3D Pancake Printer Actually Exists

3D Pancake Printer Actually Exists

3D Pancake Printer! Hey, what’s good guys?
Keaton here. So, what I got is a Pancake Printer. You heard that right, this printer prints
pancakes. It’s called the Pancake Bot. It’s really sweet. So let’s check it out. So this
is the Pancake Bot, it goes for 300 bucks, link’s below. And it prints pancakes. The
entire set up is pretty difficult, I’m not gonna lie. The instructions are really great.
The support is really great, in case you guys have questions. And just, kind of, getting
it to print pancakes doesn’t take forever. In theory, it should print about three to
five minutes per pancake. I got a few cool designs paired up. So, let’s go ahead and
do them. We need to go ahead and get the pancake batter prepared. I gotta be honest with you
guys, I never really cook for myself. It’s not one of those skills I’ve learned. I can
do about Mac and Cheese and Peanut butter and Jellies. So this is a big step for me.
Oh, that’s a big scoop. That’s a fat scoop there. This is real life, Keaton Keller edition.
And then like a shot of milk. I did it. We’re good. And the last step is two eggs. Breaking
a sweat here. Yeah, she’s creamy. Got it all sifted, let’s put it in the tube here. Alright,
we got it all filled. Let’s go ahead and, oh wow, we got a, ooh, she’s drippy. Get you
a man that can cook, yeah, I’m not your man. Like, sorry. You’ve seen those Instagrams
where like, “Get you a man that can cook.” Like, I’m not that man. Like, sorry guys.
Got to turn the griddle on before we print. Get our pancakes nice and toasty. Turning
her to medium, can’t go wrong with that. And then we’re puttin this in here. The griddle’s
super hot. I really can’t feel my face. Just to quote The Weekend, there. So we’re gonna
go and print a pancake. When you hit power on, you can actually cycle through the different
designs. So we’re gonna print a Superman logo first. And let’s rock and roll. Work your
magic. – [Voiceover] She’s flyin’. Super speedy.
Oh my god. – [Voiceover] No way. – There you guys go. We’re turning up the
heat, just a tad. Look how quick it is, guys. So as you guys can see, when it’s printing,
it times it out to actually cook the outer portions of it, and then obviously, as it
moves inwards, that’s the last thing to get cooked. It’s pretty well calculated, I will
say so myself. I’ve been using this for a few weeks. I love it. And the Superman logo
is looking fantastic. We’re about a minute in and she’s almost done. So you can tell
it’s a pretty speedy print. This is like the best way to wake up in the morning. ♫ When
you wake up in the mornin ♫ This is our Superman logo so far. Just a note, it prints
most pancakes pretty well. It’s kinda hack-y. So you just got to keep that in mind. It’s
good. I really like it. Now were gonna do the iPhone. See how that turns out. And here
she goes. Oh my, wow. We got the rectangle. Got the little square icons. She’s almost
done printing the iPhone. Got our home button there. Oh my god, it’s legit printing each
icon on the screen. We’re gonna get the camera. There’s the speaker. There’s the entire phone.
That’s a big iPhone. That’s a huge iPhone. That’s bigger than the actual iPhone. You
know, that’s like, that’s a pretty big iPhone. She’s going back for round two. Now it’s filling
it in. And we’re going in for round three, right here. We’re finishing the iPhone. And
this is our final iPhone pancake. It’s gotta cook a little bit more, cause it just put
down some fresh batter. The only thing is though, you have to flip it to make sure it
cooks on both sides. That’s the only maintenance required. This thing allegedly looks like
an iPhone. We’re gonna find out in a few short minutes. Let’s flip it. This is our iPhone
pancake. I had to flip it to the other side. You can definitely tell it’s an iPhone. It’s
a little sloppy. Compared to the picture online. But, you can tell it’s an iPhone. And for
breakfast, as a kid, only thing I would’ve ever wanted for school. That’s it. Before
school, make me this. Pull it off the griddle. And this is, oh wow, that’s hot, hot, hot,
hot. Our pancake iPhone. iPhone, pancake edition. We’ll put this on the plate. And this, my
friends, is an iPhone pancake. I love it. I love it. For our last pancake, we’re gonna
do a bonus. We’re gonna do Snoop Dogg. Chef Keaton has gotcha. Mmm, so good. Snoop Dogg
was printed, I gotta flip it now. Just get an even coat, and so we don’t get sick. Let’s
try, I think I can do this. I know I can. Bang. So yeah, the Pancake Bot is super fun.
We got Snoop Dogg here, the iPhone. I really like it. It’s awesome, but for 300 bucks,
you can’t expect to eat breakfast off this. It just takes too much time. Super sweet,
though. Yeah, so that’s pretty much it for this video. If you guys enjoyed it, a like
would be really awesome. Go and get subscribe, for more cool stuff like this, if you haven’t
subscribed already. And yeah, I’ll see you guys the next one. Peace. Yum.

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  1. tip your supposed to turn the air pressure up so it doesn't look like the superman logo that you made earlier

  2. I know how to cook more than you and I'm a little kid, but there is probably a lot of thinks you are better at then me.

  3. "I can do mac and cheese and peanut butter and jellies"
    Meanwhile a 4 year old fetus me making peanut butter fudge, pepperoni rolls, French toast, brownies, chocolate, butter mints, thanksgiving feast
    Nah just kidding I cant make a thanks giving feast lel

  4. This works really well depending on the thickness of the batter. Thinner batter will not be the best to make pancake art.

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