Best Chocolate Cake in Singapore | Taste Testers | EP 59

Best Chocolate Cake in Singapore | Taste Testers | EP 59

Oh my god that looks so good! Okay the next cake! I love chocolate cake. Eee stop it ew. Chocolate cake! Hi guys! Hi!
Hello! Hi! Do you guys love chocolate? Yes! What are your favourite chocolate desserts? Chocolate lava cake. Yes that is the best! With an ice cream! Yes.
Oh so good! I also like Awfully Chocolate’s chocolate banana (cake). Awfully Chocolate cannot go wrong. That’s my favourite chocolate place actually. Coco Exotic. Four Seasons (*Four Leaves) The one that everybody buys for birthdays. My first birthday cake was Lana Cake. Then my 21st birthday cake was also Lana Cake. Wah Lana Cake is just… I like chocolate cake. Must be moist. Must be dark chocolate. Must be rich. Cannot have fruits inside. Fudgey. I don’t like dry chocolate cakes. I like hazelnut with chocolate. So if the cake has hazelnut in the chocolate, I’m good. For me it’s like — There’s chocolate, there’s cake. Oh my god look at that! This looks so good. Oh damn look at the top layer.
This is Awfully Chocolate. Yah I’m quite sure this is Awfully Chocolate. Ohhh it smells like chocolate cake that I love! I can already imagine how this would taste. It smells really rich. You can tell that the sponge is moist also, it doesn’t look very dry. And then there’s like… It’s wobbly. There’s a nice jiggle to it. Which is the hallmark of any good chocolate cake. Okay can eat. The tip is the best part. Shiok sia! It’s very thick and creamy. Yah I’m 90% sure this is Awfully Chocolate. Awfully Chocolate! It doesn’t feel very heavy. There’s a lightness to it. I’m not (feeling) jelak yet so… I think that the best part of this is really the fudge. It’s very consistent throughout. I also like that the cake is not too sweet. Yes so you can eat a lot of it. That looks so good! This looks… Ohhh!
Oh my god! This looks like… Perfect eh! Look at that… Look at that! Is there hazelnut in this? Yah this looks like there’s hazelnut praline inside. It smells sweeter. You can really smell the milk chocolate. Stiff cake compared to the previous one. I love you. The top is the best part. There’re so many layers to this cake Previous cake there was just one taste. This is what I mean by heavy chocolate cake. Because there’s two layers inside that’s very creamy. I feel like the chocolate that they use — they use a few different types. I’m trying to understand what the top part is. I feel like there’s a chocolate sweet that tastes like this. Oh I know! Werther’s Original! I was about to say caramel. Yeah. There’s a bit of caramel in this. This looks very very very very dry. Wah! What is this? It looks like it didn’t come here to play. It came here to slay. That’s one fierce chocolate cake. The sponge okay la, it’s not that dry. It’s quite springy so, it’s not at moist as the Awfully Chocolate Cake. Oh very soft. It tastes like the Cold Storage cake. The cake itself, the sponge part is not that There’s this other taste to it. You like? No. The chocolate leaves a bit of oily aftertaste. I think it looks nicer than it tastes. Okay la it’s just like a normal cake. Yah it’s normal cake lor. Oh so fancy! That chocolate on top looks rich. Wah this one I confirm don’t like. Oh my god. Oh Nic. Cannot have fruits inside. I feel like chocolate cakes need to be a bit ugly. The top and the last layers are actually a bit harder. So there’ll be a bit of a crunch. There’s a base layer. So I suspect it should be hazelnut praline. I know what this is. This is Coco Exotic. I love it, okay? I think the first two were much better. But I have very cheap taste. You can tell that it’s not as expensively made. But it has a very common man taste to it. I may be bias because there’s hazelnut in this. There’s cream but because there’s hazelnut, so it balances out the heaviness of the cream to it. Wah this one looks promising eh. Eh this one like the Awfully Chocolate — it also wobbles. This looks like Awfully Chocolate. Okay it’s not Awfully Chocolate. For a moment I thought this was the same cake as the first one. Yah it looks like the first cake. But the first one look darker. Are y’all bamboozling us? No the first one had… Oi why you touch it?! I touched the cake! The smell of the chocolate is very different from the first one. This one smells a lot sweeter. So I feel like they used a milkier chocolate. Wow it’s dark chocolate. Wah promising. Promising. This is probably the only one that I’ll get sick of. Very very heavy. Very heavy. Really coats your entire mouth. But I think it’s still a good chocolate cake because this is what a chocolate cake should be. This tastes like the first cake. But I prefer the first cake. This is like the younger sibling of the first cake. They’re very similar. Like “I wanna be just like you.” But it doesn’t taste the same as the first one. Looks similar but very different. Always like that one eh! Everytime, every episode when I’m confident, then always wrong! Then like… Please don’t tell me the last…
Why do I even bother?! At least I got one right. I feel like Choc.a.bloc threw everything off because I never heard of them before. Wait is the last one Awfully Chocolate? Yes. Aiyo Awfully Chocolate why? I think the Four Leaves one was the most expected because usually those kind of bakeries, they like to — they act atas. Yah it looks very nice, very pretty. Then you can imagine it in the little box. I feel like I’ve let my family down. I feel like I let my mother, father, grandmother, grandfather down. When I ORD-ed from NS, I bought the Four Leaves cake for myself and then I made my family sing a “Happy ORD to you” song for me. The first one. But Coco Exotic would be my go-to cake. The Choc.a.bloc. Yah actually the Choc.a.bloc. one, I am a bit ashamed that I have not tried it until today. It’s chocolatey perfection. It’s not jelak, it wobbles, it’s moist. Chocolate Origin. It had a little extra touch to it. Like they added a few more special ingredients. It’s not pure chocolate la. Yah so I think that added a very nice blend to it.

55 thoughts on “Best Chocolate Cake in Singapore | Taste Testers | EP 59

  1. I think i've never seen Chris THATTTTTTTTT happy hahaha. tbh i would too. I love chocolate cakes!!!!!!! choco origin is gooood

  2. Summary:
    a) Choc.A.Bloc is well balanced
    b) Chocolate Origin a caramel tint
    c) Lana is meh
    d) Four Leaves for the hazelnut kick
    e) Awfully Chocolate for the chocolate kick

  3. i hope i’m not being weird but i saw wen chiang on a date on friday (june 15) at the h&m in orchard and like i didnt wanna say hi cos awk but like yeaaaaaaaaaaaH he was holding a bb-8

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