Bacon Cheeseburger Funnel Cake Taste Test

Bacon Cheeseburger Funnel Cake Taste Test

(rooster crows)
(tiger roars) (wheel prong clicks repeatedly) – Welcome to Good Mythical More – I know where it’s gonna land, Link. – Ooh. – On Gifticality! Yeah, feeling generous today. We’re donating $1,000 dollars to the Animal Welfare Institute to aid in their mission to improve the treatment
of animals everywhere. Please join us in giving at – I love animals. You know the thing about
us as animals is that we’re in a position to help
other animals. You know? Some other animals are helpful, like that whale video with
like the whale helping the diver from like
– Pinched from the shark? – From like weeks ago, yeah. – Yeah, yeah. – Whales help people. – I think whales have
a wealth of knowledge, they have a wealth of knowledge. – A wealth, a wealth of knowledge. – Um, you know what, speaking
of wealth of knowledge, not really a great transition. – I got fried Pepto-Bismol
and you’ve got… – A shirt, this is the Blood Oath shirt, now this signifies that
moment that we made a decision to create together back in the ’90s, and now we’ve commemorated
that on this T-shirt it’s in a tee like this and a long sleeve. – The long sleeve version
goes down his arms. – All the way to the wrist. If you’re in the society, you got access to it a day early, but if not you can get yours
now before they sell out. – Limited quants. – Okay, uh. – So I earned this. – But first we have to, this is a s’more. This is a society determined more, if you’re a member of
the society you can vote on what we’re gonna do
every once in a while on Good Mythical More. – Here are the options: Rhett and Link do the whole episode in vibrating massage chairs,
or wear pants as shirts, or must hold the talking
stick in order to talk, but the winner with 42.04% is massage chairs. So we’ve just, we’ve strapped massage surfaces to our existing chairs. There’s a heat setting too. You got it on? It seems like
you’ve already turned it on. – Yeah. – There’s two levels. – I went straight to level two. – Level one. (groaning)
– I don’t mess with level one. – Level two. (groaning in unison) – California – [In Unison] Knows how
to party, California – [Woman] Hey, hey,
hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey. – [In unison] Knows how to party. – Oh gosh, were gonna get claimed. It sounds nothing like it. – Arizona. (people laughing) – Oh, that feels good, thank you Mythical Society
Members for choosing something that makes me more comfortable. I think they’re kinda
taking pity on us after like having to do stuff that makes us
– Right – More uncomfortable – Yeah, I kinda like having
just a slight vibration going in my voice at all times anyway. Makes me feel like I’m
really reverberating. – I feel like this is
going to loosen the phlegm that has been draining
from my nasal region into my stomach and
making me feel nauseous – Speaking of that
– for the past who knows how long – Speaking of nauseous why don’t you enjoy your
deep fried Pepto-Bismol as Josh brings in something that’s way better than that. (wheel rolling) That should have been for the winner. – Yeah.
(something banging) – [Josh] Ow. – So can you turn the heat on and the – I’m sure you can heat and
vibrate at the same time. I mean, this is America man. – Hello Josh. – Hey Guys
– Gosh (coughing)
– How do you this is… that’s so large. – Thank you (coughing) – Do you think that in the
s’more it was implied that like if an additional crew member joins that they also get
to sit on a massage chair? – No – No
– Okay I was just checking just to make sure but that’s good to know that it wasn’t…
– You know what any… anytime you want to get in my chair, as long as I’m not in it,
you can get in my chair. – Thank you I’m gonna do that
– You know what? If you let me mercilessly
wield that knife, I’ll let you sit in my chair. – I like when you have
a knife in your hands. I like the wild card factor. – You know what
– I live on the edge – I don’t want him
– You failed the test. – I don’t want him touching this. – Alright so this also is not a funnel cake cheeseburger
from the Texas state fair. – They really want that there. (laughing)
– That’s the thing. You see Morgan over there, you
see you’re driving him nuts. You’re driving him wild in like a, in like a frustrating not sexual way. – Not in a sexual way, okay, I’m really glad that you disclose that cause that’s immediately where I went. Cause there’s always been
that sort of you know – Tension – Yeah tension between me and Morgan. – I’m so mad
– but it’s good to know where Morgan stands on that thank you. – I have to turn my freaking massage off because it makes me feel
like I have to cough, and I don’t want to give you what I got. – Thank you. – I want to take what you have – That’s good
– I’m turning the heat off. The heat’s off by the way. – So the Texas state fair does have a funnel cake cheeseburger. I didn’t make that one I made my original recipe for it because I invented this
on my now defunct blog and I posted – You just promote your – My defunct blog that goes to literally no where? Yes, I sure did
– That’s cool that’s cool, that’s cool. – And – Then they, they took the idea and invented it
– Then I think a a what do they call it a minor league like farm team baseball team took the idea and then they made it but you can trace this back, like I posted the Instagram
picture July of 2014. There are no records of the
funnel cake cheeseburger existing before then, and then a team called the
Rattler’s started making it their statement – The Rattler’s
– and then it started popping up at state fairs, but I invented it this
is the original recipe. Its got a strawberry rhubarb ketchup on it with smoked paprika
powdered powdered sugar, and some balsamic dressed
arugula and candy bacon. – Look at that man. – That looks amazing, now
I’m trying to figure out – I’m glad I’m vibrating right now. – Before you taste that I want this to be the
last thing I taste so could you guys wait for
me to eat this first? – I’ll wait. – Cause I don’t want to eat this second. – As long as it doesn’t take you that long but it is Pepto-Bismol. Oh gosh. – Yeah it was – I’m not gonna do that, that’s too much. – Congratulations on your win Link. (laughing in background) – Oh, it’s suppose to come with ranch. Forgot it. – It’ll turn your poop black. – It’s gonna make me feel better. Oh, it’s cold. (chewing) – Look happy, you won man. – I’m a winner. – You won by like a good margin, like probably the largest
margin in many many moons that we’ve played this game. – Pepto-Bismol is not a bad thing when used in it’s proper context. – I, you know what? I tried
to explain this to my son the other day. As I was
trying to get him to eat some Pepto-Bismol – just a little tablet. He’s like, “Dad, this tastes horrible.” I was like, “No, it tastes good, son…” (background laughing) “…just really, really taste it. Don’t think medicine think candy.” Now, he eats it on a regular basis. – Hmm Teaching your kids to
eat medicine like candy? – Yeah – Yeah, I was gonna say
it, but chose to not. (laughing) I don’t want to tell him
how to parent. You know? – Here we go. – All right. – Oh, wow! You gotta get a
big mouth for this thing. The bun is very crunchy. – Mhmm – Whoa! Yeah. – So, did this make its
way into other fairs? – It did. – Do they do the strawberry part as well? – No. But it’s the funnel
cake buns – that’s what was proprietary to me. But they
actually put queso on it at the Texas State Fair. They’re changing it up a little bit. I maintain that I am the
sole inventor of this. And I will go to the grave that way. – You want to sue? – Yeah. – All right. – Can I borrow our lawyers? (laughing) – What’s in the funnel cake? – It’s actually a savory funnel cake. So there’s like some
creole seasoning in there. – Mhmm – Some good ole’ Tony Chachere’s. And then on top is smoked paprika – Tony what? – Tony Chachere! You guys
don’t know Tony Chachere? He’s a contemporary or Zatarain. – Yeah. – Oh. – Yeah, Zatarain. – Yeah, yeah. I know Zatarain. (chewing food) But it’s still a little sweet
too, which is nice. – Mhmm. – I can’t believe I never
eaten while vibrating before, but I think I’m only going to do it now. – Right. – I’m incredibly jealous. – I’m going to tell my wife
that I need to be vibrating when she feeds me. – Rhett developed a… – Glad you have that open
line of communication with her that you can do that. – Rhett developed a
theory in high school that – It was actually middle school and I got – Was it? – I got at least 40% of the cafeteria to join in on this. I said, “If you shake
your food, it excites the molecules and actually
increases the taste.” Half of the cafeteria was
sitting there, going… (laughing) What’s happened to the children? – They’re eating medicine like candy. – I mean I knew you were joking, but I went along with
it because I got a kick out of everyone shaking their food. – And then, depending on
the person’s personality they’d be like… – “It’s better.” – “I think it is better.” (laughing) – It’s like a placebo shake. – That’s how I figured
out the ones I could most easily manipulate. (chewing food) – What were you doing? Starting a cult in middle school? – Yeah, I did a lot of things. – Thank you. That’s how you got girlfriends, huh? We’re commemorating
our creative promise to each other with the Blood
Oath tee and long-sleeve at

100 thoughts on “Bacon Cheeseburger Funnel Cake Taste Test

  1. The State Fair of Texas has already done funnel cake burgers for the past few years now, with bacon pieces and queso sauce.
    Yes, it is delicious.

  2. I would love Rhett and link to go through their all time favourite country music albums song musicians on Earbiscuits

  3. Curb Your Enthusiasm, Bob Cobb (aka Josh). The Waldorf-Astoria invented THE “funnel cake” burger. Teehee;)

  4. I'm moving to north carolina for college!! pretty please have a show at the NC state fair again!! me and my roommate would more than love to come see you guys!!! oh and bring mythical chef josh were going to a culinary school we would really like to see him too haha

  5. "Can Josh start his own cooking channel showing us step by step because a lot of the food he makes I would love to try and make" <– Oh my…

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    Dude I really need you to start back with the food fears thing! That was the best thing ever! 🤩

  8. fake wheel spin = auto dislike, sad to see because the main episode was good and I was looking forward to this

    also, getting real tired of this private patreon content

    "making me feel nauseous" is wrong. nauseous means something that causes nausea, so unless you look and smell disgusting, you should say "making me feeling nauseated"

  9. Was it just me or did someone else think they were going to say "a whale was gonna die" at the beginning of the MORE because of their old song.

  10. When I was younger I thought people were saying fennel cake and was so confused because I'd had fennel before and a cake version of it didn't seem like the best idea. Now that I'm older and I've seen this show, I'm surprised they haven't done that yet.

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  13. Don't worry Link, I'm sick to, with nasal region issues so I feel you when you said '' nasal fluid draining into my stomach making me nauseous sense who knows when.", Same and I have the same cough and it SUCKS

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