4 Easy Halloween Cupcakes Ideas from Wilton

hello everyone it’s Valerie from the
decorating room today I’m going to show you simple and easy ways to decorate your
cupcakes for Halloween decorating doesn’t have to be
intimidating or difficult it’s actually pretty easy and I’m going to give you some helpful
hints to show you how displayed here I have 1m swirled cupcakes but I’m going to give you
some ideas on how to decorate your cupcakes with a little extra twist
the first thing I’m going to show you is how to pipe brains on a frankenstein
cupcake like you see you right here so the first thing I did was i spatula
iced this cupcake using tinted buttercream with just a
little bit a christmas red to give it that pink color so with a number seven tip you’re simply
just going to pipe almost like corinellis all along the top of the cupcake and that’s as simple and easy for anyone
to do another easy way to decorate is to make
spider webs like you see right here so again I just spatula iced this cupcake with
black butter cream and then with a white buttercream icing
in a number 3 Tip you simply just pipe straight lines going all the way across the center and then again in the opposite direction and then from the center going out you’re just going to pipe some
more lines like that and then from end to end you’re going to pipe half
circles going inward and you’ll do that all around and then do the
same thing about halfway down from end to end and there you go next I’m going to show you how to pipe
mummies like you see in these cupcakes here so I spatula iced this cupcake black and
then with these I eyeballs that Wilton carries you just
want to place them where ever on the cupcake I like to do it
a little upwards like that and then the number 47
tip and white icing using the smooth side you’re just going to pipe lines all around the
cupcake and this is simple because you can go anyway zig-zagged
whichever way you’d like it’s easy to cover up mistakes then you
can go along with a spatula to clean off the edges and then you cover everything on there except
for the eyeballs and you have money the last thing I’m going to show you today
is how to make spooky eyeballs so here I have spatula iced cup cake with
white buttercream then I’m going to take the number 12 tip and violet buttercream and we’re just going to pipe a
little dollop in the center like that and then with your finger in a little bit of
corn starch just so it doesn’t sick you want to pat it down to give a nice
round center and then with black butter cream in a #4 tip in a pipe the center just like that and for the veins around the eyes we’re going to take some red buttercream number 4 tip two three or four whichever depending on
your pressure and your’re going to pipe veins like this going all around each one can be
different it doesn’t have to be the same and you
continue that all the way around and you have an eyeball so for these tips and
for more just go to wilton/com

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