BLIND(folded) CAKE DECORATING CONTEST (with Molly Burke) // Grace Helbig

BLIND(folded) CAKE DECORATING CONTEST (with Molly Burke) // Grace Helbig

G: It’s happening. G: Hi guys, my name is Grace Helbig, if you did not know, now you know. Your life is different now. Look who’s here! It’s Molly Burke. G: She has transplanted to Los Angeles from the lovely Toronto, Canada, and I’m so happy that you’re here. Literally we’re in her — M: this is the first time- M: Time I am ever filming in this apartment, and you are here with me to do it. G: Yay, we have a really fun challenge today. We are going to be decorating cakes: blind! G: I mean you’re gonna be doing that anyway. M: I decorate every cake blind and when I say I decorate every cake blind. I don’t decorate cakes. M: So it really- even though I’m blind and live every day without sight. It’s still going to be a challenge for me G: I have sight and this is going to be bad I’ve actually done this one time before with my friend Mitchell, and it did not go very well Mitchell: Okay, well my hand is in the — the stuff. G: Oh you’re using your hands? Mitchell: Are we not supposed to? G: You can, I didn’t realize that would be an option I’m just trying to get the least amount. Mitchell: How, how? Mitchell: She’s getting foundation on the — she’s got a lot of- her skin’s bad. G: You only have to cover the top of the cake. We don’t do the side. Mitchell: Wait, what’re mine? G: Just the top. Mitchell: Oh, it’s just the top. Then- where am I check me? G: Mouth Mitchell: So I’m good? G: Did I do a mouth? Can I move on to eyes? Mitchell: Is that enough? Mouth? G: Hey, where’s my other one! G: Where’s the eyes? G: Where did the cake go? G: Did I get eyes? G: Did I get- am I done? Mitchell: Am I done? G: Am I done yet? Mitchell: What am I supposed to be feeling? G: Your cheeks and lips are the same colour! Mitchell: Cheeks, cheeks. G: Am I done? Am I done? Mitchell: NO, I’M DONE! Mitchell: Come on! Mitchell: Yeah, I was done at the same time. M: I’m really interested to see what goes down here. G: I got here and Molly and her mom had already made these funfetti cakes for us to decorate, so you guys have already gone above and beyond. We have a bunch of different cake decorating apparatus. M: So many options! G: And not only did they make cakes they made funfetti cakes. M: Always the funfetti. I feel like the icing is honestly gonna be the most struggle. G: And well we have knives. That’s good Okay, what have we decorated cake for each other? M: Aw… G: Cause we’re sweet. M: And then we eat them. G: Oh yeah, that’s my favorite part of this game. This is just all a big ruse to get the cake eating part of it. I say let’s do like five minutes. M: I think it’s gonna take me five minutes just to ice this. And I’m gonna put the blindfold on myself as well. Just so that nobody can be like she’s sighted. G: Right. M: She cheated. G: There’s all these conspiracy theorists out there that really think Molly is sighted. M: Which is hilarious. G: Go f*ck yourselves. M: Thank you, Delta. G: Oh, are these Delta- M: My delta flight is providing us with blindfolds. G: Oh my god, not advertised, not sponsored, but I mean reach out Delta. M: We’re open to it. We’re gonna have to open these. M: Okay, and there is a napkin if you need it. I feel like hands are gonna be really involved with the icing. G: Hands are a utensil, right? M: I hope you washed your hands, because I’m not eating that cake you haven’t. G: Mom, are we set? Molly’s mom: Go! M: Oh, I love with the spoon. G: Oh, and it’s gonna devolve into hands immediately. I’m sorry that I’m gonna destroy your kitchen. M: Okay, there’s a nice like clean new carpet below me. G: I feel like my cake is really becoming beautiful. M: I’m glad you’re confident in yours. G: Yeah… M: I don’t have much of it at this moment. G: If anything my hands have gone for a makeover. M: I’m not bothering icing the edges. G: We haven’t got time for that. M: We have so many options for decorations, which is great. M: Oh, I had a plan for what I wanted the edges to look like and it’s gone awry already. G: I want to say I had a plan, but I didn’t. M: My hands are so icing-y. G: I think this is happening. I have some concepts in my mind, but I have a feeling it’s not translating correctly. Let’s see where our other treats- Haha. M: Yeah gummy bears were an option. I’m not sure why M: Breaking my brand-new bowl. G: Haha. M: You know I’m left-handed. Which is what you biggest issue here. G: Like, I’m blind but my left handedness is stopping me. G: Okay, I feel like my cake is coming to an end in terms of its decorating decoration. M: I’m almost done, I’m just gonna attempt to write. G: Oh god bless. M: Which is going to be the real downfall. G: I- know that mine has not gone the way that I would have wanted it to, but art is not for interpretation. It smells amazing in here by the way. M: It smells like a lot of funfetti. M: I’m gonna say my fingers are sticky enough. G: Yeah. M: And I think that I’m done. G: Okay, I’m gonna say I’m done too. M: The reveal. *suspense music* G: Wow. Wow, yours is so pretty. M: It’s supposed to say smile. I don’t know if it wrote anything. G: Um, it definitely doesn’t say anything. You can see the attempt to write smile. M: Okay. G: But there is a dog hair in it. M: That really is the epitome of my life. I have a guide dog his name is Gallop. He’s like this big black dog. Everywhere I go he stands on my left side guiding me, all the time I just have hair all over me left side. G: You just gotta wear black pants all day. M: Not my aesthetic. G: Not my aesthetic! G: Well, speaking of Gallop, my cake is a tribute to Gallop. It was supposed to be a dog shape on here, but it’s kind of like a Warshak- M: What did you make the dog shape out of? G: Every candy I could get my grubby hands on. I started to try and draw it with some cake icing, but I felt like that wasn’t going well. So I tried to make a dog shape with all of the candy. It looks kind of like a butterfly. M: Did you just kind of like throw them on and then try to mold it. G: Yeah… M: Is that the technique? G: Yeah, it looks a little bit like a butterfly, a little bit like a crude penis. Maybe a little bit like the letter I, kind of. It’s not good. M: Well here I have a smiley face, cause you make everybody smile and laugh. G: Aw god bless. M: And then you have such a colorful personality, so we did the colors. G: Yeah, you really nailed it. Yours looks like it’s actually really well done. M: And then it was supposed to say smile. That was gonna be like the finishing touch. G: It’s the thought that counts. Give us some comments down below which cake did you love, which cake did you hate, you guys gonna tell us all those things anyway. M: Would you- they’re probably gonna be like I’m not gonna eat either of them because they’re nasty. They had theit hands all over them. G: Oh yeah, I’d definitely pick out for like 10 minutes when I got here and then just put my hands in icing and put it on a cake, so… This was really fun. I feel a domestic af, like a domestic goddess. M: I feel like a housewife. G: If you guys haven’t already go check out Molly’s channel. We’re doing another thing I’m terrible at. Identifying odors over on her channel, so go check that out, the link will be in description box below. But go check out all of Molly’s videos. She’s super sweet, really funny and just an overall breath of fresh air. M: Oh… Thank you. G: Thank you. Um. We’ll see you guys next time. I don’t know. How do you barely have any icing on your hands? M: Um I used the napkin that we provided. G: Oh, no. I’m just a trash monster. I went full out. M: I- I utilized this to its fullest potential. G: Yeah, I’m like what’s a napkin. What does that do? I don’t know.

100 thoughts on “BLIND(folded) CAKE DECORATING CONTEST (with Molly Burke) // Grace Helbig

  1. At some point all I could think was "how is Grace gonna take that blindfold off" and it really was a precious robot malfunction moment.ย ๐Ÿ˜‚

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  3. blindfolded Cookie Decorating contest would be very harder , I guess they don't need to be blindfolded for that contest, It was fun not delicious though ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Like for cookie contest

  4. I just sorta feel like maybe Grace would decorate her cake like that even without the blind fold…you know….for the sake of being unique, or something.

  5. I like grace but 150k views in over 24 hours and #16 on trending??? Why u got to cheat your way to fame grace it's like buying views it's not legit

  6. how do you think a blind person would feel about this, this is their normal life and youre pretending to be like them. thats like pretending to be asian by squinting and yelling "CHING CHANG CHONG"

  7. You can tell molly really is blind because she is so aware about what she is doing and made a good cake. Meanwhile Grace, who has never been blind, made that abomination.

  8. 2:15

    It's stuck to her face!

  9. Hey Grace Helbig, you're totally fuckin' awesome for having Molly on your channel and helping to promote her channel. * Here's some karma…*Liked&Subscribed ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. They're like complete opposites. She's all like idk idc and the other girls like all trying to be all cheese smile show the prouducts like a makeup artist

  11. I think Molly tried to actually decorate hers. I think you were running in race mode just to get something on there. Fun! Iโ€™d like to do this sometime

  12. What saddens me is you both took the blindfolds off but Molly still couldn't see and I dunno why but I forgot she couldn't so I kinda expected her to be all shocked and yeah

  13. I can't believe I never saw this! I think I didn't realise Molly was actually blind so I wasn't interested

  14. Why I randomly notice the height difference between the two while they are struggling to decorate a cake…

  15. +graciehinabox Surprise tag! :-O +MollyBurkeOfficial has appeared on a +RosannaPansino vid:
    and I couldn't help quoting your "===NewPersonNewPersonNewPerson===" call from the Q & A Playlist when I posted my Comment the vid cited. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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