Hey Guys! Today, We have a big epic battle ever. That is… 3 IN 1 It’s included Marker Challenge! Cupcake Challenge! And The Last one is Pancake Art Challenge! Team Leo and Team BB First Round is… Cupcake Challenge! First Character of this Round is Gudetama! Look at this guys! Yellow Icing…Oh,
But we need White Icing first Leo eats all the time guys What are you doing, Leo? It’s so dirty Guys, I have a technic Olaf! Time is cooldown Leo…NOOO! Almost Done guys… Oh No, No more White Icing…Hey, Take mine Leo No problem, Take it Leo…No, I don’t need it I’m gonna use my technic guys Bam, Take right here Guys, He took my Icing Now, Time to decorate the Bacon for Our Gudetama I’m gonna use Fruit Roller to make it Guys, I go to take scissor now. Watch him for me, OK? Don’t touch My Cupcake Leo, Don’t touch I warn you I saw it Guys, Now I’m gonna make the bacon with Fruit Roller Hey, It’s My idea…You copy My technic Leo 1…2…3…BAM! This is My Gudetama Leave me your comment below guys,
Who you guys think win this Round? NOOO!!! My Cupcake! My Gudetama! The Second character is… Minnie Mouse! …Oh, Minniei Mouse My favorite! To make it, We’re gonna use 3 Cupcake Hey, Why do you copy me, BB? …Nobody copy you Boy Guys, Who’s your favorite Disney Character? …Leave me your comment below guys Hey, Why you look at me, Leo? …Your look more better than me Team Leo! Don’t worry I will lend you mine Hey Leo,Take this Look at this! It’s water OMG! Guys, I’m Almost Done! Oh NO! My Minnie Mouse! NOOO!!!! You guys ready? …No wait, The other one, Where is it? Guys ready? 1…2…3…BAM! What do you think guys? I dropped it guys :(( Vote for us in comment below guys Don’t waste time, We go straight to Round 2 Marker Challenge! Let’s go! What are you saying, Leo? This round we have to color for the character Tada! Naruto! We only can choose 3 color for each one Rock, paper, scissors… Let’s do Naruto Marker Challenge! Guys, You know what is Naruto favorite
food? … Let us know in comment below NO, Just 1 chance to change the color Leo OK, Fine do it Shake the table again and you wil lose Leo No, no, I see that 1…2…3…BAM! I Love Team BB So Much…So, So Much! Guys, Leave me your comment below,
Who you guys think win this Round? Team BB! OK guys, Befor We come to next Round,
I have a Mini Challenge for you Anyone can do it, that is… 5 Seconds Challenge Let’s do it guys Let’s see who will win In 5 seconds, you guys go below Hit the
Like button and Subscribe Our Channel 5 Seconds Challenge Begin! 5 4 3 2 1 0…BAM! You Done it yet guys? Let’s go to next Round The character in this Round is… Harley Quinn! Let’s go! Hurry up! Hurry up! Guys, you know who is Harley Quinn boy
firiend? Let us know in comment below That’s Leo :)) Don’t shake the table BB…No, It’s not me Hey, What happened there? …Stop it!
Leo, I know thi. Don’t try to trick me I’m Done! …No, I’m not done yet BB What happened to you, Leo? Guys, Leo’s so cute! You guys ready? 1…2…3…BAM! What you think guys? Is It like Leo? Leave me your comment below guys, Who win this Round? Final Round! This Round is the most expect and hardest Round Today Pancake Art Challenge! What are you singging, Leo? Elsa! Hey BB, How you make the nose? It’s look so weird Hey Leo, You take all my space? Don’t touch me, I’m concentrating OH, I draw over you…No, My space! Give me some space It’s stuck together now OH NO! I have no more Black Almost Done! Hey No, No! …Give me some… OMG! OK, I’m Fine! …Oh, I’m so sorry Leo! Why you blame me, Leo? That’s your, why you don’t take care it yourself? AHH, It’s hot! He blame me guys He always blame me for everything Here Leo, I will always help you Hold on, Hold on…It’s not enough, just take mine Leo See guys? I’m helping Him We’re Friends Forever! I’m gonna help him draw the hair with yellow color Guys, Don’t try this at home. Don’t try
to use your fingers draw Pancake This’s Team Leo This’s Team BB OK, Time to flip Our Pancake WOW, Not bad! You see? Hey, Who did it for you, BB? Put it out to the disk No, Stop! You’re gonna ruin it Hey, Where is my cooking shovel? …Take
this Leo…No, I will use my hand OK, 1…2…3….BAM! Guys, What do you think? Leave your comment below and tell us Who
win this Round? This Epic Battle! Team BB! Team Leo! Our Challenge, 3 IN 1 is over guys We did it guys Make you guys Subscribe Our Channel and Like this 3
In 1 Epic, Pancake, Cupcake and Marker Challenge! OK, Now time to say GoodBye guys. See You on Princess Banh Bao tomorrow! Stay tuned, It’s will be an Amazing Video Thank for watching guys, LOVE YOU ALL!!!


  1. Hello cả nhà, thứ 7 vui vẻ nghe. Chị BB và anh Leo chỉ giỡn trong video cho vui thôi nhé. Vui là chính mà, mọi người đừng hiểu lầm anh Leo nghe. Love you muahhhhhhh💖💖💖💖

  2. Team Bánh bao🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅

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