Buttercream Cake Decorating A Basket of Mums

Buttercream Cake Decorating A Basket of Mums

In this video I’m sharing how I make a
beautiful classic basket weave cake with buttercream Mums. So stay tuned. If you
haven’t already done so please take a moment to subscribe to Wedding Cakes For
You and click the notification bell so you won’t miss a thing. This is my
strawberry cake recipe which I make with crushed organic freeze-dried
strawberries and strawberry milk. I’ll put a link to that video for you. The
filling is my English lemon curd recipe and it goes beautifully with the
strawberry flavor. I’ll also put a link to that recipe. Pipe a dam around each
cake layer to ensure the filling stays in place. I piped a ring of buttercream
in the center as well to help keep the layers together, but that’s optional. Once
you have your layers together crumb coat them with lemon curd for extra lemon
flavor or you can do buttercream. Refrigerate or freeze at this point. Next
coat your cake with buttercream, enough to cover if you’re planning a basket
weaving, cover it well enough to hide the cake underneath. I’m not concerned about
the top edge because that will be covered with leaves borders and flowers.
I have a full tutorial on the basket weaving and I’ll link to that for you as
well. I prefer a star tip or sometimes a round tip for basket weaving. This bag is filled with moss green mixed
with a touch of leaf green and then striped with white. The tip is the number
125. I have a really detailed tutorial on making these types of leaves. I will put
that link in the video description below. The leaves are sort of random which
creates a wreath effect. Use a tip number 81 to create the Mums
and start with a mound of icing. I will link to my super detailed Mum video so
you can hear all the directions. These go into the freezer for at least
10 minutes. To make a plaque simply roll out fondant that has been mixed with a
little tylose powder cut it and let it dry overnight. I used wilton food writers
and then decorated the edges with buttercream and a tiny rose. Pipe some
buttercream to attach the frozen flowers to the cake. I felt I needed more leave so I made
some on wax paper and froze them. That way you can place them easily around. I
love this little plaque I think it’s so cute. I hope you enjoyed this basket of
buttercream mum’s cake video. Check out all the links below and at the end of
the video. You can go to my website to learn more about Wedding Cakes with
Lorelie Step-by-Step and to get a free download if you join my E-zine. Thanks for
watching and see you next week ๐Ÿ™‚

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