Annie & Hayley LeBlanc Make SpongeBob’s Birthday Cake?! ๐ŸŽ‚ Annie vs. Hayley: Ep 1 | Nick

Annie & Hayley LeBlanc Make SpongeBob’s Birthday Cake?! ๐ŸŽ‚ Annie vs. Hayley: Ep 1 | Nick

– No peeking!
– Okay no peeking! [whirring] A-ha! Hey guys it’s
Annie LeBlanc here. And Hayley LeBlanc. Today we’re going
head-to-head to crown the
Best LeBlanc baker. We only have 16 minutes to plan,
cook, and decorate our dishes. – Yikes
– And after that there will be a mystery judge
grading our bakes off of taste, presentation
and overall execution. Ooh! Who’s the mystery judge? – It’s a mystery.
– Ah. And Nickelodeon’s going to
throw a lot of curveballs along the way. They tend to do that, but it’s
up to us to figure it out. Hopefully we get it right.
Hopefully. So sit back and relax. – It’s time for Annie,
– Versus Hayley. – Welcome to Le Bake Off!
– Welcome to Le Bake Off! All right, let’s see what our
first baking challenge is. You’re so nervous I can see. [laughing] Oh it’s warm.
Oh my gosh! [laughing] [dinging] Okay. Okay. Yeah, that, that seems easy. That’s really easy. – No it’s not, I’m scared.
– Very, very easy. Make a birthday cake. And decorate yours to celebrate Spongebob’s 20th birthday! Happy birthday, Spongebob! [party favor sounding] All right Hayley,
are you ready for the – Spongebob birthday cake challenge?
– Sure. Well, our 16 minutes starts…
Now! Go! – Okay, okay, okay.
– I think I need this. I feel like we’re going to need eggs.
So I’m just going to take all of these. Okay, okay, okay. Okay, ingredients. But, there’s just, um,
ingredients with no measurements on them. But…
We’re going to get the ingredients. – Um, we need…
– Does powdered sugar work, or no? Oh my gosh! You know, I don’t have a lot
of experience with baking. I’ve actually never baked a cake before,
But I think I’m going to do okay. And all I know is that
Hayley is going down, so… Um, oh here, okay. Oh yeah, I need to go and check it. Sometimes I do cook and
sometimes I do bake. But I’ve only baked like cakes a few times
So I don’t really know what to do. Okay, I need this! No! I got it! I got whatever this is. – I got salt.
– Whoo! I don’t have a strategy going into this. Because…
I just don’t have one. I have no idea what I’m doing. Me neither! Wait, I was just pre-heating her oven. Do I need to do that? No, ahh. I don’t know how to pre-heat the oven. Is this on? [buzzing] Sugar. Let’s go with that.
Okay the next thing. Okay, oven is set. Oh my gosh!
How do people do this? I’ve never cracked an egg. [Silent Night playing] – Hayley!
– What? I just cracked an egg. Good job! – I’m a pro!
– That’s really cold. I feel like this is a lot of
butter but, it’s okay. We’re just going to
do all of it. Oooh my gosh, oh my gosh,
oh my gosh. I definitely can’t break butter in half. Okay we’re just going to put
the whole thing in there. I’m a pro! What’s up guys?
It’s Dang Matt Smith. I’m backstage in the test kitchen
about to surprise Annie & Hayley because I’m the surprise mystery judge. Let’s do it. [coughing] Keep it coming, keep it coming.
More smoke. Ah! What does that mean? Surprise surprise. – You’re the mystery judge?
– Yes! Wow. – Hello! – Hey!
– Hi, I can’t see you. Through the smoke, what is going on? – It smells like chaos in here.
– Well, yeah. Okay, are you gonna,
are you gonna beat your sister? You know that’s the plan.
That’s the goal. I sense that she’s talking
a little bit of trash. Wow! She’s smack talking over there,
I think so. – Oh, I’m sorry.
– She says, oh sorry. – Is this your first time baking?
– Yes. I know you couldn’t tell, because
I’ve just been doing really well. – Uh-huh, yeah.
– But, surprisingly it is. Okay, well, have you seen an oven before? All right, let’s try it out.
Let’s see, let’s see. Okay, you might not want to get
any of the butter on- Okay, we’re not going to get the butter.
Let’s see. Yeah, it’s going to be good. – Thank you! Thank you.
– Gonna be good. Yeah, excellent. Oh wow, what is going on here? – Okay, all right.
– Wow! Are you nervous? Yeah, I’m really nervous. You look more worried than my teacher
when she looks at my grades. Oh no. It’s very worried.
And there’s no eggshells in there? No! I actually got them all out. Good luck. We’re going to check
back on that in a few, okay. – Annie!
– What’s up? Do you have my vanilla extract? No. Um, yeah, I would… Only people that are this tall
are allowed to have it. Give it! – Give it before I start to-
– Okay! – Okay, um…
– Okay, go, go, go. Here we go. [drumrol] It’s actually really good. – This is so good.
– Okay. That is so good. So good! That is so good. So, so good! That is so good, oh my gosh! All right, we’re going to lift this.
I don’t know how to take this out. Now, I think it is time.
Oh my gosh! One second. We have pans, so I’m going to
pour this in to one of the pans. Ah! It’s leaking off the top. I feel like that’s good. Okay so now I need to get
this into the oven and start working on my frosting. I don’t care if this takes like days I will make it for Spongebob. Okay, there you go. How long do I do that for, huh? Parental supervision. [laughing] [creaking] – Time out!
– Oh my gosh! It’s halftime, so that means,
Midway Mayhem! Still got a little smoke in my lungs. Everything on this wheel is a
challenge that you will have to face in the last 30 minutes
of this competition. I suggest you start spinning because
time’s a ticking. – Go, okay?
– Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! – I’m scared!
– Wheel spin! A dash of?
What does that mean? A dash of, you’re going to have to use
a mystery ingredient in your cake. Got it over there, so… It doesn’t matter where you put it, but it
has to make it in the cake somehow. – Oh my gosh!
– Whoa. Sprinkle, sprinkle. All right, Annie, it’s your turn. – Here we go, okay.
– Okay. [clicking] Cuffcakes! We’re going to cuff your hands
behind your back. We’ve hidden the key in some
cupcakes over there. You can choose to bake
with your hands behind your back. Or…
Try to find the key. But baking with your hands
behind your back, that’s kinda hard, so. – I think I want to find the key.
– Let’s find the key. Let’s do it. – Ah.
– Ah, yes. Here are the cupcakes. – Are you ready?
– I’m so ready. Okay good, good, good.
Clock’s ticking. Go! [screaming] – I have really-
– It’s in there somewhere. – Watch it be like one at the end hold on.
– Mm-hmm, oh, I don’t know. Oh! Any key in there? [mumbling] Okay, oh, aw! [laughing] Oh! There it is. It fell right,
yup, there you go, there you go. That clock is ticking away. Yeah, there you go! Okay, okay, okay. Okay.
Let’s do it. So Hayley we’ve got these mystery
ingredients. Which one are you gonna choose? – Okay, well there’s lemons.
– Okay. Um, sure.
Cranberry sauce! – Oh, a little Thanksgiving in.
– Yeah. All right, all right.
I like it. Powdered peanut butter? Oh yeah, that sounds, yeah,
just like mama used to make. – And then there’s slime.
– Oh! Now is that slime edible? – Let’s find out!
– You do know I have to eat this right? – Yeah.
– So I’mma find out if it’s edible or not? – Yeah! Can you open it?
– Okay, well… Yeah, yeah, of course, because I’m
opening up the gateway to my doom. Okay I need to make sure that my cake is
not overcooking, so let’s get it out. Oh, okay, okay.
It actually looks really good. Boom! Okay. That was good, okay. So now before I put any of the frosting on
I’ve got to let this cool. So in the meantime,
I’m going to clean this off. Okay, Ooh! This is looking
pretty good, look at that. So, we need to make our frosting. Two cups of unsalted butter. Ha. I like cranberry sauce,
but ugh! [whirring] Ooh! Flip it upside-down, and then. I am a pro! Oh! I mean…
Hayley already got hers out? How do you get them out? Uh, you flip them over. I’m going to flip this thing. [banging] Go! [music playing] [crickets chirping] Good enough. Other half…
Perfect. Just pat it.
Oh, this piece. I feel like I can cover anything
up with frosting You know it’s actually not as bad
as I thought it was going to be? Five minutes left! – Oh…
– Five minutes. I feel like Spongebob would
like sprinkles, so… How is half of it
not getting covered? I just remembered about like the extra
cupcakes that were over there. I think I’m going to like,
do some stuff with those. Decorating time! Just kinda like… I could make Spongebob!
Oh my gosh. Oh. – Ten, nine, eight,
– Oh my gosh! Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! It’s okay. [buzzing] We did it! You’re welcome. Annie, Hayley, that was a crazy hour. But the good news is, it’s over. And now, it’s judgement time. Competing for the golden whisk.
You can’t touch it until you win. – Okay.
– Remember, we are judging on taste, presentation
and overall execution. [boinging] Annie, why don’t you show us
what you’ve prepared today? – Of course.
– Mmm. – Let me turn it around.
– Interesting. – Oh, it’s Spongebob.
– Mm-hmm. – Are you happy with this?
– I’m very happy with this. Is he smiling?
Or is he… – He’s smiling, see?
– Okay. – Okay.
– He’s happy because it’s his birthday. Oh good, good, okay. All right, or is he happy that,
I’mma have to try this cake? Oh my gosh. Okay, Hayley, please dazzle me
with what you’ve created. So instead of being Spongebob, like
Annie’s beatiful creation is. Thank you. I decided to be in the
mindset of Spongebob. Ooh, that’s deep. Just some first impressions,
very colorful. – It pops!
– Yeah. First up…
Taste. – Are you confident in this cake?
– So confident. – Okay, do you think her cake-
– I think you’re going to love it. Let’s see. [clearing throat] – Reminds me of my childhood.
– Oh, that’s a good thing. Who said I had a good childhood? On taste, I will have to give that…
I’m gonna give that a solid 2. – On taste.
– Okay. Next, presentation. – Yes Annie.
– I like how you create a face. – Okay, thank you.
– So that’s good, cool little face. Yeah, I think the face is just perfect. Presentation we’re going to give it
a solid four. – I’ll give that a four on presentation.
– Thank you. Overall execution should
just pick right up. Ah!
Look at that. [splattering] – Oh.
– Mm-hmm. Okay well, that’s okay. [clearing throat] – So moist. Yeah.
– Overall execution. We’re going to give that a three.
A solid three. – You’re good.
– Oh hey, two, three, four. Mm-hmm, that’s 9
out of a possible 15 points. [dinging] – Pretty good.
– Mmm, not bad, not bad. – Now…
– Hi. – Are you ready?
– I am so ready [sniffing] Okay. Interesting. On taste… Oh gosh. I’mma have to give that…
A five. Congratulations. Presentation…
I like what you did with the colors. The slime in the middle.
It’s clean, neat. – But
– Oh dear… The creativity…
Her’s, she had a Spongebob face on it. – Mmm, yes.
– So I’mma have to give this a three on presentation. – Okay.
– Mm-hmm. Overall execution. [laughing] Seems cooked. A lot of colors going on.
Look at that. Mmm. Stunning. I’mma have to give it… [drumroll playing] – Congratulations…
– Aww. – on having the second best dish.
– Yeah! Congratulations on the number one dish. I give it a two.
But, that brings you – at a 10 out of 15.
– Oh. Oh you only lost one point.
That’s not bad. – You know…
– That’s not bad. – I’m still proud of my cake.
– Yeah, you, that was your first time. – I mean…
– Mm, mm, mm, mm. – We’re all winners.
– We’re all winners. But there can only one!
The golden whisk. Congratulations. Yes. – Oh yeah, let’s chop them up.
– We’re good everyone. – That looks good.
– We are good. Whew! Breathe, breathe, breathe. What is this for? Annie, you’re going to lose.
I’m like… We’ve now come to the end of the Annie
versus Hayley, Le Bake Off! We will see you guys in the next one. Thanks for watching. Bye!

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