Buttercream Daffodils Tutorial – Italian Meringue Buttercream Flowers

Buttercream Daffodils Tutorial – Italian Meringue Buttercream Flowers

In this video I’m sharing how to pipe
beautiful buttercream daffodils onto cupcakes.
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These cupcakes are made with my buttermilk chocolate cake recipe. I’ll
leave a link for you at the end of the video. Then they’re coated with chocolate
ganache and gold glitter. Watch the daffodils being piped in real time and
then I’ll slow it down and talk you through. This is the tip number 123
Wilton and the buttercream is my Italian meringue buttercream recipe which is in
my Top 5 Buttercream Recipe book download at Wedding Cakes For You. com Squeeze out five mounds of buttercream.
These will support your petals. Holding the bag at a 45 degree angle
create two quarter circles to make a heart shape. Kind of like a fan. Repeat
that five times for the five petals. For the center hold the bag vertically
90 degrees and form a tube shape. You can squeeze out 1/3 of the circle at a time
if you like and then turn the cupcake and then do another third then turn the
cupcake again and do the final third. And now for the stamens, you want to use a
little tiny round hole which you can use either a tip or you can make your own
pastry bag, like I did here. And I do have a tutorial on that. I’ll leave a link for
you as well to end and also in the description box below the video. And
you’re gonna squeeze out a little bit of the yellow into the center, making a dot
and then pulling as you squeeze. And finally with a tip number 352 – you can
pipe some green leaves around the Daffodil to make it look more real as
well. And there you have it! A beautiful
buttercream Daffodil. If you do like my videos please subscribe and ring the
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See you in the next video.

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  1. I'm using Italian meringue buttercream to pipe the daffodils. Don't forget to get your FREE copy of MyTop Five Buttercream Recipes and Your Questions Answered e-Book at the website. The link is in the description box.

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