Amazing Chocolate Eggs How To Cook That Ann Reardon Easter 2016

Amazing Chocolate Eggs How To Cook That Ann Reardon Easter 2016

Welcome to How To Cook That, I’m Ann Reardon
and today we’re making 5 different easter eggs with surprises inside. Firstly we are going to make our dotty egg.
And to do that you need to fill each half of a mould with milk chocolate, spreading
it up and around and all over the sides and then tip it upside down and let the extra
chocolate drip out onto the baking paper. Flip it over and wipe the edges clean and
then before it sets sprinkle some colourful candy onto the inside of the egg. Then we
want to flip it upside down and leave it to set that way so that the top edges don’t get
too thin. Print out a sheet of circles, and I’ll put
one on the website for you so you can print that out. And then pipe little
circles of white chocolate. Then use some candy colouring or oil based
food colouring to make some of the white chocolate yellow and pipe more circles. And then do
the same with orange. And I’ve had lots of people asking lately
for another chocolate truffles video so let me know in the comments what flavour chocolate
truffles you would like me to make for you. Then pipe on some red circles and if you start
in the centre and push it around towards the outside it’s easier to get it smooth than
it is to try and pipe around the edge. To make these little piping bags you just
take a square of baking paper and cut it in half so that you end up with a right-angle
triangle. Then bring one of the skinny corners up and tuck it under and around so that you
get it up to where the right angled one is. And then do the same with the other corner.
Fold the edge over into the middle so that it keeps it all together. Fill that up with
your chocolate and then fold over the top a few times to stop it spilling out the top. Cut off as much as you need and then use that
to pipe on your chocolate circles. Once the egg is set gently pull on the edges of the
mould just to release it and then place one half of the egg onto a hot baking tray, just
to melt the edge evenly the whole way around. Then quickly put them together lining them
up straight with each other. Pipe some chocolate onto one of the circles and stand the egg
up on top. You don’t to do this but I like having them
upright. Use chocolate to glue on the coloured circles onto the egg and I’m using compound
chocolate for gluing them on because it just sets quicker and makes life easier. And put
them in a line. And then continue to add them all over your egg on all of the sides. For our Fanta egg, you’ll need some orange
flavoured candy and some popping sugar and white chocolate. Fill the mould with the chocolate,
and if you’re using real chocolate make sure you do temper it and I’ll link you to the
tempering video at the end of this one. If you don’t want to temper you could use
compound chocolate for the whole egg but it’s not as yummy as real chocolate. Tip it over and let the excess chocolate drip
out onto baking paper and we’ll use all that excess chocolate so scrape it back into the
bowl. Sprinkle inside of the egg with orange candy
and the popping sugar, I like to add lots. Once that’s set you then want to cover that
whole thing in chocolate. If we leave the popping candy exposed to the
air it will dissolve so then it’s not going to pop in your mouth so you need to seal it
into the chocolate. Tip out the excess, scrape around the top
of the mould and then place it upside down on some baking paper. Once they’re set place
one half on a hot baking tray just like we did before to melt the edge and then put it
in place on top of the other part. Use some more chocolate to attach it to a
chocolate melt so that we can stand it up and then use oil based food colouring to colour
some of that chocolate orange and drizzle it over the top of the egg. Then drizzle some
white over the top of that and if it’s for a little one then you could even add some
eyes to this egg to make it a bit more fun. Now for our tree egg with some engraving on
the outside and some little eggs in a nest on the inside. Fill a mould with white chocolate, tip out
the excess and place it upside down. Once it’s set take off your mould then use a pastry
brush and brush some dark chocolate over the top. And we want it to look rough like tree
bark, so we’re not trying to get it smooth, just brush it over. Once that is set draw the outline of a heart
on top using a knife and then gently scrape away some of the dark chocolate so that you
can see the white underneath, don’t go too deep or you’re going to make a hole in your
egg. Then use a knife to scrape off the heart area
and it doesn’t matter that it looks sort of rough because that’s what it would look like
if you were scraping bark off a tree. Place some chocolate into a pipin bag and
pipe on the initials of your choice. Now inside this egg I’m going to use pashmac
to make a nest . Pashmac is a Persian fairy floss and it’s sweet with a slightly nutty
flavour, I really like it and it looks amazing. Then add some little eggs inside, a little
cute nest. Place the top half onto a hot baking tray and then add it onto the egg and you’d
probably want to serve this one flat in a box. For the golden egg, fill the mould with milk
chocolate and I’m not washing the mould between eggs because chocolate doesn’t like water
and I won’t be able to get the mould completely dry between one egg and the next. Tip the excess out of the mould and clean
up around the edges. Add chunks of chocolate coated honeycomb to the inside of the egg
and I have a recipe video for honeycomb or seafoam. If you search for it on the
website you’ll find it. Take them out of the mould and drizzle them
with more chocolate, just in random stripes across the egg and the other way. Then heat up one side just like we’ve been
doing and add it to the top like a lid. Stand it up and then brush the whole thing with
edible gold lustre dust to make it look amazing. For our Nutella dream egg, make a white chocolate
shell then splatter it with milk chocolate. Now to make your chocolate thinner for splattering
you can just mix in some extra cocoa butter or you can just drizzle it over the top thickly
it doesn’t really matter. Take one half of the egg and fill it with
Nutella, you can be as generous as you like. Scoop some more in, why not. Seal that shut
and there you have 5 amazing Easter eggs ready to give as gifts. Subscribe to HowToCookThat for more cakes,
chocolates and desserts, click here for the website, here for the tempering video and
here for a playlist of videos about the Easter story. Make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday.

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