Best Pancakes In NYC | Delish Does

Best Pancakes In NYC | Delish Does

(jazz band) – You guys, I am at Sunday
in Brooklyn in Williamsburg, and we are here to try
their infamous pancakes. Seriously, if you go to their Instagram, and you scroll, it’s like,
pancake, pancake, pancake. How you doing? You ready for pancakes? I think I just spit all over! (giggles) Pancakes! What is in here?
– We have all-purpose flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, salt. The thing that makes ours
a little bit different is a little toasted malt powder. Now we’re gonna add the eggs.
– I’m the muscles of the operation.
– Yup, so she’s gonna start mixing with the whisk; now I’m going to start adding the buttermilk. – Please, it’s getting hard. This is definitely arm day for me. Do you see people just
like, take them down or are there leftovers ever?
– Oh no, people usually cannot finish them. – Really?
– They take their Instagram picture and then maybe
take a couple of bites. – Okay, this is a moment where like, you’re making something with your mom and then it gets hard,
so you pass the baton. So I’m gonna push it up.
– It’s actually almost there. – It’s almost flip time?
– Mm hmm. – Okay, honestly I feel it in my arm and I barely did anything;
does it look different? (elevator music) – Oh yeah, pancakes, pancakes.
– We’re gonna walk over to the stove top, and we
will cook the pancakes in the cutest little
pans you’ve ever seen. – Let me help you with that, hello, hi! Alright, where am I going? (sizzling) – Okay, I going to throw these in here. They’re so tiny because the pancakes, we want them up, not out? The pancakes here aren’t
your normal pancakes. Chefs pour a ton of batter
into one tiny pan, so the pancakes don’t spread: they
become thicker and taller. They also take forever to cook this way, almost 20 torturous minutes. So I just put this whole thing, oh yeah! Did I just pass culinary school? – Uh, yeah, don’t touch that.
– You’re messing me up! Go watch pancake never, pancakes? – Would you like to make the syrup that goes on top?
– Yeah! Hazelnuts, they smell insane;
I’m nervous that they’ll… – Perfect!
– That was very satisfying. (blending) – I wish you could smell
this right now, it’s insane. She tells me they’re not
ready, but like, baby! No bubbles. It’s getting buttery.
– Now, for the squares that go right on top of the pancakes. – You had such a cooking show
voice there for a second. Hello, now let’s get to the squares. – I’ve actually pre-browned butter. – I’m too lazy to do that; whenever a recipe calls for it I’m like, “Ugh!” – And now we just put this in
the fridge, and then it would set, and then we would cut
it into little squares. You see these bubbles here;
it means we’re ready to go. First, you’re going to make
sure it’s not sticking to the pan, so you’re gonna kinda
go all the way underneath it. Your right hand is going
to flip while this hand is gonna kinda like, catch it basically. It’s not hard.
– Whoa! What happens if mine
doesn’t land in the pan? – Um, then we would…
– Should I run? (elevator music) I’m legitimately nervous right now. Twirly, oh yeah, oh yeah, so I go? – There you go!
– I did it! I would argue that’s a perfect pancake. This isn’t looking good, okay. – I can’t do it, it’s horrible! – Um, let’s go back
and check on the sauce. – Okay, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
– It’s okay. – Look at that! What a transformation story. It’s the syrup that makes
these pancakes so expensive. A short stack costs 18
bucks. (cashier ching) All those hazelnuts are not cheap. Is that all that goes into this? – That’s it.
– It’s magic sauce. – And then we just throw in a
little salt, but that’s all. – Let’s do it, let’s add that salt. I’m the Saltess, the Queen of Salt. Salt…salterator, uh, salt is here! Salt’s here, okay.
– Now I’m just going to throw in a little salt. – Okay.
– And it’s finished! – It’s finished. (chill house music) The design in here is just
as pretty as the food, which is what a really stuffy
review would say of the place, but I’m going to say it’s a
gorgeous plate, look at it! Are you ready, are you ready? You ready? – I have stacked your pancakes. – I just got distracted by
a burger that walked by. It’s insane, but back to pancakes. – Pancakes.
– Can I be anal and just like.
– Please. – Pop those off, can I eat them, can I? Oh my God, I just had
the crispy burnt bits of the pancake and I’m
already freaking out. – Now we pour the syrup on top. – All of it?
– Uh, I wouldn’t go all of it. (chill house music) – [Camera Woman] Okay, so thoughts. – I just blacked out a little bit. It’s like, thicker than
regular maple syrup. So I feel like it’s just
gonna stick to my bones, which I really need in
this cold winter weather. Oh, uh-oh, and now this is the magic part that people don’t always get to see. – We’re gonna torch it.
(Hallelujah Chorus) – I’m gonna take them.
– Okay. – I’m leaving you now.
(Hallelujah Chorus) I’m really hungry, so let’s go for it. I’m gonna cut it like
cake, ’cause it basically has enough sugar to be considered that. Mmm, oh my God.
(jazz band) This syrup, the hazelnuts in
them stay a little bit crunchy. I want like, all of it, like every. Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh;
this is on another level. The pancakes are insanely soft and fluffy. I have no complaints, this 100%
lives up to the expectations Instagram, you got it right, God! Did it again, dead, dead,
back to life, four more. You wouldn’t mind leaving me to be with my pancakes, I’d appreciate that now. Remember to subscribe
to Delish on YouTube, and I’ll see ya next time! Bye! (jazz band)

28 thoughts on “Best Pancakes In NYC | Delish Does

  1. The host was trying to genuinely be personable but it comes off really annoying to me…the sous chef seemed annoyed at certain points too. Maybe she'll get better

  2. Wearing no gloves, no apron, no hair net…..I hope that's not served to.any other customers. If not, waste of food. If so, risking contaminated food.

  3. This is the type of bimbo you never marry or even invest a dollat on! Lol!!! Now the chef! She definitely is the type of woman you date and marry,🤣

  4. why do so many NY pancakes look like overly thick flying saucers? Thank goodness Clinton St. Baking Co. knows how to make em.

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