Baking A Cake in the Wind | Wind Bakers

(upbeat music) – Welcome back. – It is well known that we
are fans of the culinary arts. We respect and value the
artistry and chemistry necessary for truly delicious food creations. – So we have decided to bake a cake while standing in front
of an industrial fan. – Hi we’re the wind bakers. – This is my friend Sven Windham. – And this is my friend Windy Draft. – Windy Draft is here and he is me. – We’re from a very
windy region of the world and we do all our baking in the wind. – That’s right and we’re
gonna teach you how to wind bake here today. First you’ve gotta start
with a nice wind breaker. So put that on immediately. And now for the wind. – Okay wind boy! (motor running) More wind, wind boy. Okay that’s adequate. – Okay we’re going to make a white cake. That is a cake that is white. We need two and two-thirds
cups of cake flour. – Okay.
– This is one cup. (wind blowing) Okay, one.
– One cup. – Let me get the second cup. Switch places perhaps (chuckles). (wind blowing) (mumbles) – Or we can switch back. (yells indistinctly) Everything is under control. One and a half cups sugar. (groaning) – Okay. What’s next? – You must hold the page. Hold the page open.
– I lost the page. – There’s a bookmark. There’s one tablespoon baking powder. This is going to be very precise. (wind blowing) – Did you get it? (chuckling) I think you got it. – One half teaspoon salt. (salt blowing) – Four egg whites. He’s gotta separate the
yellow from the white. (groaning) – [Rhett] We just dropped everything. – You dropped everything! You dropped a whole– – Hold on, I gotta get it all back. (clanging) There’s not a lot left. – Don’t panic! – One and one-fourth cup milk. (wind blowing) Now we switch. (groans) – Okay. I can’t see! – One half cup vegetable oil. – This is a cup. – I need one half cup. – Read this together. (emotional music) Yes. I don’t know why I took my glasses off. I think I could see. – I can’t keep the oil up. – Are you there? – I can’t. I can’t keep the oil up. – I’m really useless. – I keep losing my place. – Finish it! (gasping) – I can’t find it! I can’t. Ah yes, ah, I found it. (wind blowing) – We got it in the pan! – Now you wanna take this
and put it in the oven. – Put it in the oven! I know we made that look
easy, but it wasn’t. – And we are very proud
to let you guys know that we have the finished product right here. – Yes.
– Bring it out, Link. (Link sings like an angel) It’s a joy.
– Look at that. – [Rhett] We have icing too, man. – It’s like a Frisbee. – Yeah, I can hold it for you. – Like a hard Frisbee. – Hold on, hold on, we may have
done something real special. – We made a wind cake. – (chuckles) It’s a wind cake
that works like a Frisbee. – Yes!
– Oh (chuckles)! – You know what you get for that? – No, no I don’t. – You get pie finger
(mumbles) in your mouth. – Do a smiley face. Towards the camera. Okay, well that’s– – Well you’re moving it! Don’t move it! – You haven’t taken a
class before, have you? What in the world? Can’t you see the smiley face? Picasso. – Yeah, that’s good. – Here, take a bite. (crunches cake) – Oh. Mm. After that surströmming,
this tastes amazing. Trust me. – It’s really good!
– Mhm. – It tastes like one of
those cookies you get on an airplane. You know the Biscoff. – Oh yeah. – Europe’s favorite cookie, that’s what it says on the package. – Very hard. Okay, click through because
next we’re gonna cook up some jingles for a few
Kickstarter campaigns. We have a podcast called Ear Biscuits and you can listen to the latest episode wherever you get your podcasts. Do it.

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