Cake Decorating Flower Basket – Mothers Day Cake Tutorial

Cake Decorating Flower Basket – Mothers Day Cake Tutorial

26 thoughts on “Cake Decorating Flower Basket – Mothers Day Cake Tutorial

  1. HI ! MY name is crystal ,i really enjoyed watching you're tutorial,watch ypu before,but now you go in tp more details,im so glad you did ,i will keep watching and learning,im a new beginner,in cake decorating and im learning so much from your tutorials.God bless,and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY !!!

  2. Lorelie love the video! I do have a question, how much buttercream do you make in general for the decorating and covering of the cake? You always make everything look so easy, thank you for these great videos and inspiration.

  3. I love your cake.I think I will make this cake on my mom's birthday.
    thanks for these inspiration.

  4. Amazing. So, so glad I found you. I am just watching all your videos one by one. You are so talented and can't wait to see all your lovely creations. Xx

  5. I'm going to be making 100+ cupcakes soon, and will use these on top! I especially love the Hydrangea and the Dogwood! Thanks

  6. I know this video is a year old, but was wondering what colors you use for your leaves. I never like the color I get with leaf green.

  7. Great cake for Easter too. In the video I share how to pipe flowers right onto the cake, how to basketweave with chocolate ganache and pipe Tulips with a Russian Piping Tip.🌺

  8. Great video thank you.. Just wanted to.ask if im makeing a tiered cake could i use strawberry and cream inside if so do you have the recipe please thank you so.much

  9. That's really pretty, but wouldn't a basketweave tip be better than the round tip for the basket effect?

  10. Gorgeously done and super thorough explanations <3 Such a sweet idea plating it on a wooden board too, it matches the florals beautifully 😀

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