Amirah Kassem and Seth Make a Rainbow Explosion Cake

Amirah Kassem and Seth Make a Rainbow Explosion Cake

60 thoughts on “Amirah Kassem and Seth Make a Rainbow Explosion Cake

  1. Person in charge of booking guests: “So we can get an interview discussing the ramifications of the shutdown with…”
    Seth: “I want cake!”

  2. Did they not allow him to eat all day? And every time he asked, they would slap him and say "NO! But you'll love the show tonight!"

  3. Sugar, Alcohol, Wheat and opioids… America's most widely available drugs. This… This is the reason we have a 30% approval rating for the trump presidency. While you can blame education, what good would education do if the mind is too messed up to learn and perform?

  4. "You're doing really great, Seth, almost as good as the kids." Could this be the most passive-aggressive perfectionist Seth has ever had on this show?

  5. Seth, are you okay buddy? Are they locking you in the office at night and not feeding you? Did you get one of those designer tapeworms? We're a little worried about you, buddy.

  6. She was so sweet, she handed out cake to the staff and audience after filming was over (I was at the taping)

  7. Ahhhh, people lighten up. It was a fun, light-hearted segment — well, for anyone not hell bent on being mad. Geesh, everyone is so ready to be offended by something, complain about something, criticize about something…the misery!

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