Beauty Lover Vs. Artist • Mythological Creature Makeup Challenge

Beauty Lover Vs. Artist • Mythological Creature Makeup Challenge

Wow I feel hello I’m Chloe and I am a makeup lover hi I’m Suzy and I’m an artist I definitely am NOT an expert by any means but I do just love makeup and love trying out new things I’m a visual artist paint I sculpt I sketch I would probably say my style is kind of pop art but with like a hint of eroticism so today we’re gonna be doing a makeup challenge we don’t know what the theme is yet that’s really fun yeah I’m nervous I’m not artists next to me oh okay I love that idea I want to do a winged unicorn because I want specifically the wings in there I’m doing a cyclize oh yeah that’s so cool are you ready I’m ready I feel nervous but I’m ready yeah I don’t really know what I’m gonna do yet but we can think as we go right I think just because unicorns are white I’m gonna do like a make my pet face paler I don’t know what I’m doing after that that’s all I know oh my god my eyes watering I’m using lip pencil on my eye and it is not working and I need it to stop Oh God oh but it looks gay you know like your eye on the W oh cool I got a start again on this bit that was a vision that was in my head and didn’t come out correctly onto the canvas I mean I’m just not exactly sure what direction I’m going in now I might have to do something more than just the eye it’s not giving me full-on mythical Cyclops vibes I’m now back to square one part with the problem is I don’t know what at one I’m just trying to put lots of colors on there because unicorns I feel like a rainbow colors [Music] yeah we have very different looks it’s quite funny why it’s just like an explosion of glitter I mean you can’t go wrong with an explosion of whatever so started off as a cyclops now I’m like oh I’m gonna do glamour Cyclops so she got some glitter on her eyelid I keep making stuff up as a girl along I just want even more stuff so I just drew like a rainbow of my head because unicorns remind me of like rainbows and glitter but then I just added this white because I thought that it was too rainbow colors and not enough like cream white colors so now I put this around my Thailand it’s got a bit wrong here so I’m just gonna blitter over it [Music] I randomly decided to throw a corn on my forehead we’re gonna kill a unicorn enough they call it corn because it’s not a unicorn unicorn I just put it with a corn if you sit on his own maybe I’m wrong I think I need a third eye Wow eyelash oh my god I’ve never seen eyelashes sticking out someone’s forehead that’s pretty great I’m pretty impressed I love it I don’t know how I feel about this stupid corn line drawing I think I’ve ruined everything oh no it’s cute on somebody – yeah it’s very good horn corn corn horns very good corn it’s not the best shape this is scary I know if I can make it wink I love your eyelashes more than anything in the world I think I’m done I think we know our sons love yours is very like stylish like you could wear that out the be acceptable my little frightening to eye is just incredible I love it so much it was definitely harder I’m used to working on other people or like on a canvas that I can like turn what I thought like winged unicorn all I thought was wings on my eyes like that’s the only thing I thought of and then I was like all right now there are things like else so then I just like continued it and then I was like well now that a lot of unicorns that add the corn oh wow I didn’t even notice your third eye with the lashes incredible Wow a lot of details okay and you got the long tongue in the fangs I’m gonna peek over here you are a unicorn a winged Tunica wings you know I see the wings very nice you both did the shine marks very well oh you kept it like a makeup look with a lip you also have a lip though so I can’t even say that you didn’t do that your lip is frightening but your character is frightening and I think you nailed it and I like the extra long lashes on you as well it’s gonna be really hard it’s honestly just coming down to which mythological creature in my life I like better this is not a comment on your artistry because it is amazing and I couldn’t do it I’m going with a unicorn just because I like unicorns and sparkles that’s just my personal preference on the eye really makes it come alive but you both were amazing you freaking crushed it yeah [Music]

12 thoughts on “Beauty Lover Vs. Artist • Mythological Creature Makeup Challenge

  1. The artist was amazing and even though I like hers better, give the makeup artist some credit— don’t be so mean.

  2. Ok first of all why did they only have one judge??
    And second why on earth didn’t the artist win? Her look was a lot better and the judge shouldn’t have decided based on the fact that she like unicorns.

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