Banana Split Ice Cream Cake (No Machine Homemade Ice Cream) – Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Ep 79

(Music) Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Banana Split Ice Cream Cake Hi Bold Bakers! With the lovely summer weather,
the requests for ice cream cake have been pouring in. So I’m going to take my famous
No Machine Ice Cream recipe and pair it with my fabulous Banana Bread and make a Banana
Split Ice Cream Cake. So let’s get baking! So we’re going to start out by making the
banana bread. Now a lot of you have asked me for my go-to banana bread recipe and I’m
excited to share that with you because it’s a really good one. So we’re going to start out in a large bowl.
We’re going to add in our flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and cinnamon and then mix really
well together. In a separate bowl we’re going to mash up
our bananas with a fork really nice and fine. Feel free to use bananas that are a little
black on the outside and overripe because they work really well in banana bread and
they have a lovely sweetness to them. Lovely! Our banana is nice and fine and mushed
up. So to this we’re going to add in our egg, vanilla extract and flavorless oil. I’m using
sunflower oil but you can use vegetable oil, coconut, I just don’t advise using olive oil
because it’s kind of strong in flavor. And then mix them really well together. Now simply add your wet ingredients into your
dry and mix together with a spatula until just combined. You want to take care that
you do not over mix this cake. I want my ice cream cake to be high rather
than wide so I’m going to bake it off in a six inch tin. Now just pour it into your tin.
So if you’re baking this off just to have a loaf of banana bread you can add in some
blueberries, which I love to do, some toasted pecans or even fresh cherries. I’m ready to pop my banana bread into the
oven. You want to bake it off at 350F/180C. You’ll know when it’s done because it’s gorgeous golden
brown on top and firm in the middle. While your banana bread is baking, you’ll
want to already have your ice cream ready. Now I made my two ingredient No Machine Ice
Cream and I made vanilla flavor but feel free to use any ice cream and flavor that you like. I’m pretty sure my banana bread is done. The
timer just went off and my whole kitchen smells like warm, roasted bananas so let’s have a
little look. Check this guy out. It’s beautiful golden brown on top. It smells amazing. Nice
vanilla. A little warm cinnamon. It’s nice and firm on top. We’re going to set this guy
aside and let it go totally cold and then start to assemble our Banana Split Ice Cream
Cake. Now that our banana bread has gone totally
cold, it’s time to cut it. Now feel free to make your banana bread up to two days in advance
because it will be much easier to work with the longer it sits. With a serrated knife,
you just want to make one clean cut through the middle of your banana bread. That is a
beautiful banana bread. Nice chunks of banana. That’s always a good sign. And this…oh my gosh, it smells amazing! So our next step is to take the bottom layer
of our cake on the paper and pop it back into the tin you baked it in. So the reason that
I did this is because we’re going to put a lovely thick layer of vanilla ice cream in
on top of this and we’re going to pop the lid on top and what this is going to do is
give our lovely cake an overall uniformed finish. Now just scoop on some of your no machine
ice cream. You want to make sure that your ice cream is a little bit soft because it
makes it much easier to spread. Once you have all of your ice cream in there go along with
a little butter knife and just spread it out so there are no gaps in it. Ok. On with our top layer. Once you have your
ice cream layer in there we’re going to put this guy back in the freezer so it can set
up nice and hard again. When we take it out, we’re going to decorate it all over. It’s been fifteen minutes and our ice cream
layer is frozen in the middle so now we’re going to start to decorate this ice cream
cake just like you would a regular cake but instead of frosting we’re going to use ice
cream. So what I’m going to do now is actually cut
off the top of this cake to make it nice and flat so we have an even top to decorate on. Ok. Perfect! And remember that any scraps
left over belong to the baker, which is me. Mmm. What we’re going to do now is cover the entire
cake in ice cream and we’re going to decorate it just like you would a normal cake. Now to get it out of the tin we’re going to
turn it over. And take it out upside down. One reason to do this is because the bottom
always makes a really good flat surface to decorate. What you want to do now is do a layer of our
ice cream which is essentially the icing for our cake all over. I have a little turntable that I’m going to
decorate my cake on. For this stage you want to make sure that your ice cream is soft but
not too soft so it’s easy to work with. Now what we want to do is put this cake back in
the freezer and let the ice cream get nice and hard. Now that the ice cream on the outside is frozen
you can see there are holes and things that we want to fill in so we’re going to go with
even more ice cream all over again. Lay your ice cream on nice and thick and cover up any
imperfections. So this next part is really fun because you
start to see how it becomes a Banana Split Ice Cream Cake and one thing that is going
to do that is sprinkles. Add sprinkles all around the bottom of your
cake to make a lovely colorful border. One way to make this ice cream cake extra BIG
& BOLD is to add extra scoops of ice cream on the top. Do not be shy with this ice cream.
Then drizzle on layers of rich chocolate sauce, some fresh strawberry sauce and ribbons of
my signature salted caramel. You can even add more sprinkles and of course, don’t forget
your cherry on top. If you’re going to make an ice cream cake,
you may as well make it BIG & BOLD! Oh my gosh, this is absolutely divine. It’s
the best of both worlds: Ice Cream & Cake! Mmm. Thank you so much for watching and subscribing
to my channel. I’ll see you back here every Thursday for more Bigger Bolder Baking.

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