Cake Decorating: Organizing solution for cake artists! (2018)

Cake Decorating: Organizing solution for cake artists! (2018)

Hi my name is Shawna McGreevy and I run a
blog called McCreevy Cakes and I run an online cake school as well called Cake
Heads and when I first started learning the art of cake decorating I had so much
fun with it and I quickly realized that in order to create some of these amazing
cakes you need lots of tools it can get out of control because it’s fun to to to
get all the different things that you can use and in creating your
masterpieces so I had cake tools all over the house everywhere they were
everywhere and sometimes I didn’t even realize what I had anymore because I had
so much stuff so when I got the WorkBox it was just heaven on earth because it
was a place where I could consolidate everything that I had and I could
display it all in a beautiful way and I could also see what I had so that I
would know the tools that I had when I needed them and that was just a game
changer for me I’ve had my work box now for about two years still when I open up
my work box to this day I still have that overwhelming joy of having all my
stuff together organized neat tidy and beautiful and that’s everything about
the work box that I love is it’s a beautiful piece of furniture it’s solid
it’s sturdy and it looks great I love how it fits into my home but also
stores your stuff so beautifully and keeps it all organized for you I cannot
recommend it enough I love it it is a source of joy in my life
in fact I call my WorkBox Joy.

3 thoughts on “Cake Decorating: Organizing solution for cake artists! (2018)

  1. it's the workbox otherwise known as joy!! before tos began posting these amazing customer spotlight videos I used to watch and rewatch your original video tour – please do an updated one!

  2. Love my Workbooooooooooox!!! And totally in love with this company…you guys bring me so much joy! 😉 Xx

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