8 Cake Cutting Gadgets put to the TEST

What’s up everybody. Welcome back to my Laboratory, Where safety is number one priority. Today, we’re going to put to the test, cake gadgets! Let’s check this out. For this gadget we got here a pie slicer. Look at this, It made a special way, like this way. To cut through. You see how the pie designed? This way, so it will be perfect fit of these blades. Let’s see if it actually works. Here we got the pie. And then what we’re going to do is just slice it through, like this. Look at that! Perfect fit. BOOM. All the way down Should probably do it on a hard surface BOOM. You see how it perfectly fits? All the blades, all the way down. I think it’s all the way down. That’s it. Now I have to pull it up. Oh, wow. The whole… each pie got stuck to the blade. Got to push it down a little bit. What if I shake it up? Yeah, it comes off. It’s just very creamy pie. Now I got a plate over here. Let’s see if it cut through all the way. Wow! Look at that. Perfect slices. Easy and simple. This is insane. Look at that. And it’s a creamy pie. You know how difficult those creamy pies are to cut up. And look how easy and perfect slices there is on a creamy pie. 🙂 That’s insane. This pie gadget, dishwasher safe as well. All I have to do is stick it in a dishwasher. So definitely a thumbs up from me. Love it. [SWOOSH!] For the next gadget, look at this. This is so weird. Let’s open it up. Now let’s see what it’s all about. That’s so weird. I guess you push it in, into the cake. Squeeze it. And pull out the piece. Let’s see if it actually works. OK. First of all, we’re going to push it in. BOOM. All the way. Pull it out a little bit. Nice. Then I’m gonna squeeze it 🙂 Whoa! Look at that. The whole piece of cake. WOW!! And I’m gonna let go. Give it a little shake. BOOM. This is insane! I don’t know. This is like the best cake cutter I ever seen. If you just need a slice. Just squeeze it in. BOOM. Pull it off. BOOM. Let go. Give it a little tap. Done! This is amazing. If you want a smaller piece, just squeeze it down. Push it in. And then squeeze it some more. BOOM. And then you got yourself a smaller slice. Push it down. BOOM. Perfect slice. Amazing. Look at that. Wow! Definitely one of the best cake slicers out there. [SWOOSH!] There’s also this kind of cake slicer. All it is, is just a string. And we’re just gonna pull it through. All the way down and up. Actually, it has to be elevated. Maybe on a cake stand or something. Let’s see. We’re gonna push it through all the way down. And up. All the way down again. And up. Simple, huh? Now let’s see if it’s easy to pull off a slice. Yeah, wow, look at it. Perfect slice. Amazing. So definitely an awesome slicer as well. Love it. [SWOOSH!] For the next cake slicer, look at that. Let’s open this up. We’re going to put it over the cake like this. And you see it’s just cake separator. And we will need a knife. And we’re just going to cut it like this. BOOM. BOOM. All the way down. Right between these little things. This is actually so cool. Cake divider slicer, I guess. This is awesome. This makes it so much easier, actually. Holds the cake in place as well. Wow! You see how it holds the cakes in place? BOOM. Now we have all the cake sliced up. You see how we can just lift a piece easily? This whole cake is sliced up for sure. And they’re perfect equal pieces. That’s awesome. Definitely a thumbs up from me. I like it. [SWOOSH!] For this cake/pie slicer, they even advertise that I can slice lasagna. Or whatever I want. So let’s open it up. Whoa! There’s actually 3 pieces inside of it. BOOM. There, you got your regular cake slicer. You want it in the squares? I guess it’s for the square piece of cake. Or square lasagna. And the regular circular cake. Divides into 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 pieces I think it’s more like for cake. Let me drop it upside down. Guess what? It worked. Look at it. Shake it up a little bit. BOOM. Slice a cake or pie, whatever you call it, into 8 perfect pieces. Amazing. Look at that. It works well. With a regular cake, not a pie, it will work perfectly. But as you can see, it even worked with a pie. Amazing. Actually I did find another cake that is circular. But first we’re gonna put this gadget to the test. It’s a double side cake marker. I guess you can mark the cake where you want to cut it. Is that what this is for? OK. I think this one divides into 1, 2, 3, 4, 12 pieces. And this one into looks like 8 pieces. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Nine pieces. OK. Crooked cake. BOOM. OK. I see the point of it. So! And then you pretty much just cut it on the lines. I guess it’s cool. I don’t really need that. But, oh well, some people might like it. But I don’t know. You be the judge. So now let’s put this gadget to the test once again. But on a circular cake. OK. 3-2-1 Go! Oh nice. It’s an ice cream cake and guess what? I don’t know. This plastic cake cutter kinda squished the cake down. And now it’s falling apart. Maybe it’s not for the ice cream cake. Then we got to move it around. Man, now how do we pull it up. It’s stuck. Alright, alright. It’s coming up. It’s coming up. BOOM. You know what? Actually it did the job. I like it. Yeah, this piece is perfect. That slice is amazing. Yep. Actually it cut it all the way. So, you know what? I’m gonna give this gadget a thumbs up. [SWOOSH!] For the next gadget we got here a square cake gadget cutter. So, I guess it’s for the square cake. So, if we want a smaller piece, we can just cut off it like that. Let’s see if it works. BOOM. And then squeeze it. Whoa! Look at that perfect cut. This is insane. This is so amazing. Put it in a plate. Let go. Then I’m gonna get a smaller piece. Well look. One handed cut. One handed cut. BOOM. Wow! Look at that. Once again, put it on a plate. Just separate it like that. BOOM. Done. OK. Let’s try this one more time. If I want a big giant piece. BOOM. No problem. OK. Now we have a smaller cake. A square cake. Let’s see if this gadget will actually do the job. I should just get it into six pieces right here. Some of them will be so much bigger though, than the other. OK. Let’s just try it. See what happens. BOOM. Whoa. That went through. Felt so good. Now I have to lift it up. Come on. Ahhhhh… It got stuck. Some of them got stuck. You know what? I like this cake separator/slicer way better. Because you see, this is not the prettiest cut. But this one is way better to cut the cake in square pieces. Love this gadget the most. Alright, guys. That’s pretty much it. Let me know which gadget was your favorite in comments below. I think this was one my most favorite gadgets. This one as well. These two are my favorite cake cutters. It’s just amazing. They work so well. I did not expect them to work that well. Well, please give this video a thumbs up. Thank you for watching. And I’ll see you next time.

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