Cake Decoration Tips : How to Add a Bow to Cake Decorations

Cake Decoration Tips : How to Add a Bow to Cake Decorations

Hi, I’m Karen for Expert Village. Now we’ll
assemble our bow on the top. Sometimes it helps in assembling the bow to just cut off
the corners here, so that you have points. And again you want to use a little bit, a
little dab of water, to just moisten the top area here where you are going to be placing
the bow. Not too much water here, you don’t want a puddle. And if you get a little too
much on there, you can wrap it off with a paper napkin. And you just take your little
bow sections
and do four diagonally like so. And then another row here. Put a little bit of water there.
And the fondant is still a little bit pliable, so you can still mold it a bit, its not completely
dry. If you let them sit over night they’ll be completely dry, and you won’t be able to
move them around as much. A little bit more there. And then the center, just first take
a look and see how it looks. Very nice. And I’m just going to put a tiny bit of water
And that completes our bow.

63 thoughts on “Cake Decoration Tips : How to Add a Bow to Cake Decorations

  1. i agree this cake is a fail…looks more like an amateur who made it rather then an expert…the cake just wasn't executed well.

  2. i dont know if fondant in the u.s is very different but the fondant i use tastes amazing!!! (from australia)

  3. fondant tastes like sugary play dough in the US. But I have heard that other countries use marzipan–an icing medium that looks similar but tastes totally different than fondant. I'd love to find a fondant that tastes delicious.

  4. The ones I've tried taste just like sugar… because it's just sugar with corn syrup. Maybe adding some vanilla flavoring would be a good idea… but they should add just the clear type in order not to ruin the color.

    Anyway… if you don't like the fondant, put it away, it's main task is to decorate the cake.

  5. dont be a prat leave the kid alone – for christ sakes shes only making a cake shes not doing porn – you prat

  6. Fondant is just basically a sugar dough. I myself make it homemade but you can buy it from the store. The easiest recipe I have found for it calls for 1 bag of minimarshmellows and 1 box of confectioners sugar. Making it from scratch is a very tedious and messy job, but worth it in the end in my opinion

  7. @Treasures4Food

    GOOGLE up "Marshmallow Fondant".
    Easy to make and the ingredients are easy and inexpensive to find.

  8. @Nausicca3000 LOL maybe because you're good at cake decorating. but for someone like me who just eats cakes, it looks really good haha!

  9. I just went to another video that showed how to cover a square cake in fondant in 2:00 mins while I spent 15 here. Great job.

  10. That bow is hideous.

    Don't use water either. Use alcohol or an extract (vanilla, lemon, etc.) to attach fondant to fondant – water takes too long to dry and can make the fondant "mushy". Alcohol helps it stick better and dries faster.

  11. @Corinababy14 Sure it does: Like a "christmas bow" you know those little Cabbagey, flowerey Christmassy thingys?

  12. @Corinababy14 it doesnt matter how set up it is the first fondent bow i made my sisters were putting the loops on the cake as i was making them and we ended up shoving marshmallows in the loops

  13. is it easy to cut the fondant covered cake on the next day or you should decorate it on the same day you're going to cut it?

  14. Thanks, this video was very helpful. I'm making a cake for my son's weddidng and I wanted to do something a little different. The bow added to the top of the side cakes made it look very special. Be Blessed and thanks for sharing.

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