Buttercream Flowers Tutorial – Mums and Leaves

So today I’m going to share with you
these really pretty Mums that I made recently they’re white Mums with a kind
of a soft green Center and they’re really full. And then the leaves that go
with them are also really beautiful and they’re striped with green, they’re just
gorgeous. Okay let’s get started. Okay so we’re going to need two bags, I’m sorry
three bags, and we’re gonna have two bags though with the same Mum tip. So you want to get two of the Mum tips number 81, a bag with a large petal tip. This is for
the leaf, so you’re gonna make a leaf with this one. So we got the bags
prepared I’ve got my buttercream and I’m gonna color I need white, I need a light
green and I need a dark green. So I’ve got soft green and that’s for
the center of the chrysanthemum. I’ve got dark green which is for the edges of the
leaf and also the the center part of the leaf. Let’s fill up our bag. and now this bag is gonna have the light
green in it. And then the third bag is going to be
striped. Yeah so the dark gets striped on this side of the bag and then the white
goes in the center and light green goes here. So it’s actually got three stripes. Yeah there we go. Okay okay so you’re
going to need another bag actually, so there’s four pastry bags that you’re
going to need. This one has a round tip and you can use any round tip that you
want but you want to make a blob or mound of frosting with this. So you’re
going to end up with four pastry bags and you’re going to need some wax paper,
because we are going to freeze the Mums and you’re going to need a nail. First
thing you do, take your wax paper piece put a little bit of frosting on there,
attach the wax paper. So you’re going to start with just piping little petals.
Squeeze now touch, touch the surface of the blob, I don’t want to call it a blob.
let’s call it a mound. So we’re going to put pipe a little petal of the green
onto the mound. And how you do that, and you might want to practice this
separately, is squeeze touch, touch the surface of the mound, squeeze and pull up
a little bit and then release. I’m finding that the Italian meringue works
beautifully. So there’s the soft green center And I want to make this really really
full. The center, that’s probably good for the center. Then you just switch to the
white and you just continue doing that you don’t want to make them too long. And
these are side by side. They’re not overlapping. And then put it on a tray or a plate and
freeze it. You could just use the scissors and put it on your cake but
you’ll definitely wreck some of those petals. So I’m going to put it on a plate
very carefully, just like that and then I’m gonna put it in the freezer and it
doesn’t take that long to freeze. I’m going to give this like ten minutes. Now
I’m going to show you how to do the leaf So I’m going to freeze some of them and
I’m also going to pipe some on the cake. So basically what you’re going to do is
make a ruffle on this side and then you’re going to come down with another
ruffle on the other side. So I’m just gonna pipe one first and then I’ll
explain what I’m doing. That’s one side. And there’s the other side isn’t that
pretty? So the wide end is down, and I guess
that’s probably like a 45 degree angle. You’re gonna turn your rose nail to the
counterclockwise just a little bit. You don’t really need to move it a lot.
You’re going to start by squeezing until it comes out give it a little ruffle and
then you’re going to bring it around. So you’re going clockwise with your tip and
you’re going to just squeeze and then pull up and then release. That wasn’t
such a good one. Starting at the top you’re going to come down and do the
same thing. That’s just an okay one, but I wouldn’t throw that away because you
could definitely use it as a filler. These are going to take some practice. So you want to keep squeezing as you
pull to a point. So if you release too quickly then what happens is you don’t
get that point. This is a nice one. Now I’m going to go ahead and pipe some
on to my cake. Alright so I’m back and I’ve got my cake and I’m been thinking
about design and I think I really love dragees. And I’m just gonna take a
chance and I’m gonna cover the top of my cake with a variety of treasures and
I’ve got little tiny white ones, I’ve got medium-sized, and then a little bit of
gold just to add a little bit of sparkle and a little bit of crunch, because we’re
going to eat this later. And then I’ve got these cute little signs, I’m gonna
use one of these to go with the cake as well. So I went and I put my dark green
into a bag with the number 352 tip, because I’d like to have a variety
of kinds of leaves. So I’m gonna have those and then this one, whoops not that
one, where’d it go? This one the one that I
showed you earlier and I’m gonna pipe it, I’m gonna pipe a few directly on the
cake. But before I do that I’m going to use a little bit of my white buttercream
and just put a little bit of leverage so that I can pipe some leaves on top. And
I’m also going to do a half of the cake. I’m not going to do around the entire
cake . So the most of the flowers are going to be here it’ll be thicker and
then it’ll get thinner thinner thinner…. Okay so is this not one of the prettiest
cakes you’ve ever seen. Well I thank you so much for being here and watching and
I hope that you like my video. I just think it’s gorgeous, and if you think
it’s gorgeous, give me a thumbs up and if you liked the video leave me a comment
and let me know what you think and what you want to see next, cuz I love to hear
from you and I want to give you what you want so let me know and I’ll talk to you
soon. whoops Peter piper picked a peck of peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers okay I’m ready! Peter piper picked a peck of
pickled peppers. Peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

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