Beth’s Apple Spice Cake Recipe

– Hey guys, today I’m gonna share with you a really beautiful
dessert idea for the fall, it is my apple molasses spice
cake, I love this dessert, because it is just the picture of fall with those beautiful dehydrated apples, which are so simple to make, I’m gonna show you how to do that and of course, the delicious
spice cake underneath, topped with a cream cheese glaze, it is a winner in every little bite, let me show you how to put it together. So the first thing we’re gonna do is prep our dehydrated
apples, so to do that, it’s super simple, we’re
just gonna take two apples, you really can use any variety you like, I’m using the Honeycrisps, just because they’re my favorite
variety this time of year, but you can use whatever you like. We’re gonna slice the
apples on their side, so basically horizontally and you wanna slice them as
thin as you possibly can, because the thinner you slice them, the more that they’ll kind
of curl up in the oven and create these really
nice decorative edges, if you cut them too thick,
they’ll still dehydrate and they’ll be great, but
they’ll just kind of lay there, so you’ll probably get more
apples, than you’ll need, I typically like to garnish with anywhere from seven to eight slices,
so I will cut them all and then use the best ones,
the ones that are the thinnest and then save the rest for lunchboxes. So you wanna place these apples on a large baking sheet
with some parchment paper, making sure that they’re
all in a single layer and then you’re going to place in a 200 degree oven for two hours, I know, this is what takes
the majority of the time, but you can do this
when you’re just hanging around the house, cleaning
up, it’s really not that hard, you just need a good two-hour span, then at the one hour mark, you wanna go in and flip the apples, so that they start to
cook on the other side and then after two hours is
up, you can turn the oven off and then just leave that
oven door open a crack and let them cool down that way, it’ll just help them dry up even more. Then once they’re done,
you can take them out and just leave them on your countertop, until it comes time to
serve, they’re perfectly fine just sitting out there
at room temperature. Then you wanna pick
your favorite bundt pan, I’m using this design
that’s called a crown design by Nordic Ware, I’ll leave
you a link in the description, if you want the same one, I
really like these bundt pans, I think they’re heavy duty
and really high quality. So once you spray the pan, you then wanna go in with a pastry brush and just make sure you get all the nooks and crannies in between, because that’s where a
bundt cake can really stick and I’m using the baking spray, that has a little flour in it too, which I think also helps and in a large bowl, we’re going to add one and a half cups of light brown sugar, three-quarters cup of vegetable oil, you could also use melted butter, but I find the vegetable
oil, because it’s a pure fat, will give you a cake that’s
a little bit more moist. Here’s the helpful hint, after you pour in the vegetable oil, don’t clean out your measuring cup, because this works really well, when you go to pour the molasses, ’cause we’re gonna need
a quarter cup of molasses and it’s really sticky and what ends up happening is
when you pour in the molasses, because you have that
vegetable oil in the pitcher, it’ll just slide right out. Now, if you live outside of the States and you’re like, “What’s molasses?” I think you guys in the UK
call it treacle, trecle? I never know how to pronounce it, so let me know on the Comments, how do you pronounce it, is it treacle? I think it’s treacle. Then we’re also going to add four eggs, it does take a lot of eggs, but that does make this cake very light and will give it a nice height, then we’re also gonna add a half a cup of unsweetened apple sauce, one teaspoon of vanilla extract
and a half a cup of water, go ahead and just whisk that all up, until everything is nice and combined, it does take a little bit of whisking, ’cause you’ve got that brown
sugar and the molasses, which is pretty sticky. Now we can mix our dry ingredients, so in a large bowl, we’re going to add two cups of all purpose flour, two teaspoons of baking powder
and one teaspoon of salt and then we’re gonna
add a bunch of spices, so at this time of year,
I love a great spice cake, it’s just so warming and reminds me of the holidays, that are coming and here’s the combination
that I like best, one and a half teaspoons
of ground cinnamon, one and a half teaspoons of ground ginger, half a teaspoon of ground cloves and a half a teaspoon of ground nutmeg and then you can stir that all up and then we’re going to
slowly add our dry ingredients to our wet ingredients, just in thirds, whisking very gently in
between each addition and there we go, our batter
is ready for our bundt pan, so now we’re slowly going to
pour the batter in the pan, once it’s all in there,
just kind of level it out and tap it down on the counter, that’ll release any of the air
bubbles, that might be in it and then you are going to
bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 35 to 40 minutes,
you’ll know that it’s done, when it’s rising up and
starts to crack a bit and one of the things I really recommend, especially any time you’re
baking something in a bundt pan is to see that it’s done
with a large skewer, so don’t try just a toothpick, because oftentimes these
bundt pans are so deep, that you really need a skewer to make sure it’s baked
all the way through, then you can take it out and allow it cool really completely, you don’t wanna release it too quickly or it could crumble, as this cake cools, it starts to firm up and will have more structure to it and I find the best way
to release a bundt cake is to take a sharp knife, preferably one that
doesn’t have serrated edges and just loosen it gently
around the perimeter, then take a cooling
rack, place that on top and then flip the whole thing and then you can lightly jiggle the pan and you can start to feel it coming loose and then you can release
it and there you go, a beautiful looking spice cake, doesn’t that look festive? Okay, so now let’s decorate
this beautiful cake. So we’re gonna take a quarter
cup of whipped cream cheese, to that you’re gonna add a
tablespoon of powdered sugar and one teaspoon of vanilla extract, you can go ahead and whisk that up, until it’s nice and smooth
and then we are going to add anywhere from one to
three tablespoons of milk, I say that because whipped cream cheese really varies from brand to brand, sometimes it can be very light and sometimes it can be very dense, so start with a tablespoon
and if that’s not enough, go to two or go to three, if you need to, but we’re basically looking for a pourable cream cheese frosting, so however amount of
milk that takes for you is where you wanna go with it, I like to just frost it
just on the tippy top, ’cause I think it looks pretty that way, but you could double this
recipe and do the whole cake, if you wanted to (laughs) and then you’re going to top with those beautiful dehydrated apples and see you’ll start to have a really beautiful fall cake emerge and when you slice into this cake, you will see how moist and delicious it is and in every slice you get that delicious, moist spice cake underneath, a little bit of that cream cheese frosting and of course, a dehydrated apple. This would be a real
winner for thanksgiving or even for Christmas, that’s coming up. Subscribe for more quick and easy recipes and I’ll see you back here
next week with another one, until then, bye. ♫ Mister, mister, don’t treat me so unkind ♫ Mister, mister, or I’d be so inclined ♫ To shut you out and cut
you loose without any regrets ♫ To shut you out and cut you
loose, I’m hedging my bets ♫ Oh oh oh, won’t you
come on, give me more

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