Alton Brown Pancakes | Barry tries #4

(cheerful music) (dog whines) (dog barks) (dog whines) – Hey everyone. – Hello. – It’s Mr. And Mrs. Barry here. – Hi. – Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. We hope you are well. Alright, that’s ended
up being my catchphrase for quite a while recently. – Hey guys. – I used to say “Hey guys.” That was like four years ago. Hey guys. (laughing) Today this is gonna be
another MVK triers recipe where we’ve gone the Heston
Blumenthal ice cream, the Gordon Ramsey beef wellington, and the kids, one of the
last videos in the old house. Tell them, Mrs. B, tell them. – It was frobscottle. – Alton Brown. When I say that to you, Mrs. B, what is the first thing you think of? – Who’s that? – Really?
– Yeah. – Well I would have said
the same a few years ago, but due to the power of the internet, this cool thing that I found, Alton Brown is a really popular cook slash chef over in America. Quite a little bit scientific as well and I really like his stuff. In fact, I would say, he’s
one of my favourite people to watch or even just learn from. – Such a favourite that I
didn’t even know who he is. – Well we don’t often sit
down at the table and go oh yes, should we talk about
our favourite TV people? So the MVK Tries playlist
is all about taking on these recipes and obviously, the
full credit goes to them. Alton Brown does a grilled grilled cheese. An actual grilled cheese that is grilled. I really wanted to do that, but the weather is horrendous out there. But he also does pancakes. – Mm, I like pancakes.
– Yeah. – Crepes or pancakes? – Uh no, like American-style pancakes. – Oh, okay. – The cool thing about it, and the reason I love this recipe, right? Am I really excited today? Sorry, this makes me want to go, “aaah!” It’s just so simple, right? You know when you go into a supermarket and you buy the ready made pancake mix? – No, we never do that. – No, but just in general, people. You, hopefully you watching. We don’t do that, no. He’s got this thing of making
your own homemade pancake mix. – Okay. – You’re going to store
it an airtight container so whenever you want to make your pancakes you just take some out and then, kind of like the stuff in
the shops, really, yeah. – But it tastes a lot nicer and they’re much better for you. – Yeah. So, let’s do it! – Sorry, I’m wobbling off my stool. – It all happens in this vessel which I bought today even
though we’ve got about 10 of these just sat around
the house somewhere, right? – Yeah, they’re in a box somewhere. – In a box. – You know what you could’ve used? – What? Always be grateful! – Yeah, we got that as
a housewarming present. – Housewarming, what, years ago? – No!
– Oh, this one. – This weekend. – Did we get this from someone, did we? – Yeah. – Alright, well.
– From your friends. – You just need a jar that you can seal. (sings) Seal, Kiss From a Rose. – I guess this is sealed,
this is sealed, oh no. – Oh, don’t give it a rinse because that’s going to be
wet inside now, isn’t it? It’s going to need to be proper dried otherwise the batter will stick to it. Alright, we’ll use this one. First thing that’s going in is flour. Come on, you, look happy about it. – Sorry. (laughs) – [Barry] For God’s sake. – God, why do I have to put flour in here. – [Barry] Why flour, why not sugar? Just all sugar, big jar of sugar. So this is plain flour,
AKA all purpose flour. – I always wonder, why
do they call plain flour all purpose flour because
it’s not all purpose because it’s not self-rising flour. – [Barry] You should
launch a YouTube channel called The Thoughts of Becky. That’s be amazing, just
talk to the camera like that and people would answer
your questions for you. – Make me sound really… – [Barry] It wouldn’t
make you sound thick. – I never said thick. You put that word in my mouth then. – A tablespoon of sugar next. Ah, yeah. Half a tablespoon of salt, alright. – That half?
– Yeah, that’ll do. – It might be a bit salty,
that’s a lot of salt. – So now we need the
equivalent of one teaspoon of baking, of bicarbonate soda. I always call it the wrong thing. So one teaspoon of that and one and a half
teaspoons of baking powder. So one of these sachets is a teaspoon, we’re just being lazy,
can’t bother to work it out. That is the mix done. – Right. – Congratulations. (laughs) So now we close it up. – So that’s the mix that
you always leave in the jar? – [Barry] Yeah, it’s nothing
wet in there, is there? – No. I thought you meant we were actually making the whole pancake mixture and leaving it in the jar. – No. – Oh. – We could do that, you can make the… Sorry about this, guys. Shake this up like a madwoman. There we go, look at that, untz untz untz. The nightclub, big fish,
little fish, cardboard box. Yeah! You’re taking that way too, you look like you’re playing an old school video game with the controller then. (laughs) Your face then! – Don’t make that into… – [Barry] Your veins
in your neck came out. Ooh, no, don’t do that. – So that, we just keep that
in the cupboard somewhere. – [Barry] Yeah, that is
our pancake mix all done. – That might have to get
back in the box though because we don’t actually
have any spare cupboards to put that in. – Airtight container,
that’ll last for weeks. We’ve just cleaning out two bowls because rather than bunging it all with the mix and the wet stuff into one, we do something crazy with eggs. We’re going to separate them and they’re going to
get whisked separately. I have no idea why but hopefully
it’ll make it taste good. The egg separator. There’s a time and a plaice to use this because it’s off the scale. – How did you know that’s a plaice? – [Barry] Plaice, it’s a fish, plaice! – I know, but it might not be a plaice. – [Barry] What are you on about? – Might be a goldfish. (sighs) – [Barry] I think it is a goldfish, mate. We should totally have
a cooking show on TV where it’s just like domestics. – [Mrs. Barry] Domestics. – [Barry] Just like uncut. Right, so we’re going to
put two eggs in a bowl. Bring this other bowl in. Squeeze in with my
goldfish, right, Mrs. B? – [Mrs. Barry] Yeah. – [Barry] Or was it a plaice, ooh? – [Mrs. Barry] Or salmon. – [Barry] It’s not a salmon! Or it could be, I don’t know. – Tuna?
– Salmonella, get it? Oh dear. Poo out the yolk. Ulp, oh no! – [Mrs. Barry] Told you
you should’ve done it — – [Barry] I should have
done it separately. It’s okay. Actually Alton Brown calls
kitchen gadgets unitaskers. I don’t think he’s a
massive fan of them so uh I’m going to do the old school just passing it between the shell. – [Mrs. Barry] There you go. – [Barry] Shall we do that instead? Alright, that wasn’t so hard, was it? We’re going to make an
omelette out of that. Mrs. Barry’s just melting up some butter. – I am? – [Barry] You butter be! How’s your melted butter, alright? – It’s all good. – [Barry] So whisk together the egg whites and the buttermilk in a bowl. So this is some buttermilk, okay. Yeah, in that goes. And these eggs yolks get mixed with Mrs. Barry’s butter she melted up. Yeah, straight in there. Ah, yeah, I bet that’s really naughty. – Weapon of choice? – [Barry] I’ll take the whisk. – It’s a bit whisky. – Ey! Let’s take a whisk about this and not do it ’til they’re fluffy. It doesn’t say to do that. – Let’s do a whisk assessment. – A whisk assessment! Yes! (laughs) Hang on a sec, I’m really thirsty. Let me get out my… Whisk flask. – No. – This might look like a
big fried egg in a bowl now. Hey, look at that! – It does. It could have gone a bit more central. It is getting thicker. Oh! – I think that’s enough, Mrs. B. – No, it’s not! Must keep going! – Alright, so we’ll come
back in an hour, yeah? – Yeah, bye.
– Bye. Come on, Boston, let’s
go for a walk, yeah? Alright, now I’m going
to do some role play. Mrs. Barry, I really want
some Alton Brown pancake mix! Shall we have some? – Okay, yeah, sure! I’ve got this mix we made five days ago. (laughs) – So what you do, if
you’re in that scenario, you do the wet bit that we’ve just done and then you take out two cups, two scoops of the mix. It’s not going to fit! Then I’d imagine we’re just going to have to take it out in little bits until we fill up the cup
thing, yes, there you go! – I might need some help there. – [Barry] Alright. – Because that is going
to shut down on me. I need you to hold something, please. – Don’t worry, I’m just holding the camera with my other arm, this
is good for my guns. Oh my gosh. – Oh, you moved! – [Barry] Well, it’s getting a bit heavy. – Put that down. – This is why we need
Boston to be our cameraman. Are we done? Don’t take your time because
it’s going to get really shaky. Alright, is that a cup? – Don’t blow it. – I’m not, I’m tapping it on my chin because I’ve got a spare arm gone. – It’s going everywhere. – Oh, it’s going on my — (laughs) – Give it to me! – I’m just trying to level it off. I haven’t got a spare arm, have I? Alright, that’s one cup, yeah? – Yep.
– Straight in there. – Taking another one out. – To save time, we’re going to put another cup in off camera. – I should’ve done it like this. – Yeah, you should’ve done it like that! That’s a much more sensible approach to putting that in there. Alright. – One cup left? – There isn’t much left, yeah, but we did halve that recipe so you’re supposed to have, yeah, a lot more left than that. So we’re just going to whisk it. We’re going to get it lump
free and smooth and… – Are you sure, lump free? – Yeah, yeah, it’s going to be thick. It’s going to take a little bit of time but just like our marriage,
we’ll work through it. We’re tag teaming this! We’re like the Legion of Doom. Do you know who they were? – No. – Great. Tell you what… – Actually you’ve done a good job though. Well done. – Thanks. That is really bland. So I would normally put some
vanilla extract in that. I guess we’re going to flavour it, right? – That’s one smooth pancake mixture. – That is smooth, well, yeah. Right! I teased this on a previous video that I have not put on the
world wide internet just yet but when we open the hood of the oven it sounds like a creaky
door from The Addams Family. – Is that what you were on about? (creaks) – Duh duh duh duh. (snaps) You couldn’t hear it then
but Amy just went “uh!” Hey, kitchen! It’s just an oven. But… I’m really excited about this because– – I can tell! – We’ve never used one
of these hot plate things and we are getting rid of this oven. – [Mrs. Barry] Is that
what we’re going to use? – We’re going to use this thing. We’re going to use this griddle. – What do you use it for? – For pancakes and stuff, I’m sure. And we’ve got the health and
safety inspectors by our feet. We grease up the griddle and apparently it’ll melt, it should do, but we want to wipe quite
a lot of that excess off. But you can buy things like that that sit on a normal hob
like that, can’t you? – Right, can that be right? – [Barry] Yeah, but then
we need to wipe this off because there’s so much of it it’s going to be like an oil slick. You’re procrastinating a moment, are you? M V K. Okay. Yeah, I can see a flame underneath it. So the butter’s going to melt — – [Mrs. Barry] Oh my gosh, look, it is! – [Barry] Oh wow, look, it’s perishing! – [Mrs. Barry] It’s a bit high. – [Barry] Well that’s pretty big. I don’t know, I quite want them like rather than little Scotch pancake size. So we’re looking for these
bubbles around the outer edge but I think because we’ve done
quite a big massive pancake, we’re going to make sure
there’s quite a bit of them. – [Mrs. Barry] Oh,
yeah, look, it’s golden. – [Barry] Golden, alright, go for it. – Right, ready?
– Yeah, go! No, that’ll do, awesome.
– Sorry! – [Barry] No, you’re working
in a pancake house now, mate. You’re doing it, look at that. Alright, next one will
be a bit smaller I think but that’s going to work. – Look at that colour! I was worried. Yeah, I should have been
a bit more gentler, sorry. It exploded as I put it down. Whoops. – [Barry] I think you
need to stop apologising and know that you just
made a delicious pancake. Aw, yeah, that color’s amazing. – Turn that over?
– Yeah, yeah… (admiring gasps) – [Barry] So probably best served almost immediately, these things, but we’re going to make a few more. – Ready?
– Yeah. Aw, yeah. – [Mrs. Barry] There we
go, it’s sizzling now. – [Barry] Yeah that’s kind
of what we wanted, wasn’t it? Oh, house of pancakes! – [Mrs. Barry] Look at
that, that cooked well. – [Barry] That’s awesome! Awesome. So amongst all the carnage folks, we’re going to leave this to cool down and there’s some batter left. We’re going to use that for the kids later so they can have some pancakes. But we get to be, oh, hello! We get to be irresponsible parents now. – And eat the pancakes. – [Barry] And eat pancakes
while our kids are at school doing important stuff. So we’re just going to load
some creme fraiche on here. I’m actually going to pile it on, why not. Little blobs of it like a nice
little nest for our fruit. Stick some strawberries in. One more at the front there. They’re really fat pancakes
as well, aren’t they? – [Mrs. Barry] They’re amazing pancakes. – Nice! Let’s just marvel at that. Oh, yeah, but then this is
some maple syrup from on high. Just let it drizzle all
over those pancakes. (hums) Yeah. What do you think? – [Mrs. Barry] I think
we need to eat that. – Now?
– Now. (laughs) – Oh my gosh. – That is amazing. – I’m going to cry.
– Oh my gosh. Incredible. – It’s a winner, folks. So, as I leave Mrs.
Barry in the background nibbling on the pancakes and
hopefully leaving me some, full credit for this
recipe goes to Alton Brown. If you’ve never heard of him, which you probably have heard
of him, do check him out. Amazing recipe. I do want to try the
grilled grilled cheese. That’s it from us, though. Remember to subscribe for regular videos. Press that bell button so
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behind the scenes bits, and let me know down below
what you want to see next so we can inspire you guys
to get in the kitchen. Alright? – You didn’t want any of this, did you? (mumbles) – This is a thumbnail,
we’re making a thumbnail so that it looks like we’re
looking at Alton Brown that’s how the thumbnail’s going to be. Alright? Serious now. Ow! Plumbing stool!

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