100 LAYERS OF CAKE How To Cook That Ann Reardon 100 layers crepe cake

100 LAYERS OF CAKE How To Cook That Ann Reardon 100 layers crepe cake

Welcome to How To Cook That, I’m Ann Reardon
and today we are making a 100 Layer crepe cake,
with those crepes layered up with raspberry sauce, ganache and mascapone in between the
layers. We’ve had so many requests for something 100
layers and also for something that doesn’t need an oven so I’ve combined those two requests
to make you this huge cake. Firstly to make the crepes you’ll need eggs,
flour, milk, sugar vanilla and melted butter. Now this will make about 25 crepes so we’re
going to need to do all of these ingredients 4 times over for the 100 layers. Place everything into the blender and I’ll
put all of the recipe quantities on the howtocookthat.net website in grams and ounces and cups and I’ll
link to that below. Blend it together, now you can do this by
hand using a whisk in a bowl if you don’t have a blender. Heat a non-stick fry pan and then pour in
a small amount of the mixture, immediately tilt your pan from side to side to spread
it out evenly over the base. Leave that on that side for just under 1 minute
and then flip it to the other side and let that cook for about 30 seconds and tip it
out of your pan. The other way you can make sure they are very
thin crepes is to pour a larger amount of batter into the pan and then immediately tip
the excess out. This will give you some up the edge so you’ll
need to use your spatula to cut across to make it a nice round circle. That just makes the crepe really thin and
really even the whole way across. Then you just need to make more … and more
… and more, counting as you go. Now if you’re wanting to do 100 layers then
you’re going to have to keep going. Perhaps if you could actually count these
for me to make sure and just double-check that I actually have 100 crepes that would
be great. Now of course when you’re making it you can
do less. You can do 20, you can do 25, you can use
a smaller pan so that you don’t need as much batter it’s up to you. Now to make our raspberry sauce we need lemon,
sugar and frozen raspberries or you could use fresh raspberries here. Juice your lemons and then add that into the
pan with the raspberries. Then heat that on high heat until the fruit
falls apart. Pour it into a fine sieve … and then use
the back of your spoon to push the juice through and into the bowl. Add sugar to taste, I’m not going to add much
here I just want it to be quite tart because we’ve got the sweet ganache, and then microwave
it to heat it up so that the sugar dissolves so you don’t have any of the crystals in there. Now for the ganache you’ll need milk chocolate
and cream. Just pour the cream over your chocolate and
heat that in the microwave in 30 second intervals stirring well each time until all the chocolate
is melted and you’ve got a nice smooth ganache. And now we are ready with our crepes, mascapone
cheese, ganache and raspberry sauce. Now because this is going to be so tall I
am stacking it in a stock pot to keep the sides straight. Place your first crepe at the bottom, and
if it is too big on the edges there you can pull it out and just trim it by placing a
baking tin on top and running your knife around the edge so you get a good circle there. Put that back in the bottom and then add a
tablespoon of ganache on top and spread it out using a spatula. Add the next crepe and then cover that in
raspberry sauce, spreading it out. Then another crepe and a thin layer of mascapone. Now this is going to take me a while to layer
up 100 layers of this, so while I’m doing that, I’m going to get Dave to read you chapter
1 from our book The Deep Enders Alright, here we go – Chapter 1 of The Deep
Enders… Micki stepped onto the murky street, skirting
the opium dens and tin-roof gambling shanties that pockmarked the desperate side of town. A sliver of moonlight broke through the clouds,
backlighting a squadron of angry mosquitoes in the alley ahead. Micki swatted them away, walking fast with
her head low in the midnight air. Her chest ached and eyes burned, but she couldn’t
stop now, not here. An argument drifted on the breeze and, in
the distance, a miserable dog howled. Keep moving … don’t draw attention. And then she saw them. Two soldiers slouched under a fly-spotted
porch light, smoking as they swapped tall tales. Micki baulked, but they hadn’t seen her
yet. She couldn’t turn back now anyway. Hugging the shadows, she slipped into a side
street and immediately picked up the pace. Micki checked over her shoulder then weaved
into another narrow alley—a heartbeat later, crashing into a candle-lit card table with
three gamblers hunched over it. “Sorry, sorry.” Micki stepped back, her hands raised in apology
as the men scrambled to steady the table. One of them, young with scraggly blond hair,
glared up at her. But then his eyes widened greedily as he took
in the pretty teenager—dark hair and olive skin with a tiny beauty mark on her cheek. The gambler flashed a broken smile as Micki
edged away from the trio. “Hey lovely girl,” he beckoned her closer,
waving his beer bottle. “Come ‘ave a drink.” “No thanks,” she said firmly, easing past,
almost in the clear. The man suddenly lunged for her and latched
onto the hem of her cotton shirt. Micki pulled away, but he was too strong,
reeling her in until she could smell the stink on his breath. She tried to wrench his hand off and, in a
moment of morbid fascination, her eyes fell on a gnarled stump where his little finger
should have been. Micki wanted to cry out . . . but the soldiers
were so close, just around the corner. If they heard anything . . .
“Let go!” she rasped. “Let go,” he mimicked sadistically and
the others roared with laughter. Micki balled her fist and struck with all
her might on his shoulder. It wasn’t hard as far as punches go, just
enough to throw him off balance. But as he swayed backward, his rickety stool
creaked and toppled over. His feet shot straight into the air and upended
the table, spraying cards and beer bottles across the night sky. The other two men leaped up indignantly, cursing
as their beer rained down. And for one stunned moment Micki was transfixed
by the chaos she had caused. “You awright, Toothy?” one of the strangers
said, stretching out a hand to his nine-fingered friend sprawled in the dirt. The other man, an older fellow with a beer
gut and a wispy mustache, eyed the girl with growing suspicion. And slowly, a sly smile crept across his sunburnt
mug. “She’s one of them!” he thrust a finger
at her face. Busted! Micki didn’t protest. She turned and sprinted down the alley as
the three men clambered over the table and gave chase, yelping like hunting dogs after
a rabbit. Stupid, stupid! It was madness for her to have come back. To be here in this place, alone at night could
only ever have ended badly—but she was scared and starving and all she wanted to do was
go home. Even if home was empty. Even if the soldiers had already taken everyone. It was the only place she knew. She ran harder. Deeper into the labyrinth. Micki had been a good athlete at school, but
the hunters were grown men and, despite their intoxicated state, they were gaining on her. Toothy in particular was quick . . . and motivated. He’d recovered from his humiliating tumble
in a flash and joined the chase, racing past the other two men like they were jogging on
a beach. Step by step he closed in on his prey. His footsteps pounded in Micki’s ears as
she blurred past a side-street and Chinese laundromat with buckets and bamboo-handle
mops hanging on an awning to dry. Faster, he’s right behind, her mind screamed. Ahead the street widened to an expanse of
flat ground and, beyond that, the waters of Dampier Creek, smooth and glinting in the
moonlight. Micki desperately wanted to keep running,
but with the blond one right on her tail, she realized the open space was her worst
enemy. She’d be run down in a matter of seconds. Instead, Micki did the last thing he expected. Digging a heel into the dirt, she turned and
sprinted directly toward Toothy, then at the last second, she double-stepped around his
grasping fingers and headed for the laundromat. Her boots pounded on the road. It was close now, but so too were the shadowy
figures of the other two coming her way—in a few seconds she would be hopelessly trapped
between all three men. If she could just reach it . . . almost there
. . . she leaped for a bamboo mop hanging from the awning. The beam overhead groaned, then the head of
the mop broke away and she swung down, landing neatly in the dirt with the wooden handle
in her hands. Toothy snarled, almost upon her, as Micki
wheeled around. In that moment she was grateful for her father’s
playful kendo lessons as a child—mock stick-fighting in the backyard with homemade face masks and
bamboo “swords”. She planted her feet, gripped the stick with
both hands, and swung viciously in the direction of her pursuer. The bamboo flashed in the night and struck
Toothy on the forehead, his wild hair flying as he cried out and staggered into a corrugated
fence alongside the laundromat. A clang reverberated down the alley. The hunter bled but didn’t fall. And even in the dim light, she saw the glint
in his eyes shift to something darker. Micki tucked the mop handle under her arm
and bolted, turning right, down a side-street, then another. And she might have escaped . . . except her
ankle clipped a cargo box and she tumbled to the ground in anguish, the bamboo skittering
across the dirt as she fell. The girl scrambled to her feet, but before
she could reach the stick, a strong hand suddenly clapped tight over her mouth. Eyes wide with terror, she tried to scream,
to fight him off, but it was no use. Feet scrabbling in the dirt, Micki clawed
and bit and thrashed as she was hauled mercilessly into the darkest corner of the alleyway. Then, nothing. One hand firm over her mouth while his other
arm squeezed around her torso, locking Micki’s wrists to her side. She could see the bamboo on the ground, but
it was too far away. Again she tried to wriggle free, but then
her heart turned to ice at the sound of approaching footsteps and labored breathing. A moment later, the enraged Toothy thundered
past, blood streaming from the gash on his head. The other men followed close behind and also
disappeared around the corner. Micki waited a few seconds and then bucked
again, trying to swivel to face her assailant, but those arms held tight. Enough! She lifted her heel and slammed it onto her
captor’s toes. With a cry, the vicelike grip loosened and
she scurried from his clutches, scooping up the bamboo stick in one hand. She clattered against the tin fence on the
far side of the alley, then spun to face her attacker head-on, bracing defensively with
her teeth clenched and weapon raised. “Oi,” a pained voice hissed from the shadows. “Take it easy, dumb-bum.” And Micki’s breath was gone. It can’t be! She stared at the figure shrouded in darkness,
desperate to peel away the veil of night and see his face. To know for sure. “You can’t ever go home, Micki,” he
stepped into the moonlight. “We’re on our own.” And that’s the end of chapter 1 … “How’re
you going over there Ann?” Nearly there thanks hun … I found a quicker
way of layering it, if I leave the crepe flat and then spread the topping onto it, then
pick it up and flip it over and add it to the stack. And then I’ve just been getting rid of air
bubbles as I went by pushing it down with the cake tin. Probably about every 10 layers you just need
to push it down to get rid of all those air bubbles. Now this top one actually becomes the base
when we tip it out so if it’s not quite flat on the edges, just add a little more of the
ganache and spread it out to make it even. And then you want to cover that in plastic
wrap and place it in the fridge, overnight. The next day place a cake stand on top and
flip it over. And then pull the tin off carefully. Now if you line the tin with baking paper
this process will be much easier. I found there was a bit of a vaccume down
one side so I had to put a knife down one edge, just to let some air in to the bottom. Now you can leave this like that or if you
want to make it look prettier you can cover the whole thing in ganache or in buttercream. I am using the top of a piping tip just to
make stripes down the edges and roughen them up a bit to make it look a bit like tree bark. Then on top use a skewer to draw the rings
like trees have in the middle or you could pipe that on with white chocolate to give
a bit of a pattern so it looks like a tree stump. Now for the big moment, cutting into the 100
layers. I’m not sure if this will even be able to
stand up because it is so tall! Let’s see how we go …
Oh my goodness look at all those layers, it’s very pretty and very dainty looking! That actually turned out better than I thought
it would. That looks pretty cool. Now for the taste test – that’s pretty good,
I can’t say it’s my favourite cake in the world, I like the flavour but I think I want
more filling … so if I was making it again I’d do 50 layers instead of 100 but use the
same amount of ganache, rapsberry sauce and mascapone so you get more filling on each
crepe. Having said that thought, two of my boys really
liked it just as it is so it depends how much of sweet tooth you are if you want more filling
or if you want more crepe, you’ll have to decide that for yourself. Subscribe to HowToCookThat for more crazy,
sweet creations. Click here for more cake videos, here for
the recipe and here for last week’s chocolate camera! Put all your requests in the comments below
Make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday. Yes!

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