Cake Decorating With a Palette Knife

If you’re looking for a simple but different
way to decorate your buttercream cake, you’ve come to the right place. I’m gonna show you how to easily transform
your cakes with this one tool: a palette knife. For stress free cake tutorials and advice,
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new video. So today I’m showing you how to create a textured
buttercream look. I actually created another video that I’ll
list below where I use my angled spatula but today I want to show you how you can achieve
a little bit of a more unique twist on this textured look by using a palette knife. So a palette knife is a little different because
it is tapered and pointed at the end. This palette knife can be used in so many
different ways, a lot of people use these to actually paint on their cakes and create
flowers, and beautiful designs but today I’m gonna show you how you can use it just to
create a really cool textured design on your cake. Start with a crumb coated cake. apply an even
and thick layer of frosting to the sides of your cake – you can use a piping bag here
if you’d like, or an angled spatula like me. make sure to apply frosting above the top
of the cake to form a lip. then add frosting to the top of the cake and
smooth it out, making sure it is level. clean off any excess buttercream, then go
in with your cake smoother once or twice just to make the buttercream as even as possible. starting at the base of your cake, hold your
palette knife at around a 45 degree angle and in one spot, and use your other hand to
quickly spin your turntable. apply a gentle amount of pressure, making
sure not to dig too deep into the buttercream, otherwise the cake will show and peek through. using your angled spatula, bring the lip of
frosting into the center of the cake, and make it as level as possible. then starting at the middle of the cake, repeat
the process on top, slowly moving your palette knife outward, and again, applying a gentle
amount of pressure. so there you have it, a super easy way to
transform your buttercream cakes. what i love most about this is that this technique
is so forgiving. So if you mess up, you can quickly go in with
your benchscraper, smooth it out, and start over. Let me know in the comments below if you like
this design, if you try it out, or if you want to see even more buttercream techniques
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