5 Cupcake Icing Techniques | Cake Decorating

5 Cupcake Icing Techniques | Cake Decorating

98 thoughts on “5 Cupcake Icing Techniques | Cake Decorating

  1. Hi there! Thanks for posting! Just a heads up, because I know it can be hard to see how your videos look to new viewers, but I had a hard time getting through all the ads in the beginning of your video. Between the classes ad, the footer ad and the captions I could barely see you. Great video otherwise 🙂

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  3. That's not a rosette icing technique, you don't pull up at all.  You swirl all the way from the inside to the outside at the same level.  What you did there is a squiggle. 

  4. Cupcakes are incredibly versatile for decorating. You can get a subtle, corporate breakfast look, or a wedding dessert platter look with a small swirl of icing. Cupcakes are incredibly versatile for decorating. You can get a subtle, corporate breakfast look, or a wedding dessert platter look with a small swirl of icing. The trick is  the application of the icing! Even playing with different colors can achieve pretty cool results, and the technique shown here works with chocolate, store whipped cream, and other icing.

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  5. The little kiss type thing looks like those things on the top of Arabian buildings lol.  Like in the Disney movie Aladdin.

  6. Why the negativity !!!!…omg… she did say "simple" design technique. Some people are beginners and appreciate the tutorial. Or then again maybe the critics are all graduates of Le Cordon Bleu !

  7. hahahaha, thank you so much !!! You've made me laugh so hard with your "techniques". I hope you were kidding.

  8. Wow, these comments are hilarious! I think she did what suits her taste. I personally like the whole cupcake covered but hey not everyone does. Heck some people decorate with real flowers which I find disgusting.

  9. Please ignore the negativity. For me who has never done this, it was perfect. Everyone has to start somewhere and I am that type of person that you have to show me five times before I get it. I get this. Thank you. Keep doing what you doing!

  10. How did I only just find this video? 🙂
    I actually surprisingly found out new facts just from watching this video! 
    I hope the result turns out good when I try and make them <3

  11. This tutorial is basic…easy to understand and I loved it.  Most people are not cake decorators…and don't have all the fancy tips..etc. and don't know how to do this. This gives that stay at home mom…grandmas who want to do something fun…a chance to do it. I am sure this gal knows how to decorate way beyond anyone commenting here.

  12. U all are just mean to good people she makes simple frosting decoration and I live in Trinidad where can I find does icing tips people

  13. I'm far from pro, so your beginner style tutorial is perfect for my skill set – will practice some more and force feed my results to my ever patient friends. Thanks for a great video with easy to follow tips and techniques.

  14. The fact that the cake part is partially exposed is driving me nuts!!!! Otherwise very good simple instruction, just what I was looking for.

  15. People are calling it basic as if that's bad. The whole point of her video was to provide basic and simple ideas for beginners.

  16. Its good I learn more things about how to put iccing on top of the cupcake now iam rally ready for are decoratig cupcake for a cause

  17. This was really good. I'm new to baking. What's the actual name for the stand you have the cakes on? Is it just a cake turntable stand?

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