Best Advice You’ve Received | 0-100

-The best advice I could give… take care of your children. -Listen and learn and be nice. -Treat people
how you want to be treated. -Trust your heart and follow it. -Just be myself, honestly,
and don’t care what people say. -You will succeed in life by keeping your eyes
and your ears open. -Don’t, like, give up. -Finish what you do. -You create your own destiny. -If you want something
in this life, if you want it bad enough,
you’ll get it. -At the end of the day, I mean, you have yourself,
and that’s it. -An intelligent mind
is never bored. -Plan “B” distracts
from Plan “A.” -Be a leader, not a follower. -When you get a cheeseburger
at a restaurant, make sure you say I want
cheese and meat and a bun. -Make friends with the chef. -I think a lot of people
don’t realize how many opportunities
they’re given on a daily basis and to really go after
those things. -You’re not above any job. -Stay out of my way. -When something’s happening
or you’re talking to someone, and you go, “You know,
that doesn’t feel right. That doesn’t sound right,”
trust that little, inner voice. -The best advice I’ve ever
gotten is from my parents, which is “Get comfortable
being uncomfortable.” -Let go or get dragged. -Go get lost.
-Keep moving. -Life is short.
[ Laughs ] -Don’t worry about it. There’s nothing,
no problem right now, that’s gonna be that big in like
a week, a month, a year. -You’re never gonna spend
your last day on Earth wondering why you did something,
but why you didn’t. -You could come up
with 2 million reasons not to do anything, but you only
need 1 reason to do something. -If you find yourself
thinking something or believing something,
think of the opposite, and see if that is
just as compelling. -I’d say it’s easier
to give support than it is to pick somebody up
off the floor. -My friend who is in fifth grade
with me started liking girls. I have no idea why. But he asked me
if he should ask them out, and I said, “Follow your heart.” -Don’t ever fit
into anyone’s mold. -Keep everything positive
in your life. -That positive energy
will always attract
positive circumstances. -What you perceive
yourself to be, become. -You may as well be yourself because all the others
are already taken. -The interesting thing is, and as you probably
already know, is we give the best advice
to other people, as opposed to
taking it for ourselves.

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