10 Must have Cake Decorating tools | baking supplies!

10 Must have Cake Decorating tools | baking supplies!

Hey happy bees welcome back to my channel
today I am going to share with you 10 must have cake decorating supplies first on my
list are some basic cake decorating tools you are going to need these if you are working
with fondant and fondant modelling i will put links in the description below for everything
im talking about in this video if you are wanting to get some of these items or you
can get someone else some of these kitchen tools as a gift another thing you are going
to need is a non stick rolling pin and a non stick board these 3 basics are a must next
is a baking tool i have only recently discovered myself which is acrylic cake boards these
are amazing if you are using buttercream or ganache these are good for giving your cakes
straight edges they make the whole smoothing and frosting easier how these gadgets work
are you put one in the bottom put your cake in the middle put a layer of frosting or ganache
on top then you pop the other on top then you frost around the edges provided these
are straight you are going to get really nice smooth edges so simple but makes frosting
and smoothing so much easier another must have kitchen tool is a cake turntable it just
means when you are frosting or decorating your cake you dont have to move your cake
around if you are wanting to treat yourself or you are wanting to buy someone special
a lovely baking related gift a couple of years ago my husband bought me a cake airbrush it
is amazing an airbrush gives such an amazing finish to your cakes that you cant get with
anything else it is a little messy so i bought a tent that i put the cake on a stand inside
the tent and that way the paint doesnt go everywhere another kitchen gadget tool that
is a must have is a garment steamer whenever you finish your cake you will maybe find you
have some spots of cornflour if you use a steamer once your cakes are finished and decorated
and go over it with a layer of steam it gives a lovely finish it almost seals your cake
sometimes what i also do with the cake steamer is if i am wanting to stick decorations on
the cake i will blast the cake with this steamer tool so it is really moist its easier than
having to use roya icing or edible glue the decorations stick straight on to your cake
another must have cake decorating tool is a good camera there is no point putting hours
upon hours into a cake and taking a bad photo iphones have come a long way but you just
cant beat a really good camera iw ill put some recommendations down below while we are
speaking of cake photography another gadget that I cant do without is good lighting a
lot of the time if you are like me you will be finishing your cake at 2 or 3am and the
lighting is dull which means a really grainy image of your cake this used to drive me crazy
a few years ago i had a look online and bought some studio
lights these are daylight bulbs that give perfect lighting you can also buy a lighting
tent which you put your cake inside and these are so cheap they are not expensive at all
especially if you are doing this as a business you need a good quality photograph so a good
camera and good lighting are going to do wonders for your cake the last thing on my must have
cake decorating supplies list is something I dont have yet its a pro froster you place
this amazing kitchen gadget against your cake and not only does it smooth the sides it smooths
the top as well it appears to give straight edges if you have one of these let me know
in the comments below what you think of it I hope you enjoyed this video if i have missed
anything out or there is anything in particular that you cant live without and that you think
I need put it in the comments below until next time im amanda and this is happy bee

8 thoughts on “10 Must have Cake Decorating tools | baking supplies!

  1. Hi, Amanda. Those are some really good tools to have. You are so cute and adorable when you blush. What do you remember about making your Belle cake? Have a good day, Amanda. I love you, cutie pie. <3

  2. Hi Amanda I have the profroster and found it brilliant when ganaching but i struggle using it on buttercream, so its practice practice practice xx

  3. I used the pro froster and found it really hard to use. Great for the sides of the cake but the top was a nightmare! Any tips on the best type of fondant to use? I find mine breaks and cracks really easy when im modelling things. Thanks 😊

  4. I love my pro froster, i find it saves a lot of time. love your camera recommendation just have to save up for one lol

  5. Amanda. I have the pro foster. I hate it! I simply couldn't get to grips with it! I use palette knives and a tool I think is called a scraper. It made of metal and does the straight edges perfectly. 😁

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