After School Night Routine

– Hey guys!
– Hey guys! – I’m Marissa!
– I’m Brookie! – And today we’re going
to be showing you guys our after school routine. – Thank you to Del Monte
for sponsoring this video. (upbeat guitar music) – Before we get onto the
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– Please. – And now, let’s get onto the video. – Okay so I am a Junior in high school. – And I’m in 7th grade. – I get out of school at 2:45. – And then I get out of school at 3:10. – So pretty much, I’m just
either working on homework right after school, or just
kind of sitting in the line waiting for Brookie, so I pick her up every day after school in my little Ford Focus, li’l zippy cute car. – His name is Ralph.
– Ralph! Yeah! Okay, guys, so I just pulled
up to the middle school and I see Brookie, hi! She looks cute today. Get in! Hello! – Curbside service.
– You gotta hurry. – All right!
– Let’s go let’s go let’s go! We have like a certain
area that she picks me up and she just zooms outta there. (fingers snapping) (laughing) (vocalizing car noises) – Whoa! – Whoa! – I hate that we just did that. – So when we get home from
school we are pretty hungry, ’cause lunch was like four-ish hours ago. – My lunch was at like, 10:50? – That’s just so early. Mine’s at 12 o’clock! (laughing) – It’s actually nice, ’cause
I get to leave off-campus for lunch, so I get to go home, I live like five minutes away
from the school, very nice. Very handy-dandy. – And I cannot leave
campus, ’cause I cannot- – She cannot drive. – So I usually just pack a lunch or even eat lunch there. So when we come home from
school we are pretty hungry, so, my new favorite snack-
– New favorite! I’m just giving you
some like, new favorite, it’s like the songs where it’s like, I love you, I love you! – So when we come home from
school we are pretty hungry and our new favorite snack is the Del Monte Bubble Fruit cups. My favorite are the peach
strawberry lemonade, they are the best. You know when you got
to like, your favorite, like fruit yogurt place,
and then they have- – [Marissa] The bobas?
– [Brookie] The boba! Oh, I love them. I’m feelin’ bubbly. Okay, I’m feelin’ bubbly. The boba in here are like, when they pop in your mouth
they’re just a burst of flavor, they’re so good. – So when we come home, we like to just grab a quick little snack, and the nice thing about these fruit cups is that you can store
them either in the pantry or even in the fridge, depending on whether you like
them room temperature or cold. These Del Monte fruit
cups have three flavors, which are Peach Strawberry Lemonade, Sour Apple Watermelon, and Pear Berry Pomegranate. I personally like mine cold. – And I prefer cold, but like, I do like it room temperature,
I dunno, it’s just better. – The, I just can’t get over the boba ’cause it’s so-
– I know! It’s so good! I love the boba, I just
love boba in general. It’s pretty nice! – So, these little fruit
cups are very convenient, they’re just easy and
we like to just eat some when we come home from school, catch up with each other, tell us, like, tell each other good,
bad parts about our day. So, let’s eat these, they
fill me up just enough to like, hold me off until dinner and they’re delicious. – After I eat my snack I have
to give Daisy a little snack so I give her a little food. Daisy’s our dog, by the way, and then like-
– She likes snacks, too! – Yeah! – Go, Daisy wants a snack! She waits here patiently. Tail waggin’. – So, I have this handy-dandy scooper, I do one scoop, and yeah, sometimes I do, in the mornings I do a scoop and a half, but I usually just do a scoop. You’re so good! Here’s the food! Ooh, Daisy! And then I gotta give her some more water. – [Marissa] Aw, yes, Daisy. Get it! She’s hungry! And then Brookie gets some agua for Dais. – Daisy’s so scared of water. – [Marissa] She doesn’t like water at all. – [Brookie] And now I’m
gonna go get some treats! – [Marissa] Dais, give us some more ASMR! (Daisy slurping) – So now I have some little treats, Daisy loves ’em, oh my gosh!
– Oh! Hello! – She gets really, really excited. Okay, come on, Dais! She has to smell ’em first. Sit! Good girl, nope, sit! Stay, good girl! Lay down! No, she has a hard time laying down. Sit. Lay down! Gonna lay down. Crawl. Oh, good girl! – Oh, good!
Good girl! Okay, come on, Dais, ready? No, c’mere. Come on, come on here! Good girl! Good girl! Come here, good girl! Okay, sit. Lay down! I love the crawl one,
it’s so cute, she’s like. And that is Daisy’s routine! I give her treats every day, just ’cause she’ll get a little chunky, but I do give it occasionally. She’s so cute, though, comment down below or on Instagram if the
comments are still disabled, if you have a dog. – So after our snack,
Brookie’s played with Daisy, we just like to kinda chill. We’ve had a long day of school, and our brain is pretty fried, so. We decide to maybe go on our phones, watch a little show if we would like, just kinda-
– Chill! – Decompress. – Do some yoga. – And we might just like,
talk to some friends, maybe ask some friends about
like, how their day went- – Or even like, hang out with friends. – Catch up on YouTube and
Instagram, yeah, anything. Okay, now comes the not fun part. Homework. So after we chill, we feel like we’re maybe
recharged a little bit, then we will start our homework. And, yeah. – I’m taking some, like,
sixth grade was pretty easy but like, seventh grade is a lot harder, you have a lot more homework. – [Marissa] More responsibility. Yeah.
– Yeah. And Daisy’s my partner in crime. Pan to Daisy… Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! – And I’m taking a lot of
hard classes this year, so I definitely will have a lot of homework. Like, right now it’s not
super, like, a big load. – Just ’cause it’s like
the first week of school. – Yeah, so I am not looking forward to the homework. We’ll usually do this for, I dunno, as long as it takes? Sometimes it’ll be a really
heavy night of homework and sometimes we might even have none, so it just depends, but
we finish our homework and just get some stuff
that we need to get done. – So I’m really really
excited for peer tutor, my brother did it a few years back and he said it was really fun and- – I did it last year, too. – I’m so excited.
– You pretty much just like, help with
the special needs kids and it’s really fun. One class that I’m looking
forward to is AP Psychology. I’m so excited for that class, even though it sounds really hard, ’cause it’s like an AP class,
it’s like an easier AP class and it’s really, like,
an interesting topic, like, learning how the brain works. Which I think is awesome. – ‘Cause she wants to be a doctor. – Yeah. I do. – Snatched. – So those are some classes
that we’re looking forward to, I’m doing like a Sports Med class and like, one art class I think, so I’m looking forward to my schedule. – And then I’m doing Filmmaking! I’m really excited for that one. – Filmmaking! – Wow!
– Wow! – So, now it is time
to get ready for soccer and I just put on all of my
stuff, get my water bottle ready and head out the door. – Yes, and I have soccer every day. – I have it like, I think my only days off are Monday and Friday. And Sunday.
– Oh, true. I have either practices
or games during the week, we either have two or
three games during the week and then the other days, we have practice, so it kinda depends on
what time of the day it is but every day, I have soccer. Okay, now that I have
my clothes on and like, I’ll show you guys my
go-to soccer hairstyle. Oh, boy. Every single time after I wear a bun, which is literally every day, it’s a mess. It, as in, my hair. So, for my hair, my crazy hair, I like to do a Mohawk braid, this is like the Alex Morgan hairstyle. What she is notorious for. Yeah, I’ll either do a
Dutch or French braid I think today I’m feeling French. So I’m going to do a braid
all the way down my hair. (gentle electronic music) So getting ready for
soccer usually takes me about 20 minutes, 30 minutes
if I wanna eat before. But I already ate today, so. But I already ate my snack and then I’m going to
eat dinner afterwards. I do not really like to
run on a full stomach so I’ll just eat something light before, like the fruit cups. And guys, we’ve been practicing
and it’s been so, so hot. Like, I’m excited for when it’s
kind of later in the season and not the beginning or
the, like, end of summer. Just ’cause it is so hot and literally we are dying at practice. Not literally, but, yeah. You get it. So I’m finishing up my Mohawk braid and I’m going to put it in a ponytail. Okay, now I will just put it up, I’ll put it up. All right, this is the
finished hair for soccer and, yeah, that is pretty much all I do and now I’m gonna go
fill up my water bottle and head out the door. After we get home from soccer- – About 8 o’clock. – It’s pretty late and we
usually like to just chill or maybe even, we watch a movie, go on our phones maybe, or catch up on some homework if we didn’t get it done earlier. – And then, we go to bed!
– To bed! And that is the end of
our like, school day. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – If you want a like, night routine- – Like, a detailed night routine- – Comment down below!
– ‘Cause this is kinda just, like, we get ready for bed, but if you guys want a
detailed night routine, let us know. – [Brookie] Thank you for
watching our after-school routine! – [Marissa] Thank you to Del Monte for sponsoring this video. – [Brookie] There are chunks of real fruit and delicious popping boba in every bite. Check out the description
box for a coupon link for the fruit cups. – [Marissa] And hope you
guys have a good school year! Give this video a thumbs
up and see ya next time! Bye!
– Bye! (upbeat electronic music)

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