BAKING A CAKE (for myself)

I just really want to bake a cake for this week’s video, so… Yeah, we’re gonna pick a cake for this week’s video Welcome valued customer Let’s bake a cake! Okay so you guys know that I love cooking but I honestly don’t bake that much at all Like usually I’m the one getting baked. I got Funfetti, which is just the superior cake mix there’s no debate and her sister and I have to get a Cake pan. These were the only cake pans they had and I’m honestly really disappointed because when I was visualizing this video I imagined round cake pans, you know? I don’t even know if the dimensions The pan is 8 by 8 and the instructions tell you Nothing about eight by eight cakes. A bundt pan like bitch a bundt cake I actually think I have a bundt pan Oh my god I do. Why do I own this? I just want to make a normal cake So we’re just still going to use this and hopefully fingers crossed everything turns out okay I mean there are instructions for two 8-inch round. So maybe I’ll just do that. I don’t know if the dimensions quite line up but… I have to preheat the oven to 350 degrees, coat bottom of a pan with no stick cooking spray. Okay Let me open this Here’s one. Do I have to make two? On the back of this that says two eight inch rounds I’m just gonna make two and see Ew, I should wash my hands What? Why is it everywhere but the pan? Oh my god, she’s literally beautiful Alright, I love using scissors. Oh my god, I feel like I just did crack. I want to eat this like I want to eat it as powder Kind of delicious. Let’s see, I need 1 cup of water Are you ready? Wow that was so anti-climatic. Now we need 1/2 a cup of oil whenever I’m holding oil I always imagine how uncomfortable the feeling of dumping it over your head would be. Just imagine And 3 eggs. Check this out, one hand bitches Okay, and now we mix This one. Is that my neighbors knocking? What is the purpose? What are you hammering at 7:00 pm? Okay, I think it stopped. I’m gonna use this big one. Oh my god. This is the- Alright, they finally stopped hanging up a painting or whatever the fuck was going on upstairs, so let’s mix bitch Okay, I think that’s good now’s the moment of truth to see whether or not we use one or two of these I think it’s only gonna make one cake, so I’m just gonna fill up this whole thing. Perfect, look at that Okay, it says this should go in for 35 minutes It’s a long-ass time Well, I better put it in now She’s done! Supposedly. Oh my god, you see that? The whole like center is jiggling It’s not done Okay, five minutes has passed. She looks a lot better, I feel like that has to be done right? Okay, it’s been another five minutes I swear if this fucking cake isn’t done! Oh my god, okay, she has to be done now, right? Huh, it’s pretty much clean like it’s like good enough. Oh my god, come on. That’s pretty much good. There’s like a few pieces of cake on it, but.. Oh yeah, we’re fine right? It totally needs like three more minutes It’s been another three minutes it has to be done now, I honestly don’t even care if it’s done or not I’m still just gonna take it out The back of this box says that I’m supposed to let it cool for another ten to fifteen minutes before I ice it, when I think back to any time I’ve ever baked before this is like where my cake goes to shit because I cannot wait to ice it because I think it’s so much fun And all the icing melts off of it because the cake is too fucking hot for icing. Honestly, I think I might even like put in the refrigerator really quick. So it cools down like twice as fast Alright, she’s going in guys I still have to wait though You gotta do the cooking by the book you know you can’t be lazy, never use the messy recipe the cake will end up crazy Can you tell I tested whether or not this cake was ready 15 times? She’s perfect! Should I stuff that hole with icing? Oh My God. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. I can’t wait to edit this It’s just gonna be 15 minutes of me saying oh my god fuck me the fuck up. I feel like I’m on Cake Boss Okay, she’s pretty much fully iced, I feel like she could use a little bit more on the top Is there an elephant upstairs? I think I did it. Okay now let’s get really crazy Sprinkles! It could really just bring a tear to my eye. I mean, are you kidding me? Are you fucking kidding me? Oh my god yes! This is the best thing ever Oh my god I should put some on the side huh. Thumbnail! Okay guys, it’s finally time for the moment We’ve all been waiting for and by we’ve all been waiting for I mean I’ve been waiting for it’s time to eat this fucking cake I’m just gonna dive right in And I oop- Yes! Wow this is actually so good I can’t believe I made this Wow. Wow bitch, okay guys well Oops I made a cake and This video is over now. I hope you guys liked this video. I know it’s super random There was like really no point to it I’ve just been going through it recently and all I wanted to do was just make a cake and eat it so thank you for allowing me to do that for my job and I hope you guys liked this video I hope it made you laugh, and if it did then make sure to give it a big thumbs Also, make sure to leave a comment down below letting me know that I am the best Baker on the planet and yeah I think that is pretty much it Thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you all next Saturday with another new video

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