Cake Decorating Flowers Buttercream – Pansies for Spring Cake Designs

Cake Decorating Flowers Buttercream – Pansies for Spring Cake Designs

In this video I’m sharing how to make buttercream
Pansies for cake decorating. Hi I’m Lorelie Welcome to Wedding Cakes For
you Cake Tutorials. If you want to build your skills and confidence
to create beautiful cakes and memories click the subscribe button and ring the bell. You’ll need three piping bags filled with
green, yellow and purple buttercream. A 104, 103, 352 and a 2 or 3 round. Start with the green and a number 104 tip
to create a base for your flower. This part doesn’t have to look good. Just make four mounds or four petals. These will be mostly covered up. Use the yellow icing and a number 104 tip
for the next part. The wide end is down and stays almost stationary
as you squeeze the icing out and form a half circle, like a fan. Now with the purple frosting and the number
104 tip pipe quarter turns, little petals with the wide end down. You can overlap them for a more realistic
look, like I did here. The next step is to paint purple lines coming
out from the center using straight gel food coloring and a little paintbrush. Now pipe a second layer of slightly smaller
purple petals using the number 103. Now with a small round tip, a number 2 or
3 pipe little yellow dots in the center. For the final touch pipe some leaves using
a 352. I added a little bit of glitter and then frosted
the cake sides. If you want to create a rustic earthy look
like I did leave some rough edges at the top. And if you want to add some interest on the
side, you can use your spatula and go up and down with it as you turn the cake on the turntable. Toasted Almonds are such a beautiful organic
accent, and they also taste really good with cherry nut cake. Gold mixed with coconut extract looks amazing
on the edges. gives it a nice elegant touch. The best part of this cake is on the inside. Click the card in the video to go and get
this amazing recipe. Thanks so much for subscribing, liking, sharing
and commenting. And I’ll see you in the next video 🙂

7 thoughts on “Cake Decorating Flowers Buttercream – Pansies for Spring Cake Designs

  1. Good video for a beginner but also good refresher for pros. I don't pipe a lot so it's nice to see the basics again!

  2. The Cherry Nut Cake recipe is outstanding. SEROUSLY amazing cake. Here is the link to the recipe.

  3. Are you using a stiff consistency icing ? I am assuming your Italian buttercream recipe made as is in the recipe, would be ready to make these pansies? Am I right? Icing consistency is always tricky with flower making for me

  4. I started to bake almost a year now and tried to practice decorating for 3 months now.. watching this feels like school 😊
    New learning .. love it

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