Cake pops pas cu pas | How To Make Cake Pops (CC Eng Sub) | JamilaCuisine

Cake pops pas cu pas | How To Make Cake Pops (CC Eng Sub) | JamilaCuisine

Hello everybody and welcome to Jamila’s kitchen! We’re going to make today cake pops so please stay with us to see the ingredients and the method. For this recipe we need: 350 g flour 200 g butter 220 ml milk 4 eggs 200 g sugar 1 sachet of baking powder seeds of a vanilla bean a pinch of salt Aditionally we will need: 350 g white chocolate strawberry confiture and some colored sprinkles First of all, place the butter in a mixer’s bowl the butter is small diced and it is at room temperature. Over it add the sugar and begin to cream it, first at low speed, then increase the speed and mix it all for 2-3 min. more. The sugar and butter are mixed so we may clean the bowl’s sides. Of course, you can use also a hand mixer. Turn on again the mixer and add the eggs, one by one. Add now the last egg. It is very important eggs to be at room temperature. Add now the pinch of salt and the vanilla’s bean seeds. Increase the speed a little bit and mix it for 2-3 minutes more. Add now the flour, and slow down the speed adding it gradually. Add like half of the whole quantity Pour now half of the milk gradually. Continue with the flour, the remaining half. Add now the baking powder, the remaining flour and the remaining milk which I pour gradually. Turn off the mixer and the batter is ready. Pour the batter into a round cake tin, the tin is lined with baking paper at the bottom and it has the diameter 26 cm. Level it slowly in the preheated oven at 175 C/ 350 F for 40-50 minutes The sponge cake is done. It looks very nice. Let it cool completely, it is very important to be cold. Cut it with a knife. You can bake this cake in any tin shape, it doesn’t matter. Because it will be sliced or cut in large squares. Take a piece and start to crumble it to obtain fine crumbs, like breadcrumbs. Continue to crumble every piece of cake. Over the crumbled cake add the confiture. I have a strawberry one, homemade but you can add any confiture you like. Add few spoons of confiture and start to mix it. Of course, I’m adding more when it is necessary. I try to moisten very well the cake with the confiture, so we will be able to form the balls. I used the strawberry confiture for the nice color it gives, but you may use the apricot one also, but the cake will have a lighter color. I added the confiture. The mixture it should look like this. We should be able to make the balls easily. like this. It means that the mixture is right. Form the balls from this mixture using an ice-cream scoop, to make the balls equal. You may use also a scale and make balls of around 25 g. Take out the ball and make it round with your hands. To be round like this. Place it onto a tray and continue. Continue to form the balls until the mixture is finished. I formed all the balls. From the entire quantity I obtained 35 pieces. Further, place them in the fridge for around 30 min. to harden a little bit. When the balls are almost hardened, begin to melt the chocolate. Use a saucepan with water which is boiling slowly. Over the saucepan place a bowl and into the bowl put the white chocolate and let it to melt slowly, mixing regularly. The chocolate is melted. It would look like this. I will remove it from the stove and transfer it into a smaller bowl For coating the balls, I pick one. Insert into it a lollipop stick. Like this it will look like. Then dip the lillipop into the melted chocolate. Shake the excess, then put on to the each lollipop colored sprinkles. Shake the excess of the chocolate. Like this it would look like. Place it into a cup to stand upright and continue. Take another ball, insert the stick, then dip it into the melted chocolate, shake the excess and continue to put the sprinkles as you like. These are the cake pops. I decorated them with the sprinkles you saw before, but you can decorate them with any decorations
you like. Let me show you a section of it, to see how it looks like. They are very flavored, easy to make and are wonderful for a party or Valentine’s Day. We have reached at the end of thie recipe so we wish you Bon Appetite! and we are waiting for you on the next recipe. Bye-bye!

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  8. Ce fel de ciocolata ai folosit? Mie mi a intrat cantitate dubla, procedeul de glazurare a fost dificil, cu un rezultat deloc neted, si au fost foarte greu de fixat undeva pana s-a uscat ciocolata.

  9. Te adorrr!!! Am, o intrebare, de unde poti lua acele betisoare de acadea!???????? Daca te rog sa raapunzi repede??!!

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  11. Gustoase cake pops🤗
    Am pregătit reteta pas cu pas doar că eu am avut gem de caise și într-adevăr ies delicioase și cu gem de caise.Data viitoare o sa incerc și cu gem de căpșuni.
    Fiul meu a fost extrem de incantat de cake pops😍😘

  12. Buna . Imi plac multe din retele dvs .
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  13. Ma interesează câte zile se pot păstra? Sa știu dacă le pot face înainte de petrecere cu câteva zile.

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