Hello everyone !
Here we are for a new video! Today we go to the workshop of Ameshin
Which is not far from the Skytree where we already made a previous video on
the shop. You can find the link in the description. We will try to realize our own sculpture,
On the occasion of a discovery workshop Of this art. As a reminder, Amezaiku is a confectionery
but it is more a work of art or a sculpture made for sugar. In our previous video, I give a lot of information about its origin. If you are interested you can check it just after ! So you have to have a certain level in Japanese
To register, but we trick it with Google translate because we absolutely wanted
to participate at this workshop that I had spotted since some times !
Let’s go to the heart of the matter! You will try to create a beautiful
rabbit. You have 2 tries and one final creation. The tries are made with color like
Caramel, but can not be eaten. The final production is white. The first 2 are heated to 70 degrees
Celsius and the final 90 degrees. So it bruns the fingers
When you have to handle them. Phuong even had a blister on her finger. You have a sheet that describes the steps. First must give form with the head,
Then make a hollow to cut the ears. Then you stand in line. You stretch the back to cut the 2 legs. Some alterations and it is finished. You have already exhausted your 3 minutes and
Your sculpture is hard as stone, But super fragile. Saying it like that, it looks very simple,
But it’s really quite a technique. The rabbit generally resembles to everything,
Except to a rabbit! We are clearly not artists and I think
That it is visible. Afterwards in this workshop, the funniest thing is to see the creations of others and to fun of it. We laugh big time!
It was a great time. And you leave with your superb creation! If the adventure tempts you, do not hesitate to
Go take a look at our related article In the description. You will find all the details. On this I leave you and we find ourselves in a next video! Bye bye !

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