Bunny cake topper | Easter Cake topper | How to tutorial 🐝

Hey happy bees its amanda and today we are
going to make this cute little easter bunny rabbit together I made this using renshaw
modelling paste you can find links in the description below for everything you need
to make your own easter cake topper so we are creating the body first and ive rolled
my modeeling paste into a teardrop shape ive used my fingers to create a little round tummy
ive used a quilting tool to create a line down the middle and now im inserting a cocktail
stick to give it some support ive created two skinny legs and now we are
going to create some big paws for our easter bunny rabbit use a cake modelling tool or
even a cocktail stick to create some lines and indentations ive done this on the paws
legs and body going to create some paw prints using some renshaw baby pink fondant take
a small piece of fondant roll it into a ball push your finger down and flatten out a bit
stick onto the bottom part of the foot and do the same with three smaller pieces of fondant
and stick those onto the top of the paw in a upside down v shape use a ball tool to create
two little indentations on the bottom half of your bunny cake topper which will make
the legs easier to slide in place easter bunny legs on and if you need to trim them work
away ive placed a cocktail stick inside the legs to give them some support because the
paws are so big and heavy now its time to make a cute little face for our easter
bunny rabbit roll some modelling paste into a teardrop shape create a mouth with this
cake decorating tool give your bunny rabbit a cute pink nose and im using this tool to
create two circles and then i am using the pointed bit to make the eyes into teardrop
shapes taking some baby blue fondant now roll into
a teardrop shape as well place that inside the eye sockets do the same with black fondant
and place on top dont forget to create catchlights with some
white edible paint and some little eyelashes with black edible paint if your enjoying this
easter cake decorating tutorial you can see some more easter cake decorating ideas by
clicking on the link above time to create some big bunny rabbit ears now roll out your
modelling paste into a flat shape and pinch at either side shape it so that it looks more
easter bunny ear like dont forget to create those indentations create the arms the same
way you created the legs just a snake piece of fondant cut in half now its time to stick
our arms and ears on and I created some eyebrows for our bunny at this point I hope you had
fun following along with me and making your own easter bunny rabbit if you did I would
love for you to subscribe and become part of the happy bee cakes family ill see you
next week bye guys!

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