Baking my own Birthday Cake (excuse to make my fave cake in the World)

Baking my own Birthday Cake (excuse to make my fave cake in the World)

– Aw, baby. Hello. You know what day it is, don’t ya? Come on, I’m waiting. Actually think about it, it doesn’t matter because it’s my birthday today. Yes, today is my birthday. The day this video’s
uploaded, it doesn’t matter. My birthday will be long gone. Like another one of those 365
days that happens every year, it’s just a day, isn’t it? As you get older, you know. Most men know this, you
tend to get pants and socks for your birthday. I’m now at the range
where people don’t know what to get me, I just
tend to get gift vouchers and funny cards. You know, like this
hilarious one from my mum about the Apple store, there we are. But I did get a caterpillar cake. Those of you in the UK will know that this is actually a budget version. This is Morris, the
caterpillar cake apparently. But you know what, it
is my birthday today. If I’m gonna film on my birthday, I actually put a Tweet out the other day and you guys bombarded me with replies about your dream cake. I was gonna do it, but then I realised I kind of do that anyway in my spare time. And I’ve never really shown
you and it might surprise you. Yeah, I mean if you open my cupboard, you would think, Barry
your dream cake is gonna be like Nutella and peanut
butter and Sriracha. And Marmite, you can see that too. It’s not, believe it or not. Despite going to the Dairy
Milk Cadbury World factory yesterday and getting a
huge bar of chocolate, which is in here. (wrapping crackling) It’s pretty good. We did actually get a bar as well, with our face on it. I don’t know where we put that. It’s like a memento, I’ll put
it on the screen right now. But as I weave the tripod past the pugs. My dream cake is a lemon and blueberry bundt cake. I love the combination
of lemon and blueberry. If I could just do a lemon
and blueberry cake channel that would be it. I love making this cake
and I’ve never really shown you it. And it’s made in a. Wow, that was weird, weren’t it? Could see my eye inside, alive. it’s made in a bundt
tin, which I don’t think a bundt is specific, I might be wrong, to any sort of cake. I think the name came
from an American company in the 70s or something
that decided to call it a bundt tin, so they’ve
all become bundt cakes. I thought it was maybe like a
European thing or something. But I think these sorts of
cakes are popular in Germany, maybe Norway, I don’t know. I don’t know. But I blooming love this cake
and I want you to make it. Hang on a minute. (knocks tin) Pennies dropped. You know how I get you
guys to take pictures of the recipes when you try them? I absolutely love that, thank you so much. This can be your challenge. If you want to join and
feel part of my birthday. Even though it won’t be my birthday by the time this video is up. Make this recipe and tag me in it. So I can all feel like you’re
having a slice of my cake. That sound good to you? Let’s go. So my birthday cake. This recipe is not one that’s
off the top of my head, I have to write the
ingredients down sometimes because we use sour cream particularly. So sorry mum for putting
that on their. (laughs) Ingredients on a birthday card. But, she’s away on a cruise
on my birthday. (sniffles) Other than that you just
do your basic mixing. We start with the wet ingredients first. (air whooshing) All right, so this is just a bowl of room temperature salted butter. And we’re gonna add in 400
grammes of castor sugar. I said all the wet ingredients first, but of course with a cake you always cream together first of all. Now that might seem like a lot of sugar. That’s because it is. But with it being so soft, it’ll
cling and grasp that sugar. You’re basically creaming it together. And this in a A-star mixer so
you can get it supper fluffy but you can also do it by hand like this. So get it pass the stage
where it’s incorporated because it’s still feels kind of gritty. Like a drive-way. Boom, that’ll do. Alright, one egg, gonna beat them in. We got four eggs in total, one at a time. Look at the orangy yoke is going in. You don’t have to sort of go too crazy. Just enough. The only problem I’m finding
with these different eggs that I’m using, is that I get
a lot more shell in there. Just used me shell, if
you get any shell in there use your bigger bit of
shell to just scoop it out. Works like a charm. Boom! But we’re not done yet with the wetness. Alright, so we make
this cake pretty lemony. And we don’t go all in
with lemon juice, okay. Otherwise it can be very overpowering and the acidity can sometimes harm the consistency of the cake. So you can do is get some lemon extract which is very nice indeed as well. And then the classic vanilla
as well, straight in there. We’ll just do a drop and a half of each. Now this mixture is still
going to get very, very wet. ‘Cause if you think about
the Bundt, it’s quite a thick slab of cake almost like eating a brick. You kinda want moisture in there. So this is (laughs) you can
tell when I’m not filming I just tend to start wing recipes. I tend to just get a tub like this. So this is a 300ml tub and I
go for a little less than that. About 250mls of it. You can use like buttermilk
and stuff like that as well if you want. Alright, mix this through. I’m so strong. This is a lemon that I halved
a minute ago off camera. So I’ve already juiced one whole lemon. I’d normally go for the juice of two or one and a half lemons. Today I’m just going to
go for one and a half. We need a little bit for later on. You can really tweak it
in you icing and stuff. So if you need to juice a
lemon, you can smash your jug and there’s a gadget for that. I mean you could probably replace that all with the lemon extract but this has always been the most acidity I’ve ever been comfortable with. I mean I’m not really
an acidic liking person. Yes, I once remember when
I met Lorraine Pascale, one of the things she said
to me was, “You must remember that baking is a science.” But she didn’t say it in like
a wacky scientistic voice she said it in a very nice
feminine voice, obviously. And she’s like, “Oh
yes, baking is a science don’t interrupt the
sponge mixture too much.” Alright, that is very wet indeed. It needs some dryness. So the dryness mainly is gonna come in form of this iceberg. Iceberg, smell icebergs, can ya? Dead ahead.. Flower. But we had some enhancements
to help with the baking. Bit of salt. And in here is baking powder
and bicarbonate of soda. A bit of a mix. Of course you could do
this in a bowl altogether. Stir it through so it’s all one mixture. I’m just gonna dump it in ’cause
that’s what I normally do. But hopefully if my
calculations are correct guys it’ll be alright, yeah? It normally is, isn’t it? But this now should
hopefully, after a few mixes and stirs and stuff, should
start to look a lot more caky. So all I’m doing is folding it through. Letting it all mingle
and go, “Hey I’m dry.” “Oh hey, I’m the wet stuff.” “That’s cool let’s make
it a cake together.” That sounded wrong. There we go. Nice. And obviously if you have a
A-star mixer this is way easier. You can just stand there. But that smells so good! I love this so much. It’s a really nice thick mixture now. It’s kind of still lie light and fluffy. But do make sure you scrape right down to the bottom and get
all of that baking powder and bicarb and flour all mixed in. ‘Cause it will go there, it
will hid down at the bottom like that going, “Can’t find me.” scrape it up, combine it through. Blueberry time. Look at these. These are blueberries I’ve just washed. And I have made stool… Stool! And I said stool, I’ve
made stool, well then sure. There’s no stalks on the blueberries, you don’t want any of that alright. Sometimes what I’ve done is
roll these in icing sugar before putting them in the cake. I don’t know if that made
much of a difference though. I just want to get my sexy lens on, look! I just love blueberries. Oh yeah. Alright, so we are going to, oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear… I thought that I drained them off. Well, never mind. There’s a bit of water
going in the cake now. That won’t harm it too much. It’s only about a drop so. I’m going to use me spatula. And this can sometimes be a bit tricky so I’ve kept the blueberries in the fridge so they’re a bit firmer. But if you’ve left them
out on the side they may be a bit softer and squishier. But you kind of ideally
wanna not squish them. Although you could. It looks pretty good. It’ll be all marbally and stuff. My point is with a spatula
rather that with a wooden spoon cause it’s got that sort of bend in it. That sort of push. It kind of caresses and
encourages the blueberries around softly without
hurting them too much. So just do this delicately. And the cake will love you back. What a phrase. Alright so preheating the oven until 140c, that’s fan so 160c non-fan, which I think Is about 320 fan hight. Is that about right mate? I don’t know, you can google it, or if you look on the website there’s converter right next to the video. Batter up. Yes, I would rather be
watching the Back to the Future movies on repeat all day on my birthday. But I tend to do that
the rest of the year. Actually on the subject of movies, the bundt, they do sometimes
come in random shapes. And I did get a Boba Fett Star Wars one. Obviously I didn’t read
you know Star Wars so much. Which I took to Comic-Con
and gave It away to one of Steward’s followers. The thing with a bundt is, it
is notorious, no-notorious! For being sticky. It’s hard to get the cake out sometimes. You can’t really line
it with baking parchment ’cause you got all of these
really cool shapes to it. You don’t really want to harm that. So all I’m going to do, I
quit like using spray oil and most recipes call for that as well, anyway when you look at bundt recipes. Spray it well ’cause that
way you can get into all the nocks and crannies. And you kind of massage your thing. Feels quit nice. Yeah I’m not sure if
you can see how shiny, watch me lubricate my cake
pan on the camera, is. But that is blooming awesome. Shiny. Sorry, I’m going mental. I just need some company
on my birthday rather that two dogs who don’t even talk to me. Talk to me. Actually the thing the bundt, you get that hole in the middle if your were making like a chocolate bundt you could like stick cholate in there. M&Ms maybe, you know, fill it up. Like a sort of open pinata
cake that’s not hidden. Oh, the oven’s ready. You hear that? Nice. Just make sure that
it’s nice and levelled. In you go my friend. It’s going to be at
least an hour in there. And that’s it. Okay docks, so whilst that is in the oven you can, if you wish,
start to make your icing for the top of the cake. I will restrain from that because I will not let this cool down. When I make videos, I’m
like, “I’m ready Craig. Oh it’s cooled down.” It’s not always fully cooled down. Let it cool fully before
putting your icing on. Or it will run off. So you can just chill out if you want. You know go have a drink
out of a bowl, right? Or another idea. Is you could look for crumbs
on the floor like this one. Or you could just have a
party for one, couldn’t you. (cries) I was just finishing peeling some lemons. I was going to show you
that step in a minute. But something has just
arrived from one of you guys. This is from Andrew and Sam Verban. And I’ve not looked at it properly. “We got on holiday in Las Vagas
on the 22nd of October 2015 I thought you might appreciate it. Keep up the stonking work,
have an awesome birthday. (laughs) Look at that! It’s the actual Back to
the Future newspaper thing. “Hollywood to remake a
match made in space.” George Mcfly. Oh sorry, I’m getting a bit
about future geeky there. Thank you so much. That is awesome, I literally
just had an email from him saying, “sorry I didn’t wrap it.” Honestly, that is really, thank you. Just to show you what
I’m doing with the lemon. I mean obviously you
can zest it (mumbles). But if you got a couple
spare you can take off pieces like this with a standard peeler. A Julian peeler is cool as
well, if you wanted to do that. Or one of those finger things that actually shreds it for you. But then all I’m going to do is slice it into little strips like this. Kinda like chunky zest. Alright folks so our cake
is fully cooled down. I cooled it down other way up. And then I flipped it on to my cake stand, so it’s there already to be lifted off. But meanwhile I’ll make the topping. Yes and to make it,
it’s very simple indeed. This is a bowl of icing sugar. I’ve already put it in there
because if I do it on camera you’ve seen in the past
it can attack the lens. Lemon extract. Some butter that I’ve just blasted quickly in the microwave. And we touched on this
in a video the other day. This is soft cheese,
not called cream cheese, but it is basically cream cheese. But we are just gonna gently,
because of icing sugar look. It’s going out everywhere already. Encourage this together. I just had to move the camera
then because these are like some sort of snow queen judging me. Yes, you do. Just by turning the camera
around and looking at Amy for five seconds it kind
of moistened up already. But what you can see, I mean
really polish this (mumbles) icing sugar. Just got to get all of
these lumps out now. There are not that many there but you can beat it round together. Oh my gosh, it smells so lemony. You could add lemon
juice then if you want. You could add lemon zest too. But what I like is, it gets this really nice
bright white colour. Which is a perfect contrast. To the bundt cake. Once you are happy with it. Butter, cream cheese,
icing sugar, little bit of lemon extract. So good. Aw baby. There’s a little bit of
blueberry missing there. There we go, hah it’s back in. Like a jigsaw puzzle. What we can do now is
spread on that frosting. You don’t need to spread too much. Obviously now that the cake’s cool it not going to run off too much. But I like the idea of showing some of it. You can completely coat it if you want. But I just kind of do this
like put a roof on it. That looks blooming good. If it’s a warm day like
it is today with me. You really want to kind
of keep it in the fridge ’cause the cream cheese be
nice and cool and chilled and to hold it into shape a little bit. It’s holding at the moment but we’ll crack on with the garnish. Do keep it chilled though. Alright, so I’m gonna
stick some lemon slices on. I normally buy candied lemons but I figured I had one left over. These are some of the
strips of the lemon peel. You can do this as neatly
or as rough as you want. If you curl them up
that looks pretty cool. But I just don’t want the
white side to be showing. I’m never normally this
pretty with it to be honest. Now we can start to remind it that it’s actually a
blueberry cake as well. (mumbles) You could dust some icing sugar on again but I’m just gonna ramp
up the lemon again. I just love how the lemon
and the blueberries pop. From that contrast of that white icing. But the lemon zest sort
of kinda catch in there. Like it’s sitting in a cobweb. But there we go. ♪ Happy birthday to you. ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you. ♪ I’ll probably get copy
right strike or something. Alright look I’ve but
some birthday candles in. The kids have conveniently
and misses Barry. Hello misses Barry – Hello. Conveniently come home just
as I finished this cake. Look at this. – Looks amazing. – Okay blow out, do you want
to blow it out with me kids? – A candle each. – A candle each that’s a bit specific…. Okay that really worked. (laughs) that blueberry looks on fire from here. It’s not, it’s all good. Alright, who want’s some cake? – Me! Yes please. – That looks amazing. – That looks so cool. – I think misses Barry is getting bored of me making this cake. – Nope, never. – I made it like three
times in the last year. Well, actually it’s not that much, I need to it more regularly. It’s very moist, right. You like it? – Mama mia.
– Good. – These kids never complaint
when I make it for them. So now it’s you turn. I’ve sort of done my version,
taking my doughnuts to work. If you try this recipe, please share it on social media with me. I’d love to see it. Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe and
tell your friends about us. ‘Cause we’re good. Tell your friends about big cakes. (laughs) – I love cake. – Alright I can’t believe I’m 21 again. – No neither can I, if
you’re 21 that makes me… – ♪ Check your level player ♪ ♪ no matter what your style ♪ ♪ the kitchen’s for me ♪ ♪ sideburns, moustache,
goatee maybe all three ♪ – Tastes great.
– Look it’s my nephews. Is that good? – Hmm, yeah. – [Craig] Ben you like it? – Ten. – [Craig] Ten, just the number ten? – Lovely.

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