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Little bit nervous about this. Hi, I’m Chef Emily Yuen, today I’ll be making
banana foster pancakes. Before you find out the recipe, click below
to subscribe. Normally I cook at Bessou in New York City,
but today I’m in Jersey. I don’t know who lives here. Hi, my name is Jesse, and this is my kitchen. I do most of my grocery shopping at the bodega,
so I don’t really cook in ehre too much. I mainly use this kitchen for making smoothies,
and almost all the things that I have in my kitchen I got for free. Good luck. Okay. Today, my challenge is going to be not knowing
this kitchen. Hopefully there’s a whisk in here. Peanut butter. It’s going to be interesting. What I’m most scared about today is burning
this place down, pancakes deflating, I don’t think there’s any measuring cups. Oh my gosh, there’s more peanut butter. Shoot. That’s cute. Cough drops? That’s actually a good idea. Let’s get started. The caramel sauce. Bananas. Little bit of oil. Do a little quick sauté. I think we should just go ahead with the rum. [fire alarm] Okay! I’m just going to wipe this out a little bit. Cut a little bit of butter. We need sugar. It’s not hot enough yet, were going to wait. You want to get your pan really hot. Still waiting. And then put the sugar in so it doesn’t crystalize. Still waiting. You don’t move the sugar too much because
it will crystallize instead of caramelize, and it will be chunk, and you want smooth
caramel. I wonder if I turn the back burner on. It’ll give me more heat. It worked. So you want the sugar to almost be burnt. Just turn off the heat. Stir the chunks. Just put some butter in. Some cream. Put the bananas back in. That’s the easy part. And then we’re just going to hope that the
pancakes work. I need something to mix this in. This is what I do all the time because I’m
short. There’s not measuring spoons, so I’m going
to use this shot glass. A double shot is two ounces or more. I think I saw a double. First, measure out the dry ingredients. Six table spoons of cake flour. One teaspoon of of baking powder. Three table spoons of sugar, but I mean… I’m just eye balling it. Two and a half table spoons of water. This is so messy, sorry Jesse. And eggs. I haven’t seen a whisk yet. Starting to panic. Getting the egg whites to stiff peak and then
folding it into the batter, this is really important because you want really fluffy pancakes. Is there no whisk? I think this might be the best bet. Starting to sweat. Okay, I feel like there’s hope. Might take half an hour. Woah, I think they’re there. We get the pan super hot. And it’s like crispy and almost like fried
dough around the edges. And then we put it in a convection oven at
400 degrees. A convection oven helps it steam and get super
fluffy. I don’t know how long. Maybe ten? Maybe twenty? We’ll be here all day. Flatter than normal. We’re going to wait five minute, and we’re
going to do it all over again. This is kind of sad. Didn’t turn out as well as I wanted it to. So, let’s try a second one. This didn’t really work out so I’m just going
to use a spoon. Think that’s about a tea spoon. My old pastry chef would hate me. So, the protein shaker was kind of shite,
we’re going to use two forks tied together. My arms are still sore from the protein shaker. The most frustrating part was whisking the
egg whites, for sure, without having a whisk. I think this is as good as it gets. I’m just incorporating the egg whites,,just
slowly folding in so I don’t deflate the bubbles. This looks pretty good so far. Fingers crossed. We’re going to set a timer for seven minutes
and see what happens. Looking pretty good! So I’m just touching for firmness, and making
sure it bounces back. I think it’s not bad. I’m not satisfied, I’m never satisfied. I’m going to make a third pancake, because
I want to make it higher. I’m going to make some whipped cream with
a cocktail shaker. And magically, it’s cold. We’re shaking… again. Oh, it’s working! I’m going to switch to a fork. Cool! I think it’s pretty good. First time I ate these pancakes, it was not
like anything I’ve ever had before. It was like more of a cake texture. And then we served it to everybody else, we
were like “Yeah, it’s gonna be good.” Top it off with black sesame seeds. Smells pretty good in here, whats going on? Hello! I made you some pancakes. They look amazing. So, I know my pan is like… these are huge
pancakes! It’s dinner time! These are bananas? I feel like we should do a toast, first bite,
since you made it. Cheers. Cheers! Woah. I’m impressed, with myself. This is really good. You guys should try some. On a scale of one to ten, I think I did seven,
because I think it tasted very good but I didn’t get the height I wanted. Jesse thought it was great, and I didn’t set
the house on fire. So, yeah, a solid seven. I really hope that this inspired Jesse to
cook more. This proves that you can make great pancakes
in any kitchen. Thank so much for watching. To watch more videos like this, click here,
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