes on top of the cake as a finishing touch for this cake
I want one bright green stripe and the rest
purple so after applying my orange frosting using a cake comb and chilling
the cake I’m piping on the bright green stripe into one of the stripe grooves
and then using my offset spatula to spread purple frosting over the rest of
the cake to fill in all the other grooves through the rest of the stripes when I use my frosting scraper I’m
taking off all of the extra green and purple frosting smearing it across the
cake and then taking it off layer by layer to expose these perfect orange
green and purple stripes you can play around with the symmetry of this stripes
because you don’t have to add a color into every groove if you don’t want your
stripes to be regular and close together you can space them out randomly around
your cake adding fewer stripes to do this once you’ve frosted your cake and
use the cake comb and chilled it use your second color to fill in the grooves
where you want the stripes and then use the original color of frosting to fill
in the other grooves so here I’m piping in two black stripes and then filling in
the rest of the grease with my original color white and when I smooth it out
those white stripes blend with the original white frosting and the white
stripes disappear so the only stripes left on my cake other two black ones I
love this it’s so classy striped cakes are really really easy once you get the
hang of using this cake comb technique I timed this cake from start to finish
including building the layers crumb coat frosting using the comb filling in the
stripes smoothing the frosting and piping the rosettes on top and it took
me just 32 minutes let’s do some troubleshooting to work out why your
stripes don’t look like you want them to why are some of your stripes
disappearing when you smooth your cake here’s an example of that happening you
can see that the sides of this cake aren’t perfectly straight over here the
frosting is slanting diagonally up on the cake so when I use my cake comb the
grooves aren’t going in as deep at the top of the cake as they are at the
bottom now after filling in the grooves and smoothing the cake with a frosting
scraper the shallow groove at the top of the cake gets swallowed by the cake comb
scraping off the very thin layer of the stripe color which was white
and exposing the pale blue bass rusting below why are there smudges of other
colors in the middle of your stripes here’s a quick diagram explanation and
then I’ll show you a real-life example here we have a cake with a crumb coat
and a final coat of frosting when you use your cake cone you might get indents
or air pockets like this one here util your cake and apply a darker blue
frosting for the stripes and that color goes into the indent when you start
scraping the frosting you see the smudges of dark blue in that indent but
as you keep scraping you get past the indent and you see your nice smooth
stripes here’s the real-life example these thin dark blue lines on the light
blue stripes are where there were indents in the base color of my frosting
but the indents are shallow and the grooves from my cake cone were deep so
as I keep smoothing with my frosting scraper and taking off the outer layer
of frosting and going deeper than the indents so eventually those lines go
away I love this striped cake comb technique and I’ll probably never go
back to any other way of doing stripes but if you don’t have a cake comb you
can use piping bags to pedro’s of colored frosting onto your cake
alternating colors and making sure there are no gaps in between the rows of piped
frosting then just use your frosting scraper to smooth the frosting touching
up any areas where there are air pockets in the frosting this method is quick and
easy and makes more rustic looking stripes thanks for watching I can’t wait
to see the different stripes that you create if you enjoyed this tutorial
please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel

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